By Anonymous - 06/11/2009 06:06 - United States

Today, my boyfriend told his best friend to text my sister telling her to tell me that he was breaking up with me. FML
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Good riddance. Obviously an asshat not worth keeping around anyway. FYL for having the bad fortune (or judgment) to end up in a relationship with him, though.

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Text him and tell him he is a pathetic loser.

Tell your best friend to text his mum to tell him you had herpes and he should get himself checked

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Or that he's really small. For some reason that seems funnier to hear from your mom than that you have herpes. lol :P

well that wasn't really the point, if these guys are as young as i think they is, he having Herpes AKA HAVE HAD SEX, + unprotected for that matter would make hes mom rather furious i bet.

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But she would also be mad at the OP which we don't want

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Oh how we love thee Beautiful phone tree! Give us the news Along with the blues Or I won't know when he's done with me! FYL

you are probably very young, and there's no way it was a serious relationship anyway. i remember when i was 13, i asked my brother to tell my first boyfriend i was breaking up with him. then he went up to my room because he wanted an explanation and i was too busy listening to N'Sync to bother giving him one. good times!