By ilikemusicokay - 08/08/2009 05:04 - United States

Today, I was going to the bathroom at work. Since I knew it would take a while, I brought my iPod in for entertainment. To bad it disabled me from hearing the continuous knocks on the door as well as the manager eventually picking the lock and busting in. FML
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kellster 2

Who deliberately takes a crap at work if they know it's "going to take awhile"? Why would you take your ipod with you? Where do you work that they pay you to take 30-minute craps and listen to music? YDI.

fatass123 0

How long did it take you to type up that list? I think that's an FML right there: "Today, I spent 20 minutes thinking of all the different ways to say "masturbating" just so I could post it online... FML."


blondiepants_ 0

now sue them >:]

Skull_300 0

You get caught Choking Kojak, Clearing the Snorkel, Dating Miss Michigan, Engaging in Safe Sex, Taking the Monster for a one-armed ride, Spanking the Monkey, Pounding your Pud, Butter Your Corn, Crank the Shank, Cuff the Carrot, Five Knuckle Olympics, Choking the Chicken, Greasing the Pipe, One Man Tug-O-War, Pounding the Proverb, Wax the dolphin, Play the upright organ, Polish the purple helmet, Tickling the turkey, Tenderizing the meat, Beating the Fuck out of your best friend, Boxing the one-eyed clown, Meating with Palmela Handerson, Warming up dinner for the alter boys, Painting the walls, Playing five against one, Holding the sausage Hostage, etc...? or were you taking a shit?

dcstream 0

*hostage *Or Way to fucking fail. Everything else in your post in now forfeit.

fatass123 0

How long did it take you to type up that list? I think that's an FML right there: "Today, I spent 20 minutes thinking of all the different ways to say "masturbating" just so I could post it online... FML."

haha i totally agree, #12.

YDI for pooping.

The lock picking and knocks were all an elaborate lie on my part. I just knew you couldn't hear so I burst in for a bit of the action.

waterynuggets 0

Roflmao @ #12

Wow you wrote everyone except for beat your meat.



y does he haf to pik the lok? cudnt he just call sum1 and get a key

You are a complete loser, @10...

Why do you have to spell like that #49

What would you sue them for?

derpderp 0

how embarassing

Dude seriously don't blame the iPod. it did nothing wrong :D I agree epic win

always leave one ear open on the toilet

GelatinFemur 0

Seriously. How freaking loud could the music have been? I can always hear things around me even when I'm listening to my ipod.

IT's possible they just tuned out everything around them - I know I tend to do that if I'm listening to music of any kind, no matter the volume. You could probably set a bomb off beside me and I wouldn't hear it.

I think I would see his feet IF its in a stall. Was it, or do you have actual rooms?

#4 speaks the truth. FYL, I do the same thing.

drzhottie148 0

Aren't there other stalls. Next time leave one ear open, that way you will hear the knocks and tell them to let you take a shit in peace.

YDI for having to have your ipod with you every-effing-where

So do I (I loves me my Bookworm Adventures), but I still clicked YDI because they obviously had their headphones in and that's why they couldn't hear the knocking.

evangldbrg 0

If you get bored from taking a shit (something that should take less than 10 minutes) You should be classified as mentally retarded.

What the heck? 10 minutes?! I'm usually in and out in under 4. I mean, sure maybe if I had an extreme case of diarrhea, but in general cases... anything more than 5 is disturbing.

oarisimo 4

lol @ 18. I totally agree

AntiChrist7 0

"It would take a while" What are you, 70?

What if he is? And still,some people do have problems,and everyone has them sometimes,atleast once in their life.It doesn't even matter on their age!..Seriousily,think before you comment..

maybe he wasn't taken a shit!

He had to pick the lock? Like, he didn't have a key? What kind of place is he running?