By innuendom - 22/09/2010 06:56 - United Kingdom

Today, I found out I have a job interview coming up. For the job I'm currently doing and have been for the last nine months. My manager told me not to expect too much. FML
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im confused...what do u mean? so ur hvin an interview but for a job u alrdy have???

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im confused


im confused...what do u mean? so ur hvin an interview but for a job u alrdy have???

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your screwed, start looking for a new job

why don't you start preparing instead of posting on fml. also I think if you do prepare, you should have such a great interview, they'll be begging to keep you. ; )

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say you cant make it because you have to work

Op, ydi for being bad at your job.

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19- You can haz teh wins Your boss is an asshole OP.

I don't get it either. this fml is stupid.

it means the company is looking for someone to replace him. -_•

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happens all the time. the company lays off everyone and let's them interview for half the position and at a lower salary. Good luck OP but most of the time they have a pretty good idea of which employees they hope to keep.

I really do not see how you can not understand this? What is wrong with you guys? Did you get dropped too many times when you were younger?

no i just wrote nonsense to be first, grayson

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what I'm wondering is how he has been paying bills or getting money

companys have lay offs in MN and u can interview for ur own job again with a 50% chance a lower job for 75% and a higher job with a 25% chance.

Tell your manager this: If you are a guy: I didn't expect that much from your wife either, but she gave me the whole service! Did I mention that it was free?

be sure to make a good second impression


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im confused

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hahah look at r pikkz!!

how many othr colors do u thinkk they hav? or is it jst these 2...?

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ROFL I think its just these

i too am confused... how does crap like this make it through?

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Hey OP, don't expect too much.

so... basically you're fired? well apparently you're gonna have more then one interview coming up Op! prepare yourself :]

lol skip it XP

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Its an emoticon. Turn your head sideways to see someone with their eyes shut tight and their tongue sticking out.

A retarded face

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Oh, see I was thinking he was saying OP.

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lol I agree. I would totally skip it:)

You are probably not a very good worker or they would not be making you compete for the job your doing. Best find another job.

Lmao I thought I was the only one who didn't understand this FML.