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Today, my sister was dumped by her boyfriend. As my mother was comforting her, I overheard her say "Honey, it's okay, you're the pretty one. Think of those worse off than you. Think of your sister, she might never get a boyfriend." FML
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An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind - Ghandi That is for all of you people saying "Slap them" *Cough* #8 *Cough*

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ghandi also said "I do not consider Hitler to be as bad as he is depicted. He is showing an ability that is amazing and seems to be gaining his victories without much bloodshed." So im sorry if I have a hard ******* time not hating Ghandi when he ******* looks up to the man that murdered half a ******* religion so **** you #16 take your ******* Ghandi quotes and ******* shove them down your throat you piece of shit you and Ghandi can go have a facist party in hell ******* prick

Um... I don't mind you talking to him but Ghandi is dead and I don't want to bring him in. And Ghandi is somewhat right. Hitler was an evil and dispicable man but he was a great leader. He had a WHOLE country following him. I think Ghandi was just trying to say that even though you're bad, you can still have a good characteristic about yourself. For Hitler, that means he sucked but he could lead.

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Ever heard of Godwin's Law? "there is a tradition in many newsgroups and other Internet discussion forums that once such a comparison is made, the thread is finished and whoever mentioned the Nazis has automatically "lost" whatever debate was in progress. This principle itself is frequently referred to as Godwin's Law."

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Back on topic: OP, all you really need to do is hint that you heard what she said over the course of the next week or so. "Oh just forget it. You said it yourself, I may never get a boyfriend." If your mother doesn't think "oshit" then yes, she needs a swift slap across the face.

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Lol that ghandi quote is in modern warfare 2 :)

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ya not hard to lead when you've got one half of germany ******* scared that hitler was going to kill them for being agaisnt him and the other ******* half nazi's who are eager for bloodlust and will follow hitler blindly no matter what bullshit he spews. And tell me this if he was such a ******* great leader how come there were so many assasination plots agaisnt him IN HIS OWN COUNTRY, not to mention by his own people, germany had just suffered a terrible loss in WW1 and would believe anything they heard especially the young gullible kids who would grow up to torment the other half of germany that auctually had a free will so **** you.

Unregistered, you need to pick up a history book. Just saying.

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moderate my comments for . . . . expressing my views? man NOW I see why your defending Hitler so much that really clears it up for me

WTF is this thing about Fidel Castro? What *evil*, exactly, is he doing?

*sigh* your really not up to date with your world history huh?

Leader of Cuba... A dictator... Kills anyone that opposes him... Ring a bell?

Starfire22, if you're talking to me, I very much am, thank you very much :) That's why I'm fully aware that the standard of living in Cuba has improved BY A LOT since Fidel Castro came to power. Starting with the fact that literacy has gone up to nearly 100% since Castro took over. As a matter of fact, since Castro's regime begun Cuba's Gini coefficient has gone down to nearly 0. So really... a dictator who has actually lead his country towards improvement is hardly someone I'd call *evil*. I'm a history major, by the way ;) Tarynkd, a lot of the human rights problems in Cuba originate from Guantanamo... which is not even a Cuban thing, but an American one. As for the repression of the opposition I can hardly think of any country on the Western hemisphere that hasn't done such a thing. McCarthism, anyone?

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dont mind them as soon as they see communism they instantly think evil and wrong thats just the way they were taught, half the people who hate communism dont even know what it is, its an ideal format but just doesnt seem possible to instate without pissing off people

I think the true problem is that people haven't been exposed to what communism really is. Most of them are stuck in the Cold War believing "omg communism our rights will be taken away, RUSSIA WILL INVADE!!!" I honestly couldn't believe it when I heard people whining about Obama being a "socialist" (WTF) that was going to deprive the whole United States of their right to free speech. Give me a ******* break. It's a shame the only living examples of socialism haven't been _socialist_ (the USSR was not a communist or socialist country). However, I think that the Cuban case is the only one that has gotten remotely close. And even so, a good part of their internal policy is just not that socialist. Repression, which I comepletely acknowledge exists, is not a socialist policy.

May I just interject with a few facts about ghandi; He was a racist, hypocritical pervert. That is all.

Why can't anyone spell Gandhi properly?!

Lets say Hitler donated a milion dollars to charity. So you are now saying that donating to charity is bad just because hitler did it, and he murdered a lot of people?

If you say that people who said all those things are like outsiders, Are you actually living in cuba to see what's it like?

Your mom just plain sucks and should be ashamed of herself for even thinking that.

Oh man, I get an immense kick out of the fact this all came because somebody used a Gandhi quote. Massive overreaction. As for the OP- that's shit in so many ways. I hope you get some awesome boyfriend who isn't going to just dump you so you can show him off to your whole family : )

Ouch that sucks But you either look like your mom or dad. OWNED! HERSELF TOO!

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@ #3 and OP: Remember, a part of your looks come from your mom.

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que sera sera...looks like your fate has been decided, though.

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i feel so bad for u :( thats ****** up

wow, wtf is wrong with ur mom? thats horrible :(

thanks for being an ass, thats definently helps

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omg how messed up is that? lmao dont pay attention to em XD

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You ought to shag the ex-boyfriend and your dad -- just to show those bitches!

No, he just watches enough to pass as one.

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Grrrr! Why couldn't you guess that I was a **** ACTOR? Y'know, they do make semen-proof macro lenses!

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tell your mom you got your looks from her.