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Is he still ten or something?


Is he still ten or something?

aaah kids these days!

Good riddance. Obviously an asshat not worth keeping around anyway. FYL for having the bad fortune (or judgment) to end up in a relationship with him, though.

Text him and tell him he is a pathetic loser.

Tell your best friend to text his mum to tell him you had herpes and he should get himself checked

Or that he's really small. For some reason that seems funnier to hear from your mom than that you have herpes. lol :P

well that wasn't really the point, if these guys are as young as i think they is, he having Herpes AKA HAVE HAD SEX, + unprotected for that matter would make hes mom rather furious i bet.

But she would also be mad at the OP which we don't want

Did you punch him yet?

Oh how we love thee Beautiful phone tree! Give us the news Along with the blues Or I won't know when he's done with me! FYL

you are probably very young, and there's no way it was a serious relationship anyway. i remember when i was 13, i asked my brother to tell my first boyfriend i was breaking up with him. then he went up to my room because he wanted an explanation and i was too busy listening to N'Sync to bother giving him one. good times!