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Today, my boyfriend broke up with me because he wanted to make the most of his 1 month X-Box Live coupon. FML
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Why did he dump you? Why didn't he just say "you're welcome to come visit me and watch me on Xbox. I'll be busy this month playing on it." (not that, it's good but i'm trying to be understanding to people who own Xbox es) instead of flat out dumping you. He's a douche for doing that; unless there is more to it and he was planning on breaking up with you anyway...


How is that a win? More like just a little extreme, with screwed up priorities. Be glad your rid of him, OP. He sounds like a real loser.

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you must suck horribally at sex and cooking if he choose xbox over pussy. but you're probably ugly any way. so I'd understand that. because xbox rules ass.

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it's funny because ur bf is smart... those cards are dam EXPENSIVE

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hahahahaha I have a ps3!!! nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! and if u don't get a ps3 I'm gonna kick you square in the nuts!!!!

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if She was Uglyy, he probably wouldn't have dated herr.

Mass effect is the best xbox game ever!

#3 obviously u don't no a win because u FAIL

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Lol at PS3 fanboys. You guys enjoy your littlebigplanet while I play big boy games. I also agree with #8

YDI for your boyfriend breaking up with you because he wanted to make the most of his 1 month X-Box Live coupon.

it's funny because he dumped you to spend more time with his xbox

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you know your ugly when someone picks 1 month of xbox live over you.

LittleBigPlanet is cool. Enjoy paying for Xbox Live while I play on the Playstation Network for free.

36 obviously hasn't played uncharted 2 or god of war 3

If I ever got dumped, I'd research it a bit. There's no - between X and Box. Just Xbox. Second, it's not a coupon. Third, your relationship wasn't serious if he would pick Xbox over you. So YDI.

I'm going to tell my husband to **** off and play PS3 once Halo Reach comes out for XBox 360. hahaha it's me time lmao XBox Live is the best =)

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holy crap i modded this one! best day of my life.

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xbox is a piece of shit. Really, your ex is a real ass.

I already preordered Halo reach. And for all you PS3 Fanboys, Are we forgetting the greatest game of all time, MASS EFFECT??

Hahaha, well I dont blame him, comon Xbox over a girl..... Xbox>Girl and Xbox>PS3 ;) Halo Reach FTW! And basically everyone who says Xbox rules thumbs up FTW This is something I would probably do

#61 Actually I've played both. And if you can't afford $50 a year for better service and more players than psn, than I would like to politely request you stop spouting your opinion.

I'd choose my Xbox over you too. Lol especially if I only had a month left. Btw, Ha! Halo Reach is tha shizniz.

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he should just get ps3. online is free. xbox ******* sucks.


xbox360 is so much better online. if cant afford like $6 a month, u shouldnt have a gaming system at all. jus put in on ur credit card (or in some people here, ur mommy's credit card) and pay it each month, or once every year

I don't understand how someone can say their console is better online. Hurr durr, playing online on this console is BETTER than that console. That doesn't make any sense. There are multiplayer games available on each console. Is it better to pay to play it online on one console or better to play it free online on another? I can understand if you're talking about playing exclusives to that console online, but for online games in general the PS3 and Wii are superior since you don't have to pay to play multiplayer.

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samee. xbox is bombb :) but prob not something to break up with a girl over...

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wow...that's so weird...who buys XBOX Live for a MONTH?!!

ok op heres what you gotta do, buy an xbox, and buy a gold membership, become a gamer and ur ex will think its totally hot cuz gamer chics are the *******, he will come crawling back, but you will only take him back if he beats you at checkers, you can either take him back or not, the point is you now have an xbox and therefor, are a champion like the rest of the xbox community

skroal am gonna shove an xbox up ur ass

#50 xbox is awesome. You have to pay for live because it is so cool. It would be free if it was sucky and really little big planet? Grow up and play a man's game like halo or mass effect.

