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Today, while showering with my boyfriend, he asked if something was weird about his penis. Naturally, I looked closer. As soon as I did, he sprayed my face with urine. This is only the beginning; we just moved in. FML
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Wow, and your still with him?


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What did he do that was "boss"? He just did some disgusting act to his girlfriend, I don't see how what he did was boss unless you're a sexist ass

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39- Lawl you're an immature fucktard.

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38 - Some people pee in the shower in order to lower their water usage (every toilet flush uses between 1.2-7 gallons of water depending on the model of toilet). And as for unhygienic, as long as you go when you first get in and you aren't spraying all over the walls and ceiling, it should all be washed down by the water, soap, and shampoo.

DUMP HIM. There aren't the words to describe what a baby, what an asshole, what a disrespectful piece of shit LOSER this guy is. Guys who pull this stuff deserve to be alone, but are typically too stupid to know WHY they are alone, even after they are repeatedly told, "Because you pissed in your girlfriend's face and thought it was funny."

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I feel like 62, and many FML commenters, would have a situation like this.. "Hunny, can you go make me some ramen? I'm hungry" *gf comes back with some chicken top ramen* "This is chicken! I wanted beef! Get the **** out of my house! I never want to see you or here from you again you two timing *****!" At least.. Those are the over reaction vibes I get from so many people who jump to "DUMP THEIR ASS!!!!" as a solution to every relationship issue.

@94 Although I agree that most FMLers over react most of the time. In the situation that my boyfriend purposely pissed on my face, I would think i was reasonable in breaking up with him. Actually, I think I would be pretty reasonable in punching him in his junk.

If you have a daughter, picture some guy pissing in her face and laughing. Then get back to me.

101, while I agree its a bit ****** up what the boyfriend did, there ARE people into that sorta thing. Obviously, the bf is a moron for just doing it instead of finding out if OP is okay with that shit (or is just highly immature and thought it would be funny). 62's response to it was a BIT overboard to this sort of thing. To put it into a different perspective, some guys are into the whole finger up the ass during a BJ. Now, if a girl does that to a guy who isn't into that, it will probably freak him the **** out, but at the risk of sexual experimentation, I personally feel a, "Yeah sorry but.. Not my thing, don't do it again" is a more mature way to handle things then breaking up with the person. That is all assuming it's not just OP's BF being an immature dick head, though I don't think he "deserves" to be alone for ever and ever

That's not a valid analogy. If he had just urinated in the shower without regard for her that would be one thing. In this case he assaulted her. What her boyfriend did is a felony if she had wanted to press charges. You can not purposefully excrete on someone against their wishes. Hardly the same as an overreaction to a food choice.

116, Although I understand that people like to experiment without discussing it first. I would appreciate my boyfriend discussing something like urinating on my face, near my eyes and mouth with me. A random hookup might try surprise anal on someone but your boyfriend (being someone that cares) shouldn't.

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125, like I said, the BF is a moron for just giving it a go instead of seeing if she was okay with it or willing to try something like that.

119, Many things are felonies, it doesn't really mean much when it comes to judging things as messed up or not, and especially when charges are laid. Kind of like trying to apply university logic in the working world, people know where you're coming from, but they just smile to themselves and mock you a little internally. I can't really picture a scenario in which what he did would be at all a good idea, but if it's not a massive deal breaker for her, why dump him? Perhaps it was a lapse in judgment...A really...odd...lapse in judgment. You'd want to look at the whole person and relationship before making such a rash decision, not just have a single one off **** up and then kick him to the curb. Otherwise people in relationships would have to just live in fear.

girls who tell people to dump their partners over the slightest things deserve to be alone forever. grow up

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38- people pee in the shower because why not? As a germaphobe I'd figure you'd really appreciate it considering urine is sterile, it'd actually kill the germs in your shower. And to hold it until you get out when it's all gunna end up in the same place anyways seems unnecessary dont you think

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This girl is so mad maybe caz she got peed on on her face as well lol

@101 So, punch him in the nuts. It's a perfect solution for his harmless, juvenile prank - and I imagine that he would never again consider peeing on you. @147 is right. If you're in a serious enough relationship to be living together, you don't call it off over a harmless, juvenile prank.

