By Anonymou$ - 06/11/2014 23:37 - United States - Daphne

Today, I spent over $2,000 on a big flatscreen TV. My dad insisted I let him mount it on the wall instead of paying someone to do it. All seemed fine, until the TV came loose and smashed onto the floor. My dad refuses to accept responsibility, and says I should've had a professional install it instead. FML
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Trinidad727 9

Parents aren't always right! sorry partner!


Trinidad727 9

Parents aren't always right! sorry partner!

I'd have to say you deserved it on that one. $2000 is a lot of money to chance losing if it's not mounted right.

Hopefully OP got some sort of warranty on it.

Not sure that a warranty would cover damage that was the customer's fault. But it would be nice.

warrant prolly wont cover it. rule of thumb is to buy insurance on anything 1000 and over.

@1 - Yep, parents are always right. I can't wait for a visit from Santa Claus, to grow big and strong from eating vegetables all my life, and to never find somebody who loves me as much as my mother!

Yeah this is why I never let my dad help me with things, that and he hated me with a passion.

I think you need to do some more reading on comments you reply to...

12 what are you talking about, they stated the dad insisted! So your reply is to just say f it and act like that point wasn't there.

They are never wrong either. ("Noooo, I've never said that!")

Sorry op, try to convince your dad to pay at least half

Actually, OP should the insurance company. sometimes they Will cover stuff like that. GO OP

I can never understand why parents can't accept humility in front of their children!

I think it is an unwritten rule that parents can't be wrong.

i_needa_username 17

Ur dad doesn't seem to bright.

You're not exactly giving off the best impression, either.

At least he isn't giving off the impression of a bitch. Oops, was I being too judgemental like you were?

Your father seems a bit immature. He should acknowledge his error and at least contribute to a replacement!

ColonelCusswords 24

my dearest condolences to you my friend

On my screen, it appears as though the final word of my original comment is not there. :/

KittyHawkMarch 29

That really...really... sucks. Is he at least gonna try to pay some of it back?

Would OP have posted this FML if his dad was paying him back?.. I think not.

I think it's highly implied that he isn't paying.

It was more of wishful thinking, but everyone on here is always so serious, good lord.