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Today, my English professor accused me of plagiarizing a poem I submitted, because she'd read it online earlier that day. The poem was mine; I posted it after writing it for her class, and even after logging into the site to prove it, she reported me to the school. FML
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OP here, just for all of the people talking about self plagiarism, I checked. My university does not have that clause anywhere within the rules. I read through the entire thing and even checked with the legal department. I'm sure they will put it in after this. I have gone to the dean and they have forced the teacher to drop the case and give me the grade I deserved. They also decided, due to suggestion of the department head, that the department head himself will be grading everything that I submit to that teacher for the rest of the semester, and that I will not be able to take classes with that teacher anymore. I'm sure they will be evaluating their plagiarism rules more, and putting in a clause for self plagiarism, but we will see what happens. Luckily, I only have 2 more semesters there before I'm out of that school for good.

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Sometimes teachers are not as bright as you expect them to be.

What a bitch, I'm sure the head of your department will believe you


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kittycat2007 18

reread the post. she did try explaining it. she even logged in the site to prove it. the professor is being a bitch.

StalkerChick 13

All OP can do is hope the Dean(or whoever handles that) isn't as moronic as that professor.

If even the dean is to stupid then op needs a new college.

She did, but the teacher is obviously too "proud" to accept her answer.

JerryH 9

You guys do realize OP is a guy, right? You're all saying "she" when its a guy

67 I don't think that really matters too much whether or not OP is male or female in this situation. For you to comment solely to point that out was rather pointless. At least if you're going to say something, at least add to it and make it more worthwhile and interesting. Yes I know I'm kind of doing the same thing here but your comment stood out to me for some reason. As now as I sit here about to make my comment, I realize that I have forgotten what the FML is about. Wow! This has never happened before. I'm cracking up over here. Sorry guys, my apologies! o.O

Obviously only women write poetry or maybe everyone just assumed OP was female even though the post is listed as a male.

84- what was that you were saying about being worthwhile and interesting?

KiddNYC1O 20

#1 clearly didn't read after "class,".

SesameSpeed 7

Not really an FML here. Even if she did report you, it's still very arguable to her superiors. She may be too proud to admit you're right. But I bet the dean or principal has much more common sense.

PhishloverA 14

#67 calling OP an 'it' is even worse, especially after correcting others for getting the gender wrong

mduffy08 8

67 never referred to OP as it. Now you look like an ass.

Except that the context implies that the it in the comment is not stating the gender, but merely referring to it. The gender is male. It is male. Same thing

88, do you seriously believe that only women write poetry? Where is this rock of ignorance you have been living under?

no. actually they were clearly being sarcastic. and if you didn't get the sarcasm in their post, you clearly don't get sarcasm. google it

hannnahmarie 14

Sorry OP! That's really unfair, and hope you don't get into trouble!

Welcome to the world of academia. People that teach often times can do. That why they teach.

Actually #2, technically, he DID plagiarized, he just plagiarized himself. It's weird and makes no sense, but you can't submit something for homework if you already submitted it elsewhere. If he put it on the website after the teacher received his paper, then that would be fine. Granted, I'm sure he won't get in trouble, because he can prove it is his actual work, but I guess it's a lesson learned. Still, I think that whole "plagiarizing yourself" idea is so... dumb; for a lack of a better word.

BellaBelle_fml 23

80 - So based on your 'logic' you are going to become an English teacher? May God have mercy on your students' souls…

OhDearBetrayal 25

95- There's a little something called copyrights. If you made/wrote something completely original, you have the right to do whatever the **** you want with it.

Hopefully the Dean will have sufficient brain cells to realise the situation... and then tell the Prof what a dipshit she is.

Um, it's actually called self plagiarism, and it's mainly for when you're in school/university. Feel free to look it up; it's not like I didn't have to go to a whole seminar based on it or anything *shrug*

95/118 is right. Colleges have that so that you can't turn in the same paper for two different classes, and unfortunately it can also apply to what happened to OP.

free2speak 14

I was going to say the same thing but seeing as it has already been said, I would like to add that it is in fact true. We have a clause in our honor code that says we can not submit the same assignment for two classes and we may not use our original work for any class if it has been published. What I find ridiculous is that it even goes as far as to say that any assignments turned in becomes the college's property and may not be turned published without the consent of the university and of course none of this applies if the professor has already consented to it. So for our college, it would've been a violation of honor code and then the student has to appear before the honor council and they listen to both sides and make a decision.

LiterOfCola 16

It's kind of enraging that #100 is thumbed up.

OhDearBetrayal 25

145- Oh I'm sorry, are misunderstandings supposed to be thumbed down into oblivion? Perhaps other people agree that self-plagiarizing shouldn't be held higher than copyrights. I don't support people reusing their work in other classes, but I don't agree that people like OP shouldn't be able to publish their own work.

OhDearBetrayal 25

145- Oh I'm sorry, are misunderstandings supposed to be thumbed down into oblivion? Perhaps other people agree that self-plagiarizing shouldn't be held higher than copyrights. I don't support people reusing their work in other classes, but I don't agree that people like OP shouldn't be able to publish their own work.

