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Today, I broke up with my boyfriend. Feeling bad, I texted him a few hours later apologizing. He said it was fine and that he went ahead and picked up a girl from the mall. FML
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OP - You're an idiot. Either you meant to break up with him, in which case you shouldn't apologize for it and presumably try to take him back, or you broke up with him in a fit of rage in which case you deserve it because you didn't control yourself enough to not say something you don't mean.

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Why did you break up with him them? YDI


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give hum a bj and come

Stop trying so hard to be funny, you're a shitty troll.

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kenshinjapan 2

Why did you break up with him them? YDI

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I'm sorry I didn't catch that.. what did u wright again?

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WTF why did that post on everyones comments??

She was probably just saying sorry because she didn't want him to feel hurt, I don't think the apology was her trying to get him back...but I could be wrong.

She was probably just saying sorry because she didn't want him to feel hurt, I don't think the apology was her trying to get him back...but I could be wrong.

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you are wrong. she broke up with him and excepted him to cry and beg for her love back, but when he didn't, OP got all butthurt.

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The nickname of OP is Grrr so ^ agree 2

sounds like he took it pretty hard

maybe if op didn't act like a little girl she wouldn't have lost her boyfriend

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text message break ups are the worst

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I love how much people in this site like to assume.

i agree. if you didn't want both of you to move on, you shouldn't have broke up with him. it seems like he wanted to get away from you more than you wanted to get away from him.

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OP - You're an idiot. Either you meant to break up with him, in which case you shouldn't apologize for it and presumably try to take him back, or you broke up with him in a fit of rage in which case you deserve it because you didn't control yourself enough to not say something you don't mean.

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Maybe she still cared about him and was sorry if the separation may have impacted him. Doesn't necessarily make her an idiot.

The way I interpreted it, OP was just apologizing for hurting him; not trying to get back with him.

What I got out of it is that they're really young, judging by the way she acted, plus the fact that, unless one is a super-pedo, picking up chicks at the mall isn't something one normally does if they're over the age of sixteen.

What I got out of it is that they're really young, judging by the way she acted, plus the fact that, unless one is a super-pedo, picking up chicks at the mall isn't something one normally does if they're over the age of sixteen.

guys ignore number 5. she posts things everywhere calling everyone n idiot n correcting grammars. she thinks she's a know it all. read her info. she is a proper weirdo.

wow. do u think it's really necessary to use the correct spelling here. no it isn't. do u think because we write using u and n and h8 and m8 we use it at work on daily basis. of course not. especially when some of us are using a mobile but hey i guess u must have an empty head nt to have realised that before otherwise u wud have shut the fuck up before u sed anything. I'm only telling others to ignore the grammar nazis an idiots talking shit so i guess I shud tell people to ignore u too.

Oh come on, the capitalization errors doesn't need to be pointed out. The person is obviously on the iPhone app. But the comma splices, totally got him/her.

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Never start a sentence with or, and, or but.

Actually, you can start a sentence with words like and or but. It's okay in some instances, but you don't want to go overboard with it. They preach that you shouldn't do that in high school, but once you get past that into college, your professors will usually be okay with it. On the topic of correct spelling and punctuation, nobody would have to point out mistakes if people would just type out their goddamn words instead of giving the impression that they enjoy licking bus windows in their spare time. It's not going to hurt you to do it, and being on a phone is no excuse, either. Most of the people here on their phones are on Android or iOS devices, and THOSE HAVE AUTOCORRECT FOR SPELLING, so you SHOULD at least get close. Fucktards.

In a way you may be right. Since she posted a FML about it, then she probably wanted him back, and got shocked when he picked up a girl at the mall. So in a way she deserves it for being rash. However, if she is very young, she may have not been able to control herself, it happens.

yes it does have autocorrect when u type a word like hell an it's corrects to he'll but if u type u why wud it change it to you. I'm talking about using shorter letters because I dnt think I did any wrong even if I did u still understood which is my point. laugh if u dnt but if u do then y be an arsehole to anyone and correct them. plus on the IPhone FML won't turn screen horizontally so it's shit having type all this let alone having to use correct spelling and grammar for everything.

