By bummed and broke / Tuesday 13 November 2012 18:24 / United States
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  AzNbABe69  |  0

Damn OP you definitely deserve this one. Why would anyone purposely drop their expensive phone? Especially to test out a"so called "invincible" case. That's just stupid and kinda asking for it in a way. You're suppose to buy a case to protect your phone in case you accidentally drop it. You don't buy a case so that you can drop your phone and "see" if the case works. See the logic here?
Well, you better hope you purchased the warranty or insurance because you're definitely going to need to make a claim. Unless they aren't willing to cover stupidity! Lol

  lilhellian  |  26

They can't prove op did it on purpose unless the insurance is thru the same place op bought the case (example bestbuy.) Otherwise they won't even know who to ask and will prbably accept "it was an accident."

  Mauskau  |  35

My silicone cases have protected my phones and iPod touch for years. Plastic cases don't protect from drops, only scratches IMO. My iPod has been dropped plenty of times in the last 3 years, all on to hard flooring, in this case, and its fine. No chips no cracks nothing. Not willing to let my s3 go near the ground though lol.

  muldrowe  |  6

I've dropped my life proof case daily ever since the 4S came out, I was originally a fan of the Otterbox, but it seemed like it was made with cheaper materials this time around. I opted for underwater photography, my girlfriend and I have had some fun. Totally worth the investment haha

  Roevera  |  14

I have the lifeproof case, I bought it because I need something like that.. I've dropped my phone so many times and not one crack. When my phone is dirty, or has anything I just wash it under the tap. I love the lifeproof.

  babyschmoo  |  13

How about we just don't break the phones we are lucky to even have the technology for? Just because someone tells me my car has the highest crash safety does not mean I'm going to go "test crash" it to make sure.

  DA14573  |  6

This reminds me of the video on youtube where the guy tested a bullet proof iPhone case by shooting it with a .50 cal rifle. It survived the bullet but the screen got busted on the rock it landed on afterwards lol

  free2speak  |  14

Don't mean to distract from the conversation but why buy a life proof case when you can just spend that $100 to buy AppleCare that covers for water damage? I've heard life proof cases are not completely water proof and some defective cases have caused people's iPhone to stop working. And they do tend to wear out over time, needing frequent replacement. And if you damage your phone, they only replace the cover not the phone. I can't even imagine taking my iPhone 5 anywhere near water! But it's also because its my first iPhone and I'm too broke as a college student to afford another one.

  perdix  |  29

Reminds me of the time when I showed off how bendable my Flexon glasses frames were. They seemed to forget they were made of shape-memory alloy and snapped. But, cut me some slack, I was only 35 at the time.


umm actually otter box warrentys against "phisical dammage during use of our product" which means they replace your phone if you drop it with the case on (fyi if you think im makeing this up my friends dad dropped his phone from the wing of a bowing 747 (he works on them for a living) straight rock to screen and they replaced it for him)

  chellyX92  |  8

48, I own an otter box and no where in any papers does it say it will replace my iPhone if it breaks in their case. Without even looking its common sense to know that no phone case company anywhere will replace a broken phone, because anyone can crack a screen then just stick it in the case and say it happened in the case.

  lukemack  |  4

48 that's the stupidest thing I have ever heard if they replaced your phone when it broke in there case every Tom dick and Harry would just buy a 20$ case when they brake there phone and say it broke while it was in the case there is no way to prove it. don't believe everything you hear.

  CharresBarkrey  |  15

170 - That is a name of a company that will not last very long. It's incredibly hard to prove that the case was ON the phone when it was broken, and I suspect they're shelling out money to people who have figured that out.

  AzNbABe69  |  0

85 When I read your comment I had to laugh.
You say and I quote "Even if the case was invincible it may only be for the first drop................pretty dumb idea all round." (I cut out a little bit in the middle). Now correct if I'm wrong but if something is invincible, wouldn't it be invincible more than once? Longer than only one time? How could something be invincible only once? You probably couldn't and shouldn't be calling that invincible if it can't be longer than one drop.
Am I wrong here? Anyways, I just thought your comment was pretty dumb comment all round.
Oh and by the way OP, you definitely deserve it and hope you learned your lesson. Remember, break it once "shame on them", break it twice "shame on you"!
I know I'm probably going to get thumbed down so I'm ready. * Fingers crossed*
Have a nice day anyway! ;)

  redbluegreen  |  40

Not to mention the fact that people will buy new things to replace the broken ones. If they worked perfectly and never broke, businesses would actually lose money.

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