By 2285morgan - 15/12/2011 20:12 - United States

Today, I heard my alarm go off, dragged myself out of bed, had breakfast and got ready for work. As I was heading out the door I checked the time again. It was 1:41 AM. Apparently my alarm never actually went off. FML
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Oh man i love that feeling. Go back to bed! You've got hours!

That's happened to me before, I woke up at midnight and took a shower thinking it was morning. Haha but FYL, I understand


Oh man i love that feeling. Go back to bed! You've got hours!

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hey at least you didn't punch yourself in your sleep

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Realizing you have more time to sleep is simply amazing.

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1 - Wow that comment was one of the most well thought out comments ever. Congrats you're a genious.

Have you ever thought that you may have set your alarm wrong?

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26- please remove your ignorant picture. You don't need to preach on FML.

Its just a picture and i find it quite entertaining, plus im sure it was just a joke since it was on fail blog

30- I don't see why you dislike the picture. How do you like me saying I don't like your hairy caterpillar llama so please change it?

Tylersign - that picture isn't preaching at all. Read the bottom caption.

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there is nothing better other than that feeling you get when you realize you have several more hours of sleep left (:

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@1 - Sadly it isn't that easy for some. Sometimes if I'm woken up during the night I cannot go back to sleep. Or when I finally do its almost time to wake back up. Like last night I woke up at 2AM, but didn't get to sleep till like 5:30-6. I had to wake up at 6:30. D:

42 That just makes you look dumb. The hairy caterpillar llama is awesome!

He is obviously trolling

Your picture is awesome!!!

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Oh me too! I hate that feeling!:/

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Hahaha I still laughed even tho he spelt genieus wrong!! Ha I mean genious :D

It's actually so true. I swim and get up at 4:40 AM 4 times a week for practice. When I think it's 4:40 and get all mad, I then look at the clock and it's like 2:00. It's the greatest feeling ever.

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105 Oh the irony of that comment. Making a joke out of how he spelled it wrong, when you yourself spelled it wrong as well.

Who are you? The almighty picture approver? You can't tell people to remove their picture just cause you dislike it.

His pictures is making fun of the Christians that said that, because the sun does not burn or use oxygen, but rather compresses hydrogen into helium.

we've all been there lol

Ouch.. That's usually when I go to bed;3

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That explains a lot

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Watch out. We've got ourselves a badass here.

Instead of quoting memebase jokes you should make up your own:3 buuutttt I still laughed:3

^ stop trying..

Is the badass your picture?

#64 I agree

If you didn't notice, I was taking a picture of myself in a mirror.. The mirror was not very clean so yeah.. It's blurry.

And then they made their profile private because they got self conscious.

Hmmm... It's currently 3:20am and I'm still not in bed. I beat you all. x3 Kidding.

I'm a bird motherfucker I'm a bird.

Good good good

I love waking up at like 2 AM and then noticing the time and realizing you have a few more hours to sleep. I understand it would suck if you actually got up and got ready for work though.

I love that feeling of being able to fall back asleep I hate the feeling of waking up and checking the time and it says 9 and then ur late but u run outside and it's dark out >.< and then u find out its 9pm

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Has anyone else had a moment when your last hour or two f sleep feels like it lasted 10 hours? I've done that where I check the clock every 5 minutes or so, thinking I overslept. Awesome mornings, I feel like I slept for a day :)

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No but I've had that shitty moment when you Wake up and look at the clock only to find out you woke up 30min early.. Ruins my mornings -_-*

That's happened to me before, I woke up at midnight and took a shower thinking it was morning. Haha but FYL, I understand

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Me too, but I also often hear things while I'm asleep that sound like they're coming from outside my dream, which wakes me up only for me to realize that ice cream truck I heard is nowhere in sight at 3am.

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Is meeting people on FML weird?

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I've also done that before, only I actually made it in to work at 6am. I remember wondering why the trains were so empty. Its a sign of stress i think I've also fallen asleep in the

In the....what? Don't leave us hanging!(:

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Sorry!! Strange probs meant my last post was incomplete... Should read... I've also done that before, only I actually made it in to work at 6am. I remember wondering why the trains were so empty. Its a sign of stress i think. I've also fallen asleep in the late afternoon, slept for what felt like hours and woken up at sunset thinking it was dawn. I had to flip through the tv channels to find out whether it was 6am or 6pm. Now that was a weird feeling!

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Sleeping with the TV on can be dangerous... There are a few movies that use the same sound clip as the alarm ringtone on my phone. Usually when there's a scene with some sort of meltdown or emergency going on. Soo confusing when you only went to sleep an hour prior and your eyeballs feel like they're bleeding when you crack them open.

I did that this week actually, it was about 1:30 AM an when I look at the time, I feel like the clock is wrong, not me, because I'm so tired

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Double Check the time next time. I've done the same thing before though.

Thanks captain obvious

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I did it this morning and I was rushing because I thought I was last. Got to work and I was an hour and a half early. I have an hours commute. So I slept in the parking lot lol

Wouldn't OP have to turn the alarm off, though? If that's the case, then OP should've noticed.

When you're drunk with exhaustion, you don't tend to think properly.

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"Apparently my alarm never actually went off" Or am I missing something?

He prob reached over and shut it off out of habit seeing as how that's te same reason he woke up ate and almost left

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I know what u mean but maybe he thought it went off and turned itself off? Because I kno I have to do mine manually... Still, it's a fail

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I got to school three hours early once because of that. It's awesome.

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That's like the opposite of awesome..

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...not awesome?

sweet2u22 9

Anyone ever heard of sarcasm?

...moron... (-_-)

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I don't see how OP's a moron. OP just forgot to Check the time. Most people do this at least once in their life. Even I.

The guy who posted this is most likely a moron, look at his user name.

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8: why R U such a moron ?

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Hahahahhaah this is funny!

Go to work, get massive overtime

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Step 3: Profit!