By sammarli530 - 29/05/2013 16:24 - United States - New Lenox

Today, after calling the insurance plan for my new iPhone a "huge waste of money", I promptly dropped it in the store while trying to put it into my pocket, cracking the screen. FML
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That's why you never take the chance with an iPhone. You can do that with a Nokia, not iphone


Because this is, of course, what Karma is all about. InB4 20,000 karma comments... sigh

Why is this karma? He didn't do anything wrong. He just didn't want to spend money on an insurance.

Because when you say something, it is Karma's job, and sole purpose, to have the exact opposite happen so that you are ****** for no good reason. That is "karma."

And this is why you'll never see me without my otterbox on my iPhone.

PulseShock 9

Because, he cancelled his "useless" insurance. Karma.

32 - otterboxes aren't all they're cracked up to be. Either that, or my dog's jaws are equal to more than the force of a truck.

No #19, I think you mean irony. The only source for karma here is that he insulted the insurance... I don't really see how insulting and inanimate and non-physical thing as deserving of karma.

Maybe because I'm taking the piss? I guess the mockery of all the bad usage of the word Karma was lost on you.

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It is more so an example of Murphy's Law than Karma.

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If OP reads this, you can buy replacement screens and backings for like $10 on ebay. Speaking from experience, insurance is a waste cuz you still have to pay $100-200 deposit even with insurance.

43.) no case is going to work if your going to let your dog eat your phone that just sounds dumb to me. And it's a hell alot better then no case I have dropped my phone many times and till look new because of my otterbox On my iPhone 4S. While when I had my iPhone 4 with no case it was scratched to hell and had a cracked screen by the time I upgraded to my 4s

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A majority of the time the ins is a waste of money, but not on a new or newer iPhone . Get the otter box defender those things take a beating. Or get an old Nextel ruggedized phone. We had some at my old job and we used them for door stops and foot balls etc

A friend of mine ran over his iPhone with a Buick (accident of course) and his otter box saved him. There was like one tiny tend in the plastic part and a huge tire track over the back.

#77 yes you can buy that off of eBay for that cheap, that is also assuming this person knows how to take off their screen and replace everything that's damaged, it's probably more of a headache. I would insist on taking it to a computer store (not a Mac store) they usually will do it for 50 bucks and insure that it's done right

Or maybe your dumb. And let it bite directly on the screen

gabe222 25

@107- its not at all difficult, i assure you, broke my screen a few times on accident

It's considered karma because instead of just politely declining the insurance he made a statement about how useless a policy is. I have to admit that I myself have done this once, and ever since then I have always bought the extra insurance when purchasing expensive electronics.

That's why you never take the chance with an iPhone. You can do that with a Nokia, not iphone

You should have insurance to cover the hole in the ground when you drop your nokia.

To bad this doesn't say the device you posted it with as your using an iPhone. -via iPhone

dropped my nokia lumia. screen shattered. lol

#37 what the hell are you talking about?

#37 if your trying to say that I'm using an iPhone your correct, and the back is shattered on it

I still wouldn't try it with the new nokias. They may have noble brick roots, but their new smartphones are as fragile as all the other phones nowadays.

I've dropped my phone so many times, it's not even funny. ~Posted from a Nokia Lumia 920

You always feel like you don't need it..then things like this happen, making you wish you had purchased the plan.

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Today, I dropped my phone but its ok because I have a warranty.FML

Why would that be an FML? You have a warranty so it's okay.

Perhaps he is talking about the fact that, even if you don't buy insurance, a phone is normally under store warranty for like 30-60 days after you buy it, so it shouldn't be a problem anyway? I'm sure that's what they said when I bought my phone anyway.

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Warranty is only for manufacturer defects, not idiot defects.

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My iphone insurance covers ANY problem. Cracked/water damage requires as small fee but I'd rather pay a small fee than buy a brand new phone.

24, Like a deductible? I know Verizon does that. Like certain phones cost like $100 to replace under those plans. It may be worth it for certain smart phones, but I know my feature phone that I had - before I had my current galaxy s3 - cost me only $49.99. So the $100 deductible to replace it was a bit ridiculous. I was like hopefully I find this ******* phone so I don't have to pay lol. Luckily I did :P But by then I had enough to buy my s3 so it worked out in the end.

you pay a percentage of the original cost. and it's cheaper than buying a new phone.

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I believe you're confusing karma with irony.

