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Today, I asked my dad why there were no photos of me on the wall. He replied, "Every time you disappoint us we burn one." FML
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jasmine1259 2

That's kind of hilarious. I'm sure he was joking though.


jasmine1259 2

That's kind of hilarious. I'm sure he was joking though.

Oh, really? I'll burn your photos then, and see how you like THAT. Jerk.

robbydoherty 0

Better than your dad saying "because you're ugly"

jasmine1259 2

Haha calm down 8. Since when is it bad for parents to joke with their kids? Quit being so uptight.

For some reason I instantly thought of the "Son, I am disappoint" picture...

Yes jasmine1259, parents burn pictures of their kids because they disappoint them for shots and giggles. Honestly, that's a sign that you hate your kid, no humour in it.

Yes jasmine1259, parents burn pictures of their kids for ***** and giggles. Honestly, that's expressing hate, no humour in it.

jasmine1259 2

I'm saying that what the father said (most likely as a joke) is funny, not if that was the actual reason. I doubt he actually burns his kid's photos. Please read my comment correctly before posting nonsense.

You never actually stated that exact reason until I posted. You only said " That's kind of hilarious. I'm sure he was joking though", never clarifying what you ment. Quit trying to save your arse.

jasmine1259 2

Sorry if I thought that was obvious. How can you jokingly burn something? You either burn it or you don't. Therefore I was referring to the dad's comment. I guess I just assumed it was common sense, my bad.

Stop fighting. Number 1's comment made perfect sense to me, I see no reason to be offended. The dad in this FML was obviously joking, you can tell because that part is the punchline.

I'm afraid that they ran out... What will they burn now?

TwiztedYuri 9

FYL for an extreme parents. and YDI at the same time for being disapointing.

FMLshark 12

People are so damned uptight. It honestly sounds like a joke my dad would make. I don't think he would have actually burned her pictures. Idiots.

THE_A_TEEN: I have nothing against you personally, but everytime I see your picture, I know it's going to be a bad comment that people will bury faster than a corpse. Take a hint.

18- her being ugly is a disappointment to them every day. Hence the lack of photos.

Can someone lend me a phone quickly? I need to phone someone who gives a ****.

I was going to down vote your comment, but I decided the pun wasn't all that bad. There are far worse.

Daughter: Dad, why are there no pictures of me anywhere? Dad: Because every time you disappoint me, I burn a picture of you... (Daughter runs away crying) Dad: ...Onto a disk so that they take up less space!

After I posted it I thought I should've put BURN!!! Like Kelso, but it was too late :(

29 - Your comment reminds me of the Boy Scout Counselor meme. "I touched your child...with stories of my days as a firefighter." Good job!

iLoveTo69Bitches 0

She shouldn't disappoint them.

^ He shouldn't expect so much from her.

PaperCandles 0

29- I love your comment. It's like sterotypical black man

Hopefully you haven't taken that many pictures.. When he runs out your next

You must be a disappointing daughter.

Actually wouldn't you have wanted to take a lot of pictures then?

I worded it funny I meant hopefully he hasn't had many pics taken so not that many have been burned because of disappointment

That and I kinda wanna see that happen... BURN BABY BURN!!!!!!!

Do the same thing for him, except with his condoms

robbydoherty 0

What makes you so sure her dad uses condoms?

TwiztedYuri 9

why burn them? she can take them and use them to stay safe. and not disappoint her father by getting pregnant. save a picture at the same time. maybe one will go up on the wall for being smart

She should take the condemns, n tape THEM to the wall!!!!!

He obviously doesn't have condoms, let alone use them, if he has a child

What happens when you mess up and there aren't any left?

I hope they don't run out of pictures... They might have to burn you! o_o

russianmartini 2

Look at it this way at least there's no embarrassing photos of you hanging up.

ss_20_xx 14

I know right? My mom refuses to take my ones off of the wall. I hate it when good looking people come over.

Why? Because you're so monstrously hideous that they scoff at them?

CaramelMacchiato 13

Because I'm pretty sure you wouldn't like it either if your mom put up embarrassing pictures of you. Keep them if you really want to, but don't put it up for everyone who comes in the house to see! Pretty sure you wouldn't like your significant other to see pictures of you from Middle School, during the "awkward" stage in life..

Interesting ritual your dad has there. He probably has photos of you on the computer which he deletes with the same satisfaction as burning them. Either don't disappoint or go for the better option of burning the other pictures of your family.

Comet_Candy 23

That's terribly harsh... I'm so sorry, OP!