163- Sadly, it doesn't matter if we agree or disagree. Sometimes it's not quite fair but policy is policy whether we like it or not, and the rule book always wins

OhDearBetrayal 25

172- Don't be so cynical! It does matter what we think. Maybe one day the students of today will become the board leaders of tomorrow and will change this "self-plagiarizing" rule. Until then, people are allowed to have their own opinions on the matter.

100 - True. But ignoring the self plagiarism aspect, producing work at the behest of another ( in this case for college but usually in employment or on commission) makes the commissioner/employer the copyright owner so the producer has absolutely no right to use the work.

The problem was that the OP published it on the Internet before he turned it in (that's what it seems at least). If there was no time stamp of when it was updated, then it is possible that the student just reused old work instead of being creative (what the teacher may think). The proper thing in this situation would be to wait until the paper was turned in, graded, and forgotten about or even wait until the semester is over to publish it. It sucks that the student has to do that, but there are many students who will just reuse old work instead of just doing their work.

Dekarian 7

175 - Actually, the creator of the work holds the copyright regardless of whether it was comissioned or not. The comissioner may hold copyright on some of the content of the work, but the work itself is copyrighted to the creator.

LiterOfCola 16

163: When you post an incorrect, assuming comment that everyone believes is correct at first site but then realizes is wrong when it's too late to thumb down, yes, it is annoying. Your comment deserves to be buried for being wrong. You say it like having a comment buried means you're a shitty person. Misunderstandings should be thumbed down so people know they're misunderstandings. Whether you agree with self plagiarism or not, and I don't by the way, you can't just say "no that's wrong. Copyrights. You can do whatever you want." That's unrelated, idiot

OhDearBetrayal 25

196- Your maturity really shows when you call people idiots.

190 - I guess it may depend where you are. Under UK copyright the creator of commissioned copyrighted work must assert their moral right to be identified as the author of work but holds no other right and would be liable for breach of copyright if they tried to use the work .

LiterOfCola 16

200: You were unnecessarily sarcastic with me. Sorry I said idiot, I was caught up in the moment, but I don't think that really reflects my maturity as literally everyone has said that before.

Sometimes teachers are not as bright as you expect them to be.

OP can only hope that her principle isn't a retard.

blcksocks 19

^ We can only hope that you meant "principal"

Truth. Dumb people can be teachers too. No one ever said all teachers are good teachers :)

38- yeah I always mess up principle and principal.

The school principAl likes an Apple on his desk. I would bold, underline, and italicize those As if I could, I hope that was clear enough.

The PrinciPAL is your pal. :) Just kidding, all principals are out to brainwash their students and ultimately take over the world.

I sometimes get principal/principle mixed up.): Same thing with desert/dessert and defiantly/definitely The list goes on. . . I envy those spelling bee kids!

MalloryKnox 8

Just remember 101 & 107.. Which would you rather do two times, eat a big piece of cake or cross a vast, sandy wasteland? Assuming they're not lactose intolerant (or overly fond of sand) most people pick cake, so dessert is the one with the double s! Thank you 10th grade English teacher for that absolute jewel :) As for defiantly/definitely... I got nothin'

Desert/dessert: The sweet one takes two s(ugar)s. :)

What a bitch, I'm sure the head of your department will believe you

mowmowlife 21

And I said- *looks around guarding life* biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch!

Exactly! Your teacher is a bitch and I hate teachers like that. The ones that think they're always right and they know everything. They think they're never wrong and some of them stop at no lengths to try and prove something that is false. I feel really bad for you OP. I'm sure if you go to the Principal, Dean, Superintendent, or whomever is the highest authority that you won't have problems with your poem or your idiot teacher. Good luck OP! I'm sure you won't need it though! ;)

thatKidzmOm 10

I can't for the life of me remember who said that but it was hilarious!

File a complaint on the teacher in return.

AllyyK 9
BTS_fml 4

you just wrote my thoughts... what a bitch... i would have killed her (in my mind of course) with a slow tourmenting ways :DDD

unknown_user5566 26

I'm not sure how you read this as the teacher being jealous. Moronic? Yes, definitely. Jealous? Not so much.

Just imagine the look on her stupid face when she gets proven wrong, that should hold you over :)

LiterOfCola 16

It could be kind of like your picture!

She did get proven wrong she just wasn't willing to admit it.

PhishloverA 14

Well #8, OP's professor may know she's wrong, but she's probably some hothead who doesn't like admitting being wrong

gczizza1997 15

If your get called down by a principle or dean to explain yourself they'll surely think the teacher is an idiot. Just make sure you story is straight. Hopefully your a great student and that'll give you some credit.

I was going to let "principle" go until I saw "your". *principal, *you're.

gczizza1997 15

Haha thanks, I always get those mixed up. ^^

gczizza1997 15

Haha thanks, I always get those mixed up. ^^

How I learned the difference is this saying: "The principal is your pal".

What more proof does she need? Damn.....

Just got to say, to the mods, that the grammar and tenses aren't great on this one, if it could be looked into.

SaltyLurker 10

That comment was like chum served in a silver plate, in terms of language.