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i love how xbox cocksuckers talk about if u cant afford 6 dollars, then u suck. dumbass why would i pay monthly wen ps3 is free. and who the **** says they cant afford 6 bucks. a ten yr old can but thats not the point. u are the idiots letting bill gates rape u with a shitty made system that breaks and paying for online service. and u actually justify it by acting like u sum financial bigshot because u pay a measley 6 dollars a month.

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next time date someone with a ps3...hey! I have a ps3 :D

#135 Cuz psn sucks. Almost no one has a mic and the ones that do are assholes. Plus there's less people on PSN. I don't mind paying money for a better service.

look 360 owners I just have one word for you. HD-DVD. huge fail. blu ray FTW

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team xbox! halo, mass eeffect, bioshock, gears of war, and plus it wasn't 600-700$ when it first came out. win

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130 is the best comment I've read in a while.

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for ps3 fags all I have to say is that xbox came out alot sooner then ps3 so there for ps3 is going to have a couple things better and if your like the rest of the ps3 ppl then I bet u got an xbox first loved it and got a ps3 so that you might make a few friends that r as cheep as u.

it's Xbox LIVE not X-Box Live GET IT STR8

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blu ray player alone is better. plus the actual gaming system. free online. lets see xbox make a game like metal gear. it would take like 5 discs to fit it all on. the discs have nowhere near the capacity as a ps3 blu ray disc.


ydi it for the way you spelt xbox

actually, no, the experience is better on the xbox because of the way microsoft does it. the game is hosted on a stand-alone server, not by the user. makes for less lag and all around better gaming

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i bet you there was another reason but he is prolly too wussy to say it....

Man, I've heard of addictions but that's messed up. Who knows? Karma might kick in and give him the Red Ring of Death when he turns it on to use the coupon. PS3 is better, by the way. No Red Rings, no death. We can survive being on a couple days in a row, falling over, and even a drop of water dropped onto the system!

video games first. you must be a chick. XD

#154 fail. Bioshock is not an Xbox exclusive. Also, Michael Pachter regrets signing Gears of War as an Xbox exclusive.

AmadeusMop 0 hyphen in "Xbox"... ..."nuclear", not "nucular"... ..."ur" is not a word... ...the y and n in "you're a grammar nazi" should be capitalized... [...this post is a joke...]

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Also, in this situation, the PS3 is much better. It's so crappy no one would ever choose it over sex.

8 You have some.... lots of issues! Because of your nasty comment I hope spider webs grow on your tiny penis. Asshole. Girls are aren't cooks and sex addicts. So **** you and the world you live in. Sorry people... I just got really pissed.

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shit I'd do the same thing.

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I love how all of the 360 fanboys have no real reason why their system is better, and resort to saying that exclusives that came out around 2-3 years ago prove that the xbox is awesome. Plus, to the guy who says that xbox is better because people have mics, is it to "talk strategy" in mw2? because that game is basically a bunch of campers, noobtubers, and hackers on the 360, and almost as bad on the ps3, so there is no strategy involved in that game at all. I would also have to admit that Halo Reach would be the only reason for me to buy a xbox 360. Plus, the lack of mics on psn is actually a good thing, because I don't have to sit and listen to 11 idiots yelling at eachother. Plus, to the people who say "stop playing lbp and play a big boy's game," Dead Space, Uncharted, and Metal Gear Solid, anyone? And half of the online community of xbox live is 10-13 yr old kids who don't know when to shut up, and older guys that act like assholes every time they get a kill. I won't go further than that, because the other commenters already covered some points. I have a ps3 for the awesome exclusives, free online, etc. and PC for the "xbox eclusives" like Mass Effect, which is loads better on the PC, and the Left 4 Dead series, which was built for pc gamers, and the pc exclusives like the half-life series, counter-strike:source, and team fortress 2 which are easily the best fps series ever made, and two amazing multiplayer games that easily blow mw2 out of the water. P.S. I'm guessing that about 10% of you actually read my whole rant, sorry. 

