By Anonymous - 20/12/2011 17:16 - Canada

Today, I found out while skiing that my dad likes to call me Pimple because I have a pink coat and white helmet. He has tried to squeeze me. FML
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There's no helping some people

By Anonymous - 10/11/2020 20:02 - United States - Livingston

Today, I was helping a 93 year-old hoarder organize her home. She asked me to make ropes from old plastic bags, fold bags in a specific odd way, then fit four large boxes of bags into one smaller one. I said I couldn't do those, nor fit four boxes in one. "Why are you here if you can’t do things?" she said. I’m a professional home organizer. FML
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I like to squeeze things!

You are suggesting she does this to her father? You are a disturbed individual. No seriously, get help. Now.


I like to squeeze things!

Try not to explode on the nice white helmet!

1- you are a sick perverted person.

At least he doesn't call her "albino penis"

You deserve it for wanting incest with your father... Tramp.

who doesn't like a good squeezing once in a while :p

I think the fml here is that the OP is wearing a helmet while skiing...

Your picture completes this comment.

98- I guess you want a concussion, who am I to stop you

Are you by any chance, in France?

It clearly says Alberta, Canada. Herp derp.

Naw he lives in china-.-

I believe they are referring to the previous fml about someone going on a skiing trip in France.

8- that just means he/she lives in Canada..they could be traveling. But that would be funny if it were the Same person that was mentioned in the other fml earlier..if it was then they deserve it!!

Sick rhymes, Lanceeden. Absolutely sick.

Are you by any chance an idiot?

C-C-C-combo breaker

The nickname is kinda cute..... Except for the squeezing part....

I thought it the other way around, but that's just me being a pervert.

How is calling someone a pimple cute? And yeah, 32 you are a pervert.

How is calling someone a pimple cute? And yeah, 32 you are a pervert.

I love how he double posted and the first is in the negative while the 2nd is up 4 when they say the same thing. I don't know why people are taking this as a pervert thing. It's a pimple.

Yeah..I don't know how it posted twice and that is very odd. But the reason I think the person is a pervert is because he thought that squeezing her was cute.....

And btw I'm a girl. Why would a guys username be eatsleepjb?...

Honest mistake. Sorry. But I get your reasoning now. Thank you for clearing that up for me.

Haha its ok

Aren't we all just blemishes on the Earth?

I want to be a sea lamprey when I grow up! .... Wait, that's not a parasite, is it...?

Squeeze him in the groin and say what's this small junk?

You are suggesting she does this to her father? You are a disturbed individual. No seriously, get help. Now.

Not sure about OP, but I'd be a little against squeezing my father's genitals for any reason.

Try seeing a doctor. Could I suggest a certain bastard?

Successful troll successful... In a dirty way...

What, what? In the butt?

Omg i have u on my face!

That's not nice what u put. Kinda rude.. But if that's the way u are then whatevs!

Wanna know what else isn't nice? Your sense of humor. You then show yourself as apathetic just after you make a big deal out of a little joke that wasn't even rude to begin with. Make up yo mind, foo'.

Better than zit..

Aren't they the same? I consider them the same

You imagine #12 in the morning? "OMG I have a zit, no way I'm going out today." (Gets closer to mirror) "Oh wait, I'm good, it's just a pimple..."

I think she meant pimple was better than zit as far as the nickname goes.

Yeah they are the same fact I would rather be called zit, it's shorter and sounds less gross...

You damn zit.

Something might squeeze out