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Today, I went on a date with a girl. We drove separately and met at the restaurant. Over the course of two hours she drank a gallon and a half of beer, then her boyfriend picked her up because she was too drunk to drive home. FML
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Anyone who says "threesome" is an idiot. There, I said it.

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first haha all u are just jealous, but that's sucks for you op you should just tell her you'll ride her instead if her boyfriend

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I see a second date in the making....

Not only "not happening", but THANKFULLY not happening. OP got out lucky! Seriously, who wants to date a girl with a boyfriend who drinks beer by the gallon on a non-date?? (PS, if you raise your hand I'm going to make a crude Arkansas joke at your expense ... and it will probably have something to do with your family tree not forking)

she prolly has a crazy beer belly drinking that much beer

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You are an ass for letting her get that drunk on your expense. you better cut that bitch off! I hope you make her feel bad and rub it in her face about how ****** up she was towards you

this is epic shit ha! she a **** probably

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her boyfriend let her go on a date cuz his cheap ass doesn't have money to buy his gal a drink haaa

she drank that much and u couldn't seal the deal? what's wrong with u? take her home and put her away... then kick her drunk ass out cause she has a bf

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Actually, anyone who has tried the gallon challenge (thats me) knows you can't hold that much liquid in your stomach, let alone drink that much alcohol without suffering liver failure or alcohol poisoning...I call liquid quantity embelishment or fake!

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Sorry dude! if her boyfriend had to pick her up, it was not a date but two friends hanging out

Your picture goes perfect with the comment.

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YDI for asking a girl in a relationship with someone else on a date. Was that supposed to be a smart idea?

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What if op didn't know that she was in a relationship?

Anyone who says "threesome" is an idiot. There, I said it.

Therefore, one could assume you are an idiot also for your blatant use of the word "Threesome"? ..... Damn, I'm one too, lol

Haha. Me-1 You-0... Of course this score is in giga-points. haha

He quoted it. You: -2 Me: Infiniti+1.

I think you just lost at your own game, mycookiez.

No, mycookiezz, it wasn't blatant anything. I tire of seeing the same old "joke" repeated ad nauseum. This includes threesome, shitty situation, urine trouble, Soviet Russia, sammich, and pussy jokes. Get it? They aren't funny. Move on.

Doc has done it again. he has owned yet another FML bitch. *face melts off*

those soviet Russia jokes are garbage, those fags who say em should just fk off n die

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missbunny, where was the ownage? it seems more like doc is being a sour little bitch to me. this the Internet, all dead horses will be beaten endlessly. if you don't like it, get off the Internet or just ignore it.

Doc is one of my FML idols. Much respect. Its cool. I'm still

Charlie Sheen Winning. Btw Doc, I tire of the same jokes too.

Dashilis, thanks for the advice. I'm sorry for being such a sour little bitch. I will get off your Internet immediately. Oh, and you're right - this is the Internet, and all idiotic trolls will be called out as such, you idiotic troll. See what I did there?

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DocBastard: Making the Internet a better place, one idiotic troll at a time. *Explosions*

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ahh dammit, "urine trouble" already got added to the list? :( i dont care who you are, thats funny no matter what

66- I did, and am not impressed. plus comedy is a matter of subjective opinion. yours is not absolute. OP, you made her boyfriend pay though, right??

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iknowright. I was gonna say that I kinda like the "urine trouble" jokes *sheepishly hangs head*

90- as well you should. hell eminem made one, so no sheepish head hanging necessary.

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i agree with #89, just cause you dont find anything funny doesnt mean that something just isnt funny. no need to be a buzzkill, let others enjoy the joke without having to worry about someone being a party pooper. that being said, urine trouble and in a shitty situation if you make a pussy sammich while having a threesome in soviet russia. whoo yea i just combined all of those into one massive epic joke, consider your mind ******. bring on your worst, im ready >:D

Ok, ok, I admit those jokes are funny...if you have the maturity level of a middle schooler or if you haven't seen them 17,632 times before. Yes, humour is subjective. But repetition kills humour no matter how funny it was the first time.

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Jokes are funny when they're clever or well executed. Saying 'u could of had a threesum' because you've seen seen it on just about every FML with three people involved isn't clever or funny. If they're well done though, not that I can think of an instance where they are, it could be funny. And yes, I realize I just made this string off comments nerdy and pathetic.

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Docs opinion is indeed absolute. Everyone knows that.

Doc is right. Those jokes get old REALLY fast.

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urine problems, and if I get lucky enough, foursome. FTW

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Do you hear that? it sounds like dickriding b!tches against funny jokes

YDI for saying: 'too drunk too drive home'. Don't drink ANYTHING when you drive.

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I agree. Drinking at all makes you too drunk to drive.

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There's a legal limit. Some people are too easily affected by alcohol to have even a few sips and then operate heavy machinery. Other people have a higher tolerance and aren't even "buzzed" after a few drinks.

thank you, someone had to flame these people. Cant drive if you've had a drop of alcohol?? PLEASE!!! Someone needs to grow up, I'm 6'4'', it takes more than a few beers to make me unable to drive safely

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im glad to know that you have tested that theroy unfortionately your probably in my area...

don't drink and drive.....smoke and fly :)

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102, you can't even spell the word unfortunately, making your whole comment seem less than intelligent. Just because he knows his limits doesn't mean he's been dabbling in drunk driving.

Wasn't the person who was drunk the girl and not the OP? you say it like he was drinking

lol get 117 get a gps :) problem solved

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yeah maybe it just wasnt a date...

Well, hopefully she didn't drink on your dime, op.

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Exactly what I was thinking.

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he probably did pay that's why he posted it . who knows maybe he didn't and that's why she called her boyfriend!! lol

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YDI for not knowing she had a boyfriend before asking her on the "date"

I don't see how he would have. If you see someone you would assume they are single. If not, the person would tell you when you asked them out. It's not his fault he didn't know, it's the girls for not mentioning it and being a drunk *****.