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Today, after ranting to my best friend about how all our friends are having kids and how teenage pregnancy will ruin their lives, she announced to me that she's pregnant. FML
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Well I guess you're not going to be invited to the baby shower. But on the bright side there's no way you could've known, and now you don't have to live a lie!

Be there for her and support her, don't be that person who's not a friend anymore due to a difference in opinion


Spoke just a minute too soon.

Not soon enough, evidently!

Well I guess you're not going to be invited to the baby shower. But on the bright side there's no way you could've known, and now you don't have to live a lie!

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It would be weird going to the baby shower anyways.

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Step 1: Open mouth Step 2: Insert foot

YDI for being judgmental

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Take a moment to think about what you just said, dude.

NOT deserved for giving an honest opinion that is correct in a large portion of cases. Teen parents are a bad idea.

I mean, is her opinion wrong?

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Not really judgemental per se.. more of an opinion but it's their stupid decision and OP could either be there for them or not. Simple as that.

Well,16, you said yourself that its an opinion.And opinions can only be agreed or disagreed on, so there cant be a wrong or right opinion.

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You're a teenager, aren't you?

I agree with you. I'm at the same age where lots of my school friends are having kids weirdly early, but you know what? quite a few of them are doing a really good job of it. and I don't think any new mother needs to be told she is gonna fail from the start if there's a chance she could do a good job like some of the people I know are doing.

My bad, I meant the way it was phrased came off as judgmental to me. This is probably because I tend to try to keep a neutral stance towards things; i.e. (grammar?) that's not something I would want for myself but if it makes you happy, cool.

Ur profile pic fits perfectly

While it's quite possible for a teen parent to do a great job of raising a kid, it makes his/her life a lot more difficult in the long run without a college education/high-paying job for job security; teen parents have to quit school early and get working right away for dirt pay, and advancing higher takes a lot more work. Many can cope with the situation and raise good children, but it's hardly ideal.

If you're lucky you might get a supporting role on "16 and pregnant!"

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If anybody considers that 'lucky', your priority in life is fucking skewed.

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#4 was obviously joking, relax

Having an opinion is okay and ranting about said opinion is totally okay, as well. All you have to do is explain to her that you are her best friend and that you will be there for her every step of the way.

But don't be a hypocrite. Reaffirm to her that her life is ruined.

This doesn't affect your life in any way and you're posting about it lol

Be there for her and support her, don't be that person who's not a friend anymore due to a difference in opinion

This exactly! My BFF in high school told me she was pregnant but I didn't believe her because it wasn't the first time she said it. She actually was and I felt like a horrible person because when she needed me I wasn't there. Good for her for cutting me out her life, but when a teenager finds out they're pregnant they need support and love.

Well your friend was stupid for getting knocked up. You just said the cold truth.

Stupid yes, but like any other practical struggle in life, we all need moral support.

It's a bit of an assumption to call her 'stupid' for getting pregnant. Protection can fail and it only takes one time to get pregnant. It could even be a result of rape. Don't be so quick to judge.

#74 she was a teenager. So yes, she was stupid. She shouldn't be doing adult things when she isn't prepared for adult consequences. And by the sound of this fml, the teenage girl wasn't raped.

i don't understand why you are getting down voted

93- We don't know that. Perhaps she IS prepared. There is nothing in this FML to suggest how the teenager feels about being pregnant or what she's going to do about it. We have no idea whether she's going to have an abortion, give the child up for adoption, or raise it herself. She may have thought it all through. Of course I don't think that teenage pregnancy is a good thing and obviously it's best to wait until you're financially and mentally ready before having a child. However, there are plenty of adults who also have sex and aren't ready for a child. Are they 'stupid' too?

You have no idea if she was prepared or not. She knew the possible consequences, and she might have been ok with them. A girl in my school got pregnant at 16, and handled it perfectly. Some teens are prepared.

None put the penis inside her without consent People need to be responsible for their choices A condom is known to break don't fuck if you can't afford the kid coming with it

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I think they are all watching too much mtv. It is their decision to ruin their lives, so just do you and watch the disaster unfold.

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It's not impossible. Flowers grow from rocks.

flowers grow from rocks... that is a great analogy

Congrats to your friend, I hope you can be more supportive.