By wellthatsucks - 05/07/2015 19:18 - United States

Today, my boyfriend of 6 months was showing me his new phone. He accidentally opened his gallery, which contains 3 photos: one of his motorcycle, one of his new game console, and a naked photo of his ex. FML
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"Look, the phone came with this, and this, and- oh sh*t, I swear that came with the phone too."

6 months is long enough for him to get those kinds of pics off his phone.


"Look, the phone came with this, and this, and- oh sh*t, I swear that came with the phone too."

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CrassKal 27

It does say NEW phone. So even if he made the decision to transfer the photo onto it, the act is still questionable.

mads_nicole 19

So much ignorance. Would you not hate it if your significant other was still looking at dirty pictures of their ex??

It's a new phone, so it begs the question "how did OLD photos of his ex get on his NEW phone?" The answer would be that they weren't old pictures, but rather pictures he took after he got the phone. There are other explanations of course. He could have sent the pictures from his old phone to his new phone, but that option would not be feasible if he traded in his old phone to get the new one. There are several variables left out of this that prevent us from getting a definitive, or at least close to definitive, answer.

I'd be extremely annoyed if my boyfriend wanked off to pictures of his ex.

#29 ORR ICloud or Dropbox or maybe when you log in it puts all your photos into your phone automatically ect.

#2 i hope thats just a troll you cant be serious

6 months is long enough for him to get those kinds of pics off his phone.

He was the boyfriend for six months, but his phone was new. Thus saying for the previous months they've been dating he had another phone

Don't know why your comment got down're right though, I missed the part of it being a new phone.

We could give him the benefit of the doubt, maybe the pic was buried deep in his gallery on the old phone and he had forgotten it was there. when he transferred all his pictures over to the new phone things got shuffled around.

He doesn't have to if he doesn't want to.

That's when you pull out your phone and show him his name in your contacts. Right before deleting it in his face and leaving him single.

Why dump him? He isn't cheating through a picture. He might just use it as fap material which is normal for guys.

Dude. You don't use your ex girlfriend as fap material. Be addicted to **** like a normal person.

Are you actually serious? That is cheating. He knows the girl, he had sex with that girl, so by prioritising a picture of her naked body to jack off over as soon as he got that phone he's making his attractions very clear. Either he's got that picture recently or he prefers to think about screwing his ex over OP, that is cruel and that is cheating. God help your partner/future partner.

It's not cheating. For a start other people have already explained how an old pic could have synced to his phone. But even if he put that pic there deliberately he might simply have no pics of his current girlfriend and like to imagine something he knows from experience. That's not good, but it's definitely not cheating. If it was, every single person who has thought of someone else during sex is a cheat too.

Cheating starts in ones thoughts and feelings. If you're still hung up on your ex to the point that you're keeping photos to get sexual gratification, it's just as bad as sleeping with the person outright. If I ever found that my girlfriend would keep nude pics of her exes to get off on, best believe she'd be single. No question.

#59 what utter nonsense?? If you haven't got a pic of your new girlfriend, ask. If she doesn't want to then use **** for her emotional sake, it's obvious that this is cheating. You have emotions attached to that naked picture, it's not just a random girl. He still has the desire to have sex with his ex over OP, if given the chance you think he wouldn't at least think about it? He is a cheater, and your perception of a healthy relationship is severely deluded.

He is not a cheater. Also, who says he still has emotional attachment to his ex girlfriend? His ex might be hot so he kept he picture. Doesn't mean he wants to be with her.

73- Still a big no no. Masturbating is normal and healthy, and it's normal to have "fap material", yes, but when that "fap material" is secret pictures of your exes, that just isn't right. Women are just as sexual as men- would you be okay with it if you found a secret stash of naked pictures of your girlfriend's jacked ex boyfriends?

There are many forms of cheating & this is one. He should not have nude shots of his ex. Fap material or not its wrong! Porn is better than fapping over his ex.

oooooh did you ask him why he had it?

Memories... She prob doesn't put out

ColonelCusswords 24

Thats a whoopsie. Idk if it sucks worst for the op or the ops boyfriend

It's an FML for OP, and definitely a YDI for the boyfriend.

ColonelCusswords 24

You dont know anything besides her boyfriend had his ex girlfriends nudes on his new phone. Coulda been a sync **** up, maybe she sent it to him and it automatically saved, or maybe hes a cheater. I dont know, you dont know, only the op and her boyfriend know. But i definantly know the boyfriend is in deep shit

Only bad if she is hotter than you.

#10 You sound like a jerky friend of OP's boyfriend.

Everyone knows naked pictures is art. He has it for the artistic value. One day, it'd be worth a fortune in a auction sale.