By jan420 - 09/11/2012 22:03 - Norway - Moss

Today, I paid a surprise visit to my parents, after having moved out for university last year. My room had been stripped bare and all the family photos featuring me were missing from the wall. When I asked why, my mom asked me in return why I was asking stupid questions. FML
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Maybe cause your beauty was distracting to guests

Such an FML, sorry to hear that OP. -.-"


Such an FML, sorry to hear that OP. -.-"

Yeah... It is such an FML isn't it! For a moment I was expecting a story where OP outlined how amazing their life is, but I was SHOCKED to find a story about how their life sucks!

I think you went a little too far with the sarcasm. Thin line between funny sarcasm and ignorance.

44- Not so much ignorance, more just a flat out absence of any humor.

Maybe cause your beauty was distracting to guests

You, my friend, are a charmer.

Too bad OP's a boy.

Men can be beautiful.

53- don't be stupid. Men aren't beautiful, they're DAMN BEAUTIFUL.

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Beautiful boy.

51. Where do you live? Are all guys around you ugly? There are a lot beautiful boys around me...

I live in Canada. 'Nuff said.

The best thing I can come up with for this FML is "What the fuck?"

That's quite sad all you could come up with was "What the fuck".

If all* Now I feel like an ass..

Surprise! you've been omitted from the family :)

I understand stripping the room bare, but removing his pictures too. He must have done something to really get his parents angry, or they want to slowly phase him out of the family for some reason.

Denden_mushi, I love your profile picture. One Piece is my favorite manga

That sucks. Sorry OP.

Wow! I would say maybe they emptied your room so they could do something else with a room you're not using anymore. But they've got no excuse for taking down the pictures...

Response: Because for some reason I have stupid hopes. Like the hope that my mother actually cares about me.

Good thing that you moved out then.

11 love the profile pic lmao

Well, if you hadn't visited them in a year, maybe they got their feelings hurt! Maybe they thought you'd omitted them from your life! Go home more often, not less! If you do, things will get better!

You have a point!

Wow. You're parents are, putting it bluntly, dicks.

Actually, his parents are, putting it bluntly, humans.

Bullshit they're humans. You're just covering up for your own kind, Penguin. Don't be fooled by his mind trickery.