By Crombinator - 01/05/2015 05:30 - United States - Estacada

Today, my roommate was making a waterproof iPhone case and decided to use my phone to test it out. It didn't work. FML
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Flush their phone down the toilet in response.


Flush their phone down the toilet in response.

water you doing thinking that the toilet is the best response, I say they put it in some dog poo then force the roomie to wash it, with water. The new innovative thing to do.

Don't you just hate that sinking feeling?

you should've used her phone to test it out first

I think you need to re-read the FML, friend

Roommate made case to be tested. Roommate wanted to use OPs phone incase it didn't work. OPs phone got ruined by roommate. OP needs to make roommate buy a new one or destroy roommates phone.

Have them buy you a new one or for the time being, take theirs.

And if they refuse, test the water proof effectiveness of their face against water boarding

I agree, punch them in the face just to prove you are right.

Samsung Galaxy is already waterproof. Take it as a sign to ditch the iphone and upgrade to something better.

While I agree they should switch over, not all of them are waterproof, this is coming from someone who owns the S5 Active, the newer model of this phone is garbage. three reasons; 1. They removed the rubber layer that acts as a bouncy case and protects the battery compartment. 2. I've dropped it many times, and the flimsy plastic around the edges began to crack and tear, also, the back compartment where the battery is stored is easily detached upon dropping from regular height (pocket to ground). 3. The camera that faces you is complete garbage I will admit, but the front camera is amazing. Overall though the phone is pretty cool.

Not everyone wants to have a phone that is wider and longer. I am perfectly happy with my 5s that fits perfectly in the tech pockets of the pants and shorts I own, where my sons galaxy s5 won't fit in those pockets.

All of the Sony Xperia phones are waterproof, well most are. It works better than Samsung, and you can get the compact version which is the same specs but a slightly smaller battery and screen, looks better than Samsung too :)

vuduguru 5

no phone is water"proof" they are all only water resistant, if it was waterproof then the phones wouldn't even have a single possibility of getting water damaged, but if you leave the cover out of 1 of the ports in any phone and you drop it in water you have a water damaged phone

Studies show iPhone users have more sex.* *totally not funded by Apple

Invest in an idiot-proof case next time.

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why would you let him/her use your phone?. you kinda deserved it but yet again FYL OP

And later, class, we'll learn about comprehensive reading.