By bambam - 12/05/2014 16:01 - United States - League City

Today, me and the guy I was dating ran into my sister at the mall. He took one look at her and mumbled, "Great, I chose the ugly one" under his breath. FML
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Sounds like that boyfriend isn't a very good one...


Sounds like that boyfriend isn't a very good one...

Could have been a first date. The boy is still douche nonetheless.

Sounds like that boyfriend is no more.

well hes rude. we all think thoughts, we just dont share all of them. but im glad it came out sooner than later so you can get rid of his ignorant ass.

How rude. You're better off without him, he sounds shallow.

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OP: "Great, I chose the jackass"

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Yeah... what a jackass. Unbelievable.

Yeah, any guy who not only worries about appearance in a relationship but also is disrespectful and rude to the woman he's with, does not deserve attention from any woman.

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well tbh I think we all care about appearance at least a little bit. this guy didnt give a shit about anything but looks apparently

If he is that shallow and uncaring enough to say this right next to you he isn't worth your time. Sorry OP.

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Hope you dumped his sorry ass.

I want to know who said OP deserved it.

I want to know who still doesn't understand how the IAYLS/YDI voting works.

Some people clearly click you deserve it just to be dicks, whether the op deserves it or not!

Sometimes, at least for me, I accidentally press the wrong choice. So some may just be accidents.

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Some people are just shallow.

38 - Why is it so hard for people to view the top all-time YDIs and just go down the list? That's what I did.

I would drop him like a bad habit. As a guy myself I think any good relationship should not be based on looks, but personality.

I do believe she already did. 'Was dating'

Probably not a good analogy since bad habits are often hard to drop :)

anyone who says personality only is a straight up liar looks do matter he is just a dumb ass

74- looks may be part of the reason you chose the person in the first place but that is far from being enough to maintain a proper, respectful, and caring relationship.

It's time to say goodbye to his sorry ass

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That's when you mumble "Great. I chose the asshole one".... Toss him to the curb.

I think you may have to leave him just hope he doesn't date your sister

whatta ********. I would leave him in a heartbeat.