By ac32 - Canada
Today, I bought myself a brand-new 52" flatscreen. It was only in my house for 2 hours before my toddler had a tantrum, threw a toy right into the screen and wrecked it beyond repair. I paid to have a nice TV for 2 hours. FML
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  jcrob  |  0

manufacturers warranty does not cover "kid throwing toy at screen"
why would they warranty that? it's not the tv manufacturers fault...
warranty in this case is useless... unless OP can try claim it was broken inside the box before it was delivered or picked up. then the store must replace it


^^^ idiot. people do this crazy thing called 'budgeting' so they can 'save up' money to purchase things like this. you should try to save up and buy yourself an education.

  dre_bro11  |  12

180, it's not. it's actually called accidental damage, meaning if you accidentally break something valuable, you're covered. the only thing that may be fraudulent about what I said would be waiting a few weeks after setting accidental insurance up, but if Op doesn't do it this way, they prob won't cover her.

  cupcakeslayer  |  0

I think this is a genius idea. then when he/she becomes a teenager you can say "remember breaking the tv when you were a toddler? and how many years you paid for it? well, having unprotected sex is alot like that..."

  cldean24  |  4

warranty, people. They offer warranties for big ticket items and if you have a toddler you should know a warranty is a very smart decision to shell out the extra 50 bucks or so.

  cldean24  |  4

Around here warranties cover just about everything. We don't have a cotsco :(

  MysticMint  |  0

It's called sarcasm, ya goof. >;)

I'm actually a preschool teacher of all things. Wouldn't mind selling some of the kids I work with for a tv. lol jk...maybe. <_<