By Anonymous - 02/02/2014 18:39 - Canada - Red Deer

Today, I asked my sister what she thought of my boyfriend. She said, "He's nice. Deserves better than you, really." FML
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ChristianH39 30

That's mean. At least you have a nice boyfriend?

mrz1177 11

i doubt she could get him either


ChristianH39 30

That's mean. At least you have a nice boyfriend?

And who cares if your sister thinks you deserve him?

It sounds like in her head she thought "it should have been me!" .

I'm pretty sure there's plenty of nice guys where OP lives.

mrz1177 11

i doubt she could get him either

Maybe that's what it is! It's really the OP's sister directing some of her jealousy into spiteful remarks! Or maybe that's just completely incorrect speculation... The world may never know.

buttcramp 21

this was my first thought too! maybe the sister is jealous because he's nice/cute compared to her boyfriend (or lack of boyfriend)

She won't be getting anyone wht that kind of attitude. OP: beauty is in the eye of the beholder. He clearly thinks that you're beautiful if he's dating you.

@46 get the **** out of fairy land and return to earth when is a guy with a girl for beauty and not for ass in this day and age

#51 why don't you get the **** out of your own ass and realise that people are together for more reasons than just 'ass'

#51, which you're going to be getting a lot of. Mhm. Yeah. Totally.....

@51 Did you fall out of an ass? Because your attitude is shit!

Well if your boyfriend is still with you, then that means that he thinks different.

colton_colton 49

Im sure he's very lucky to have you :)

I love how everyone instantly defends OP, she could be a total bitch for all we know.

I don't want to side with anyone but the truth is everyone thought the same about me with my girlfriend. Took me 2 years to realize just how truly I deserved better. Hopefully OP and partner are fully happy together.

Sisters can be bitches, pay no attention.

Don't listen to her, I'm sure that he would have already left you if you weren't worth it!

She's definitely jealous. Don't take it to heart, he's with you for a reason.

Siblings will be siblings. Just ignore her, OP. If he's your boyfriend, then he obviously like you for who you are and that's all that should matter.

On the contrary... Plenty of people like people for reasons other than "who they are"