208-okay xbox 360 and ps3 are completely different kinds of console, ps3 has a blu-ray, 360 has a more powerful GP: PS3 has a different button and stick layout than 360, ps3 is mainly for entertainment, 360 is a hardcore gamer's console with better online service and the marketplace. Plus the 360 is far more popular, if 90% of my friends have a 360 and only 10% have ps3, of course i'll buy the 360. Its personal preference, and its like comparing apples with oranges, they are two completely different consoles both with their own strengths and weaknesses, the fanboy bullshit is getting annoying though, so all you fags arguing about which console is better, grow up, maybe if you had a life you wouldnt be bitching about something as stupid as a video game console

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enjoy ur lag free connecrtion... OH WAIT ITS NOT because making the psn free anyone with a cheap ass walmart connection can get on it so yah have fun with your lag

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get some pussy I mean shit look at ur name. go outside instead of worshiping a plastic metal machine lmao...

actually, Half-life and Team Fortress, are on Xbox and PS3, bundeled together in "The Orange Box" PS3 FTW

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62 why on earth would she care to spell xbox correctly? "omg my bf just broke up with me! I need to learn how to spell xbox before I go on FML."

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the guy should have bought a year subscription it's much cheeper that way.

wow #8, you sound like a video game loser, who chooses xbox over relationship, bet im better then you at mw2.

if telling yourself that makes you feel better then sure..

you look pretty ugly with those gay ass glasses and your fat ass.

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I love how some of the xbox people are like "Halo Reach FTW!" Reach hadn't even come out yet and you are praising it like it was the greatest game ever. I have it, and have put over 300 hours and I have to say, IT'S SHIT. if it wasn't for Forge, I wouldn't play it. And before someone calls me a CoD fanboy, Black Ops is shit also. kthxbai.

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146 - not everyone with a mic is an asshole. I'm one of the few who isn't

Just saying that PC has way more options for gaming, especially with the option for mods

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It was probably just his excuse to break up with her haha he's most likely not that hooked on it.

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Lol. I have friends who've done this... precisely why I don't date them, and because I'd do the same thing XD

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i likee your boyfriend...hes cool.(;

atleast you didnt waste more time on him?

Of course he will. OP - YDI for spelling it "X-box"

Get a 3 month X-box Live card and make him Jealous XD

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I would dump you if I had one of those. Xbox Live is expensive.

Thats the flaw with Xbox and why more ppl like PS3

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PS3 rules, it has God of War.

Expensive?? XBL Gold is $7.99 for 1 month and $50 for 12 months.. So your gf is worth less than a hooker??

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Pc has halflife series and crysis and counter strike, not to mention so many better things.. Beat that

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#32 gears of war is good, but GODS beat gears.

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#75 wait a minute, you can use a computer for more than ****?! nobody tells me anything anymore!

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50 dollars for a year someone call my accountant.

pc games are all choppy and laggy no matter what. too many control variations and an alien ware gaming computer is like 500$

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...And a MacBook Air is $2000. Price isn't everything!

You obviously have a shit computer or no GPU,pc games have better graphics then a ps3 and 360,sound voice and picture quality is better.consoles don't really have HD they just stretch the screen to fit it.Look at crysis consoles won't be able to match those graphics in 8 years

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xbox has half life two and the whole halo series

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I have Xbox and a girlfriend and she plays PS3 :D I also have a 1 year :) Life well played by me

hahaha same here my husband has PS3 and I have XBox 360 =) XBox Live is the best I can't wait for Halo Reach to come out!!!!

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Video Games complete (or end) relationships

games vs girl? hmmm I'm going to guess and say either he's gay or ur ugly

heartless!!! what a dick!!! I'd kill him!!!

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that's a hardcore gamer right there. they're fun, but cmon GIRLS > GAMES.