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Today, I went over to my boyfriend's house. After asking him what was wrong due to his weird attitude, he responded with, "This isn't working; I'm in love with my sister." FML
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Vanessa_Leeann26 17

Yikes! You need to run as far as possible from your man op!


Vanessa_Leeann26 17

Yikes! You need to run as far as possible from your man op!

Somehow I'm hoping that this was his only way to get out of the relationship without all the explaining. Than again... :-/ no bueno man no bueno.

Vanessa_Leeann26 17

I agree... Her ex needs some serious therapy if this "story" he's spinning has a grain of truth to it.

or he means that he sees the OP as his sister rather than his girlfriend...

Infatuated!!! There's no more than Eros and Philéo Love here, it's not the real deal my friends.

ApollosMyth 22

1- I don't think she needs to run if he is breaking up with her. O.o

If anything his sister should be the one running away.

chlorinegreen 27

I'm kind of wondering if he's in love with his step-sister or something? Maybe they didn't grow up together and the parents just recently got married. Though it's really creepy it happens.

I think someone has been watching to much anime

kristabelli 19

129 I wondered the same thing. Otherwise why would he admit it???

Lindz2817 10

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That is disgusting. I hope you're joking

CharresBarkrey 15

I'm sure they'll come back and reply saying it was sarcastic, as all commenters do when their comment goes awry. But this... This is just gross. And doesn't sound like sarcasm.

abirdgotshot 13

Eew, incest. Burn it before it reproduces.

This is Fml, how two of you at least took my comment seriously is...brilliant. Especially you #39, you brought a smile to my face.

Get yourself outta that situation, it can't get any better (for you.) good luck!

Incest is not the best but, it is relative.

That's creepy. Not only the fact that he has a crush on his sister, but also the fact he is willing to break up with his girlfriend because he believes he has a chance with said sister. Ew.

He may have broken up with her because he didn't want to deceive the girl by continuing the relationship when he has feelings for someone else--even if it is his sister.

I think this guy is full of it... Maybe just trying to scare you away. Tell him to prove that shit!

bamagrl410 31

While it's a really gross thought, I can't help but wonder if maybe he was just trying to find a way to get her to break up with him so he doesn't look like the bad guy in the breakup.

I think that's exactly what's going on!

BlueFlatts 20

I'd rather look like the bad guy (obviously). This is just too far, and I doubt there is anyway to prove it because something tells me the sister won't play along. I also feel sorry for the sister if this gets out.

Ya but saying something that disgusting, you're taking risk that OP tells people. That gossip would spread like wildfire.

69: OP just told the Internet..... So I'd say its already gotten out.

kyu_Q 19

No. It's still anonymous while on here. Facebook is another matter all together.

105- ya... So why would he say that to her just to get her to dump him. And, FML isn't exactly high school. We don't know him. If she tells people around him, is what I meant. Sorry that wasn't obvious enough before.

I really wouldn't want to see his "proof" of being in love with his sister, haha...