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  Ninjafriends  |  1

Wow, that's a good find, Doortje.

This actually makes me really sad. I imagine Junkboy's life must be really pathetic in order for that to be a highlight. Now I'm depressed.

  SuperMaria  |  0

aww. I'm sorry you failled to post first this time. Did you get all excited thinking you were going to be first and type all fast, but then when your browser refreshed and you saw you were second fall into a depression? (j/k btw, this was kinda mean)


I read somewhere that it was a xbox live accomplishment.
I think that was a joke though...not sure...
Oh and just to add oil to the fire, Junkboy actually made the fml where he succeded one of his favorites :P

  Doortje  |  29

Who is Sirin (s)he asks..

Only the most awesome moderator in the history of internet. Also, Staff Member, all-around sexy bastard, two-time winner of the Nobel War Prize. Destroys in ways you can't even wrap your brain around. Inventor of modterventions.. well she's basically Satan incarnate and eats small children for breakfast. Oh, and she likes to knit tiny little baby socks in her free time.

  junkboy  |  4

phew, haha thanks for sharing your thoughts with me guys! it means a lot to me that you guys took the time out of your busy days to tell me what you think. ^.^

By  CrazyManNo9  |  29

Seriously, you should understand that every guy wants his SO's sister/BFF/etc. It is truly the nature of the beast. I suppose some even want his SO's brother, not that there is anything wrong with that! LOL

By  Cinn_fml  |  22

Well, be glad you found out now rather than later. I don't think you need telling what to do now.
I'm going to guess there was a gap between him repeatedly asking your sister out and then him getting with you, otherwise she'd have maybe warned you...

By  xmarkstheheart  |  0

One time I started platonically chatting up a girl just to get close to her friend who I didn't have the nerve to approach in that way. Turns out the girl I was eyeing was pretty lame, and I wound up falling hard for my "platonic friend," since I hung out with her constantly.

HOWEVER, I didn't reveal my initial deception to them at the time. That would've been mean. Your boyfriend's a dick for letting you know that. That's hurtful.