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  guy24  |  9

If someone took the TV... How did OP know there was a "free" label on it? Did OP see the label and leave it there? This makes no sense.

  niallo  |  23

You should have been watching. If someone picks your stuff up and walks away with it then YDI. If they try to argue the price tag, tell them you didn't put it there. If they still argue, tell them it's not for sale. Even free is a price, and you can refuse someone's offer to take it.

  Ziggyboo  |  10

I think the buyer decided to take advantage of the situation, and probably knew it was a prank. And how do you not notice someone carrying a T.V.?

  jc10x  |  8

Better question is, how would you know if the tv had a "free" label on your tv without you seeing it? Because if you saw it im sure you would have taken it off.