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  Complaining  |  13

92 - Otter Box is a company that makes really protective covers for mobile devices that saves your phone no matter what kind of fall happens. So he probably broke his iPhone while trying to set up the one thing that would protect it.


I love my otterbox
I have repeatedly thrown my phone at the walls and no damage to my phone : >
my husband also tosses his around at work to show customers how ahhh-maaayyyyzing the otterbox is

  herrobear  |  0

Otterboxes don't work. I have many friends who have shattered their phones while it was protected by an Otterbox. A better option is a semihard protective cover, because it absorbs the shock of a fall.

  myxcure  |  2

Exactly... or did OP want to see how durable it was by throwing it against a brick wall? my phone is always in it's otter box, but I've dropped it without and it was fine... maybe if the conditions are just right...

  sourgirl101  |  28

I've dropped my iPhone a few times, too and it's fine but I know many people with a huge crack in their screen waiting for their discounted upgrade to kick in. (:

  JesusFishTaco  |  5

I dropped mine from standing height. It landed screen down on my bathroom's tile floor. There were cracks EVERYWHERE! I have an otter box now and have had no problems since.

By  TempestRain  |  0

Sorry OP. I always drop mine, but I hate the otter box. Now I just replace my screen when it shatters. I got a screen kit from amazon and it was like $5. Pretty cheap, and easy to do.

  sparkman97  |  7

yeah but most people use it on the iphone. i mean really the iphone has a way bigger market share than android.
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