By jan420 - / Friday 9 November 2012 22:03 / Norway - Moss
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  BlowinChronic  |  18

Yeah... It is such an FML isn't it! For a moment I was expecting a story where OP outlined how amazing their life is, but I was SHOCKED to find a story about how their life sucks!

  denden_mushi  |  10

I understand stripping the room bare, but removing his pictures too. He must have done something to really get his parents angry, or they want to slowly phase him out of the family for some reason.

By  Ja777  |  9

Wow! I would say maybe they emptied your room so they could do something else with a room you're not using anymore. But they've got no excuse for taking down the pictures...

By  vbmg152  |  18

Well, if you hadn't visited them in a year, maybe they got their feelings hurt!
Maybe they thought you'd omitted them from your life!
Go home more often, not less! If you do, things will get better!

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