By towelwindow - 05/08/2009 14:53 - United States

Today, out of the goodness of my heart, I went to work to help out a co-worker even though my last day was last week. I parked in a garage a block away for 2 hours. I paid $20 to park, didn't get paid, am spending $400 to get my back window replaced, and I have to buy a new iPod. FML
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Yeah, that sucks. I hate how people are so dishonest. It really annoys me when people steal stuff. (I assume your ipod was stolen from your car...)

Just goes to show you no good deed goes unpunished. FYL indeed.


Yeah, that sucks. I hate how people are so dishonest. It really annoys me when people steal stuff. (I assume your ipod was stolen from your car...)

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dude, who the **** cares. there is such a thing called insurence. that's what it is there for. and YDI for doing volunteer work. you ******* idiot, just let that lazy shit take care of himself!!! ****, i hate stupid naieve people!!!

dude.....seriously....firstly in no way is volunteer work stupid, secondly you most likely will not be able to build lifetime friendships with this kind of attitude you are portraying in that comment and thirdly the word is naive there is an umlaut above the i but I am not sure which button I need to hit to get that.

#19 you might want to run a spell check before you call someone stupid. And maybe when you get a little older and have to pay for your own insurance you will learn that some people can only afford minimum insurance which doesn't cover theft.

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he also spelled insurance wrong. hahaha


quite liking the way you spelt naïve and insurance

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bet you $420 those who broke in ur car are niggers with no jobs living on welfare

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wow dude what the **** is that for first volunteer work is not stupid when people need help its only right to help them its that kinda of ****** up shit thats gonna leave you alone for the rest of your ****** up life and second insurance doesnt always cover broken windows and stolen property do some ****** research first

Call #70 racist all you want but I'm sorry to say its probably true.

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I agree, it may sound racist, but it's statistically accurate. I watch the local news every night and there are new robberies and break-ins reported every single time. I honestly can't recall when the last time I saw a photo or heard a description of the suspect and it wasn't of an African American. Maybe the news is racist for only reporting crimes with black suspects? Seriously, what are you supposed to say? Should we be ignorant and downplay it?

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wow you call him stupid yet you cant even spell.

#70 u need to shut ur mouth u racist ass low life

why would they smash your back window if the ipod is generally put in the front also the radio...

#90: That's not what I see. I mostly see old, "white" guys. Though I don't watch the news that often. And I don't see many crimes. And I seem to end up seeing the parts about homocide.

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i could tell he wanted something out of that volunteer work he did, because he use the words "out of the goodness of my heart" and he said "i didn't get paid'

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yea im not giving ur ipod back wats the code a forget it ill restore it haha stealing stuff is fun especially when its ur ipod

#19. all I can say is that you are like a hardcore douche bag.

this is a prefect example of why I'm not a nice person. nice peeople have shitty things happen to them.

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well yeah, how can you expect to get paid for volenteering?! selfish asshole.

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Dude that sucks hardcore. You should get the coworker to pay for the window at least.

... Well I don't really think it's the co-workers fault.

Just goes to show you no good deed goes unpunished. FYL indeed.

wooow. FYL. :/ you should sue the garage for not keepiing your car safe

I was robbed too here recently. I am a single mother and had just bought a lot of new things a few months back with my hard earned tax return... and someone broke in and took everything. Right beside the office.

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Wow, that's awful. What kind of job was it?

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Save money and buy something besides an iPod. Those things are insanely overpriced. I got an 8 gig microSD card for my phone that was just 15 bucks and it's practically no different from any other mp3 player. As long as you have a phone with a 3.5mm headphone jack and all.

And if you only want your phone's battery to last a few hours. Mp3 players on phones eat up the battery, at least on mine it does. Just buy an mp3 player, and that way you can use your phone as a phone, and your mp3 player as an mp3 player.

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I haven't tried maxing out my phone's battery life with just music, but I'm sure it's more than just a few hours. Just get a phone with a decent battery life or a couple battery replacements you can switch off with. Still cheaper.

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$400 for rear window replacement? Don't have insurance?

my front windshield was broken and i just payed the $300 instead of submitting it for my insurance company because of the ridiculous increase i would have had to pay on my premium. filing an insurance claim could possibly end up costing the OP more? maybe i'm not right, but its a possibility

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This would depend on the policy, some policies won't cover theft or damage to your car. I had an insurance policy that would only cover liability, in other words damage to someone else's car if I hit them.

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Most insurance deductibles are at least $500 (mine's $1,000) and many policies don't include theft of personal items. The OP might be able to get the iPod covered, if he has homeowner's or renter's insurance (which would typically cover theft of a personal item, even if it was in the car at the time).

did you leave your ipod out for everyone to see??? if so YDI big time... be smart