By mizzy - United States
Today, my four year old got mad that he couldn't find his favorite character on the Wii. So, he decided to smash the Wii remote into my $700 LCD TV, shattering the screen. That was the only TV in the house, and the $80 service plan I bought doesn't cover accidental damage. FML
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  CFR  |  0

I agree #1.
OP Smack your kid for being such a brat. I'm not just saying that either. Growing up I know I would have gotten my ass kicked if I'd ever, EVER done something like that. No I'm not 30+, I'm eighteen.


Ah yes. The FML comments aren't complete until someone talks about how terrible America is despite the fact that the statement bears only the most superficial relevance to the story.

  HookEmTexas07  |  0

Not sure if you guys are being serious but typically electronics insurance only covers the equipment if it breaks due to a manufacturing problem or something. For example, if the television had hardware problems and broke on its own because it wasn't manufactured/handled properly by the manufacturer or retailer, then insurance would cover it.

  ProgMetalMan  |  8

I hope you morons never have children. Physical injuries are not the way to go, and don't help beyond instant gratification. I can't believe that you would cause your children psychological damage over a TV.

  Improbability  |  0

Uhhh... my niece was getting near perfect scores in Wii bowling when she was TWO. It wasn't even just that she knew how to hold a button and swing a remote and got lucky. No, she knew how to get in to the game, select her character and go. TWO. Kids are waaaay more advanced than we give them credit for.

As for supervising the child, yes, he probably should have been better watched, but even watched, kids can do a lot of damage in a split second.

  arienh4  |  0

You've got some issues too:

a. Your parents had a kid
b. and they didn't know how to educate it
c. You have a ridiculously nice thing (PC) to have in the same household as a troll.
d. Someone bought a fucking troll a PC.

  Iellwen  |  12

I agree to the whole "teach him to control his anger" thing. But calling the guy a failed parent... You sound like a person that has no kids but still thinks he/she knows best. But hey, we all know the people on the Internet that don't know you the slightest know everything about everything and are always right, right?

  Reyo  |  2

Agreed. I say you let him watch all of the TV and play all of the video games he wants. Any reason why he isn't able to do so sounds like a personal problem...

  dethstruk  |  0

ummm 4 years old? not small my little sister got popped on her hand when she was 1 for throwing things around the room 4 more than old enough for a beating

  hawknight  |  0

While I'm sure that would help, those sleeves are really more for keeping your grip on the remote.

honestly, I want to say YDI because a.) you're letting a young child play unsupervised with something that expensive; and b.) Apparently he's not been taught not to throw things when he gets angry.


The sleeves prevent the remote from slipping not protecting things that you hit. And we don't know that he wasn't being supervised. It might have just happened too fast for her to stop him.

  imeverywhere  |  0

uh. it said "decided to smash". He was angry because he couldnt find his character.

he didnt accidentally let it slip out of his hand. He threw it or hit the TV with it.

and nobody should say its the parents fault for not supervising their kid. As a parent you should not be waiting 4 feet from your kid staring at them in a sprinters stance ready to pounce at a sign of them about to do something bad or about to get hurt. She could have been sitting on the couch when he flew off the handle.

But you SHOULD at least put enough threat into you kids head to give them the idea that if i do some bad stuff, im gonna get in big trouble or get the shit beat out of me.


Lol. Remotes that are made giant and squishy... They oughta make a remote that is mostly made of rubber on the outside, so when angry children like the OP's little brat get the bright idea to throw it at an expensive TV, it bounces off and comes back to hit them in the face.

Haha, I can't say I wasn't an angry child when I was little though. But the thing is, the worst thing I've ever done was throw a controller onto the floor. I wouldn't dare throw something at something else that could break and get damaged, because I probably would get spanked. I had some kind of slight developmental delay though that was probably caused by some emotional or behavioral problem I had as a little kid. But I don't know about the OP's son.

To the OP, I'd probably have to say YDI.

By  Hermyoni  |  0

YDI for1. letting a 4 year old play with the wii unsupervised 2. Not having your tv mounted out of reach of your tot. 3. teaching your child not to throw their toys.

Seriously mounted up high the little one wouldn't of been able to throw the remote through it. I hope you grounded him and have learned your lesson that 4 yr olds and expensive electronics don't mix.