That's not how that works

By Anonymous - 27/08/2015 16:18 - Denmark

Today, I came home from a business trip and was greeted by a foul smell. I soon found out my husband accidentally let the milk go bad by leaving it out all day, then tried to solve the problem by "balancing the temperatures" by putting it in the freezer. Oh honey, no. Just no. FML
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Droneman 17

*slow clap*

in soviet russia, milk drinks you


Droneman 17

*slow clap*

nesteremily 31

Someone needs to go back to 3rd grade science.

Well shit.. That generally works..

in soviet russia, milk drinks you

Wow, just WOW to that comment.

it reminded me of that show where the aliens drank sour milk

I'm sorry........ WHAT!?

I would have just thrown the milk out, bought new milk so you wouldn't know.

simmybaby_ 13

Yep and you said I do.

the walk of shame of...oh gee whiz! lol