By ac32 - 11/04/2011 16:05 - Canada

Today, I bought myself a brand-new 52" flatscreen. It was only in my house for 2 hours before my toddler had a tantrum, threw a toy right into the screen and wrecked it beyond repair. I paid to have a nice TV for 2 hours. FML
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Ashkahnator 0

Try throwing the tv at the kid to teach it a lesson?

Rei_Ayanami 18

That child would not have Christmas or a birthday for a decade, I don't even care if they are a toddler.


Ashkahnator 0

Try throwing the tv at the kid to teach it a lesson?

Or he could ship the TV back and accidentally on purpose pack his kid in the box too. What a stupid bratty kid. I would've kicked him in the nuts.

Finn_the_human 5

Just unleash the pranking demon that sleeps in my pits.

pimplayer 0

OP return it to the merchandise store, they should exchange it for another one, manufactures give like 1year warranty.

hellogoodbye1996 6

beat his ass! abuse my ass he broke an expensive tv he needs to learn a lesson. I was spanked as a child and I am a good kid my brother was not and he is very disrespectful.

MrGold 0

It's funny he called the baby a "it"

ever heard of warranty

manufacturers warranty does not cover "kid throwing toy at screen" why would they warranty that? it's not the tv manufacturers fault... warranty in this case is useless... unless OP can try claim it was broken inside the box before it was delivered or picked up. then the store must replace it

if you can afford a 52 inch tv, you can afford another one.

^^^ idiot. people do this crazy thing called 'budgeting' so they can 'save up' money to purchase things like this. you should try to save up and buy yourself an education.

sarahkhan93 4

heh cute :)

staceysgenesis16 0

hmm.. warrenty! or .. yeah .. slap that bitch then throw the t.v. at his face

haha 61 that's what I thought

OP, quickly get accidental damage insurance then in a few weeks claim it through insurance. You won't even have to lie about the kid breaking it.

sublime420 11

I believe thats called insurance fraud...


180, it's not. it's actually called accidental damage, meaning if you accidentally break something valuable, you're covered. the only thing that may be fraudulent about what I said would be waiting a few weeks after setting accidental insurance up, but if Op doesn't do it this way, they prob won't cover her.

Throw the kid.

sublime420 11

i was refering to 177, who suggested insuring it now, and claiming it broke afterwards. Thats pretty blatently fradulent.

egamage 0

Yeah... he was referring to the OP calling the baby "it".

But it was worth it. u.u FYL, OP.

Don't try to influence other people because your parents threw you at the T.V.

^^^ Lmao posted on wrong comment :P

<------ why he threw a tantrum

shift_love 13

throw you toddler at the tv lmao ydi for raising a brat

Don't try to influence other people because your parents threw you at the T.V.

wow haha u copied number one lol maybe it was an accident!!! i wont hold it against ya Im not a hater... i just thought it was funny


that's one bionic toddler!!...lay off the veggies mum or dad

your pic matches your post sooo well

you know, there is a thing called warranty and I suggest using it. either that or return for a refund...

178 - Holy shit you're right! I just noticed that. I changed the picture after I posted the comment so I didn't notice it.

Rei_Ayanami 18

That child would not have Christmas or a birthday for a decade, I don't even care if they are a toddler.

when you are smarter you'll realize how dumb that is.

persianjr1 7

I agree with britt

IHeartJimi02 0

Yes, because that would totally work.

you guys are utterly stupid. have you ever heard of punishments? I guess not, bratty kids.... smh

I think this is a genius idea. then when he/she becomes a teenager you can say "remember breaking the tv when you were a toddler? and how many years you paid for it? well, having unprotected sex is alot like that..."

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Well maybe you're just bad at discipline?

I hope those two hours were well spent.

ThickHead 0

I only you paid te nice people the watnity (witch I'd usually for a year or two) oh well your flaut

I think they said. if only you paid the warrant...... lol

fieldhockyluva24 4


Holy shit this made me lol

cldean24 4

warranty, people. They offer warranties for big ticket items and if you have a toddler you should know a warranty is a very smart decision to shell out the extra 50 bucks or so.

usually warranties wouldn't cover that... unless OP bought it from Costco

cldean24 4

Around here warranties cover just about everything. We don't have a cotsco :(

ThatFancyPenn 18

Have you ever heard of school?

I'm sorry I don't understand the language my-high-school-education-was-worthlessese

maybe if you payed the nice people the warranty.

Sell the kid, buy a new tv.

Sell the TV, buy another kid.

trixy81 10

you would make a fantastic mother...

It's called sarcasm, ya goof. >;) I'm actually a preschool teacher of all things. Wouldn't mind selling some of the kids I work with for a tv. lol jk...maybe. <_<

49 would make a fantastic mother

49 would make a fantastic mother


teach that kid a lesson. time out or spank. I mean he broke your tv.

UhYeahNoThanks 4

That's it????

And you PAID for the toy that destroyed the TV. Congrats. :D

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