All I got from that was, "Boo-hoo, I'm too lazy to type two extra letters and would rather further perpetuate the hurr-durr image I've made for myself here." Yeah, I (eventually) understood it, but it takes more time for me (and others who are used to reading full words instead of ur, u, dnt, cuz, r, etc.) to decipher what you were saying. If you don't like people correcting others, bitching them out and telling them to not reply to what you say because you don't care (or rather, "dnt care") isn't going to make them stop. Instead, just skip over their comments. Like what pendatik said, the only people who are bothered by "grammar nazis" are generally the ones who don't know the difference between you're, your, there, their, they're, board, bored, etc. If you're REALLY that bothered by these comments, nobody is making you stay on the app. Click the home button, and you're out! I'm sure your iPhone has plenty of other apps to entertain you.

98 - Since you did type in some correct punctuation, I'm assuming that you're perfectly capable of typing everything properly, including capitalization and spelling. Also, I don't think many people would mind it if you use shortened words once in a while, but once you go, "i dnt lke typng prprly bcuz its da intrnts.", people do get a little annoyed because we don't know what the hell you're talking about and think that you're a retarded kid that sniffs crack and drinks dog piss while injecting yourself with a neurotoxin at the same time.

Honestly why do you care about how people type? It is'nt your duty to educate them. If you are on a computer you would not realize how much of a douche the keyboard and auto-correct is. Why does it bother you? If you don't like their comments, skip it and move on. Sure typing lyk dis only save a few chrters but it adds up. If you type in short thirteen times and save an average of two letters, that adds up to what, twenty six letters. that is going to save at least five seconds if you are on a phone. People have the right to do whatever they want to without some "highly educated" people breathing down their necks. Sure I can use good grammar, spelling and punctuation, does that mean I have to use it all the time? No, time is precious, I'd much rather play some football (thats soccer if you are thinking of men in helmets wrestling each other for a leather olive) or something else.

Good for you felixshen! I'm glad you're one of the few who actually took their time to write it all out. The grammar nazism wouldn't happen if people didn't abuse the English language. It would prevent arguments amongst people and make everyone happy! lyk if I typ lyk dis, wat can u say abt my prsnality other thn the fact tat I cnt typ for sht. ...I had to think to type that.


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When I'm reading the comments, and thers 1 tht loks leik tis I don't read it. It's painful.

What was that, puff? Sorry, I didn't read it...

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I posted about them douches that correct others before but it got deleted for being too harsh.

Blazing - It tells me that they're lazy assholes who are too stubborn to type a few letters. It also may imply they don't have much intelligence... it depends on how they word what they're saying and what point they're trying to make. Basically, everything ties in. Pendatik - I love you. Mierda2k/shit2000 - Look, buddy. I'm not even commenting on any of your posts; you're trolling me. If you don't like the fact I've corrected your flawed logic/failed attempts at typing, then ignore the comments. It's as simple as that. That goes for everyone else who's bothered by Nazis. Most of us have a life; as you can see any of the above who have commented were not constantly posting on/constantly logged into FML.

Edit: That was supposed to say "go get lives of your own" at the end. I guess my comment timed out.

amen mimiroxii, arguing about an aspect of a language is one of the stupidest things in the world. a language is a tool, desined specifically so people can communicate easily. Obviously typing in full isn't easy on a phone. If every1 tped lyk dis it would b fine. Hey! I mean be multilingual, learn to type and write in short! It can be fun. Grammar in my opinion is not nessesary but is used for ease of understanding. i are betting that i typing like the this you is still understand.