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Nope. Karma is about bad things happening to people who do bad things. I don't know if there's a word for stupid things happening to people who do stupid things.

I feel as though "stupid ---> stupid" falls into the "natural selection" category. (See also: Darwin awards)

Karma is about getting back whatever you put out. If you put out nothing but negative stuff into the world then eventually that negative stuff is going to come back around and bite you in the rear; hard. If you put out good into the universe then the universe will give you good back. It's not just about the bad.

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I want to say YDI, anyone who owns $1000 phone should be able to buy a $25 case to protect it...

CharresBarkrey 15

Who the hell pays $1000 for an iPhone? I paid $50 for mine.

Anyone who buys 64gb iPhone 5. That's who lol

They come free with a plan, no one pays for them

Cause it's cheaper then a contract, that's why. In the end you pay close to $350 - $500 more for the phone on a contract.

iPhone is really losing its value recently, my friend switched from iPhone to Android and never looked back. Apple's stock is really dropping lately too.

Ya, I'm hearing that a lot of people are really liking android phones, I've used both and think in just more comfortable with apple. But if I found an android phone I liked I wouldn't be apposed to switching.

Michael_92 20

At the risk of getting thumbed to hell I'll say it anyways. Android is the way to go. Want a iPhone build quality look at the HTC ONE. Android has been ahead for quite some time, people are just now realizing it.

No 46, most smart phones are WAY cheaper on a contract. I know the s3 retail price is like $599.99 alone. But when I got it on a contract, It was $99.99

Will someone please decode #65's message?

Everyone I know with an iPhone has needed a replacement more than once. Apple has made immense changes to the phone industry, but they only offer a single line of phone. There's no variety. I'll stick with Android, as well as Motorola phones. Proud owner of the RAZR for two years, the Droid X2 for three years, and the Droid RAZR Maxx HD into the foreseeable future. Anyhow, the reason people use contracts is to avoid dropping $1k at once. It's more expensive in the long run, yeah, but I don't want to spend nearly a whole month's salary all at once if I can avoid it. Also worth mentioning is that I'm very pleased with my service at Verizon, so changing services is never a concern. That being said, there are obvious benefits to buying a phone outright as long as you can afford it.

Thank you #78 that is what I was trying to get at, in the long run you save, and your right not many people can buy them out right.

#78 Ive had my iPhone for 3 years, never had to replace one bit. I know many whos had their for years as well without changing it or parts of it.. Its all about not being an idiot and toss it around all the time. Being careful can save you a hell of a lot of money!

I've never had problems with the iPhone - neither the 3GS or the 5 (which I currently have). I'm pretty sure I dropped the 3GS about a hundred times in the 3 years I had it and the 5 around 15 times so far (cause I'm a huge klutz and I seem to have butter fingers) but have had no problems! I'd say the iPhone is pretty durable!

#105, How? I got it as a deal from Best Buy.

They *are* a huge waste of money. That phone should be covered under warranty no matter what else.

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Warranty won't cover your phone for accidental damage. It only covers it if you purchase your phone with a technical issue (screen doesn't work, heat issue, lagging, etc) and even then, warranty replacements are limited to one every 18 months usually. In fact, if you send a warranty replacement back with any physical damage, you're looking at a bill for the full price of the phone ($600-700 for an iphone) Although I agree, insurance is a waste of money. It's cheaper to just get a replacement off Craigslist or something if your phone breaks. Or, ya know, buy a case.

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That might be the dumbest comment I've ever seen. That's like saying you should be able to wreck your car and they should just give you a new one or you can break your tv and they'll give you a new one. And as far as getting one off Craigslist, iPhones hold their value. You're not going to be able to find one for even close to the deductible price.

92 - A car is different, the insurance is for anybody else involved in the crash. My extremely poorly worded point is that buying insurance for stuff like laptops and phones is a waste of money as most of it will be covered by warranty and the stuff that isn't can be avoided with a little care. Getting a case, not leaving it near drinks, etc.

Very true. When my phone was stolen I phoned up my provider and was given a new phone (and it was an good upgrade from my stolen one) for £60. Had I had an insurance plan I would've been paid a LOT more than that over the twelve months I had it. I also know people who HAVE paid for insurance plans but then the accidental damage or loss or whatever isn't covered and they have to buy a new phone anyway. Sucks that OP dropped it this time but overall I would still steer clear of them.