157 - First, I don't care if you like my personality or not. I'm not here to please anyone; I'm here for myself. If I meet friends along the way, that's cool, but it's not a goal of mine. Second, to me, they do SEEM uneducated and lazy. For the most part, my assumptions have been proven correct when talking to people who type that way. I make my initial judgment (because I can... it's a free country, remember?) and then their actions/replies tell me I was pretty well right about them. There have been a few who thanked me for the correction, so I know it's not hard to do. It's also not hard to ignore my comments WHEN they correct spelling, if you're so offended about it. I've seen people do that too. Third, I didn't even correct any grammar this time and this whole damn thread turned into nonsense. I posted my opinion on the FML - you know, what you're supposed to do! People who cannot spell a small word that should have been learned in grade school have no excuse. Sorry, but if a person walks up to me and they happen to be unable to spell "sentence", that's a problem. Finally, not everything is dead-serious in my profile. Really? Are you really taking this that personally? If I like being called a bitch, that's my prerogative. Does it affect you? NOT AT ALL. TL;DR? I'm grumpy, I just woke up, and I don't give a shit about your opinion of me. Ignore the comments you don't like and move on with your life, child.

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lol this is just fml. I don't see why people care so much, but it's cool because some of these conversations are pretty funny and quite entertaining

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Slap his dick

Sounds like you were trying to "make a point" and dumped him. You deserve it, you broke up with him!

Ur a fuckin idiot. I hate ppl like u. Get mad and break it off then expect whoever u hurt to come runing back to bow down and kiss ur feet. Bitch

I completely agree!

i think she wad apologising for being rude, not to get back together

#65 then how would it be a fml?

125- it's an FML because she is sad he moved on so quickly.

I meant 127. oops!

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I agree

what the hell, why wouldn't she be mad. they just got out of a relationship; she dosent want him to cry all night, she just dosent want him to toss her away and have forgotten about it a few hours later. you people are retarded if you can't see that! if I died than I'd want my family to move on, but not go adopt another son the day after my funeral. what you people think is a toying selfish bitch is an innocent girl who just got an emotional kick in the stomach, her ex was a dick! if you broke up with someone you wouldn't want to see them with another person just hours later, stop reading HALF of an fml and going apeshit on the op!

so totally agree with you i couldnever let a woman have that sort of control over me fuck that

OH MY FRICKIN GOD! she's not mad that he dosent want to come back and kiss her feet, she's mad because he has a new girlfriend after an hour! it's plain and simple... just like anyone who can't see that clearly moving on STRAIGHT AWAY isn't something to be happy about.

Well good for him. He's on the rebound.

What is wrong with the women on this website? They all think gifts, an I love you, or a dude on knee = getting married or that when they break up with a dude they're gonna eat a gallon of ice cream crying waiting for her to take him poster ydi.

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what? ^ I have absolutely no idea what you were trying to say.

I immediately felt my thoughts become constipated after reading this.

Okay so, he says that girls only think of sweet things when they are with guys (gifts and "I love you"), think of getting married (guy on a knee when he proposes). And then, they break up, and go crying, and wait for the guy they broke up with to take them back. Like DocBastard, I'm beginning to develop an english-idiot-confused translation engine

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if I'm reading what you said correctly, then you're completely wrong. not all women on here think gifts, I love you's, and thoughts of marriage will promise them a ring. nor do we all think "haha I left him. I bet he's bawling his eyes out and wishes he had me back." just the materialistic, naive, and the stupid ones believe that.

Well he is talking about women on this website. He should meet some girl called Sirin. He will see that they are not all about sugarcoating dreams.

1 DocBastard isn't in this conversation. 2 Is it just me or is it that your going out with other people and see the good things then you break up with them you say all these shitty, rude thing about them? Or atleast RELIZE them?.....

Docbastard is in every convo on this website. He is an FML God.

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^ exactly! I'm a girl and I'm not a drama queen after a break up, my ex can do whatever he wants, I don't care. As long as he isn't a bastard to me (it's happened before -.-) I don't eat a bunch of ice cream, actually I listen to music if the break up hurt me enough, and I don't sit nights on end crying about it. I know if my ex wants to come back, he will, and if I break up with a guy, it's for a good reason, and then I'll try to make friends with him so he's not so hurt if he didn't hurt me at all during the relationship