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Urine is only sterile inside the body. Once it reaches ANY external parts, it's immediately not sterile. Google it.

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If I were in this situation the guy would be out the door so fast he'd have whiplash and road burn on his rear. I can deal with urine, I don't like it , but I can deal. I have a dog, a baby brother, and two cats, one of which has bladder issues ad tends to pee in places other than the litter box. Body fluids don't bug me. What does bug me is someone assuming they can purposefully pee on my face. It's really harder to imagine something more degrading than a guy animalistically marking MY FACE as his territory. Sure, some people are into that, but unless they have told you before hand never, ever try it, or you'll be lucky if you can use your dick again anytime soon. The act it self might be small, but the disrespect for his partner it implies is huge.

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#29 how would you know it's delicious?

My boyfriend has played hundred of jokes on me in the years we've been together. Some more insane this this... but he has never done anything so disrespectful. Should every girl dump her boyfriend over that? No, not necessarily but would I? Ya pretty sure I would. Oh and for the people saying it's fine to piss on someone in the shower that probably wouldn't bother me as much, but in my face? Completely different in my opinion.

There is a huge difference between some of the petty things that people do to each other and SURPISE PISSING IN A GIRL'S FACE. I stand by 'dump him.' No girl deserves to be disrespected like that by a guy and if he's OK with pulling a stunt like this, what's next? Attention single guys: want to find a girlfriend? Start acting like a gentleman. You will have your pick of the ladies in no time. Your mama was right; good manners will get you far.

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You have no idea how much it hurts to get punched in the balls. I hate how girls take it lightly. You can die from getting sacked ... :o I don't even like thinking about it

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Ur pees not sterile it's waste!!!!

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#147 sounds like thats a bit of a sore spot for you...

Ha! We get hurt from kicking too, we have nothing but bone down there. Kick in the balls isn't the worst thing that can happen to a man. Over-rated.

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Wow, and your still with him?

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I think some couples are actually into that kind of stuff

I would at least tell him to move back out again.

Sure couples have endured worse, but most of that isn't purposefully done by one of them. I'd seriously consider breaking up with my boyfriend if he did something that disrespectful.

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Good luck living with a five year old.

It's better to be pissed off than pissed on.

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Yes couples have endured worse, but not on purpose. Honestly if my boyfriend pissed in my face I would break up with him. That's nasty and childish.

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As disgusting and immature as this is...let's be honest you break up/divorce a person for having an affair, spending $100,000 without telling you, or when it becomes excessively abusive. If you love the person you're with a little urine shouldn't trigger an armeggedon effect

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I agree with 258 there is much worse things that could happen... To be honest I think it's immature to break up with someone because they do something silly. Ya sure it's gross but it's just another one of those things you have to deal with and move on... I'm getting married in 3 months and my fiancé does silly stuff too that I find a little weird but whatever its was makes them them.. And if you really love a person then your going to look past silly crap like that.

If this girl knew her boyfriend enough to move in with him, then she should not be surprised by this behavior. If she was surprised, she doesn't know him enough to be moving in.

"This is only the beginning..." Looks like she's been in this situation before.

258 - it's not "a little urine" that would trigger anything. It's the fact that OPs boyfriend asked her to do something for him that OP must have done out of love (personally, if there WAS something wrong with the penis I'm not sure I'd want it anywhere near my face) and then the boyfriend abuses the trust they've built up between the two of them to, of all things, piss her in the face? To me, that is way beyond "just a prank". It's plain disrespectful, and I really wouldn't want a boyfriend who thinks it's alright to do something like that. You may find that I'm overreacting, but I look for some basic qualities in my relationships, and mutual respect is one of them.

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That's what I was thinking ;w;

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Urine is sterile. As gross as it sounds, pee in the face is like him cleaning your face.

Wow all you people need to get the poles out of your asses. If you cant handle a little pee you should NOT be living together. My boyfriend and i pee on eachother in the shower nbd.

Well it looks like youll never have a boyfriend. Men piss. Itll get on you eventually.

It's rude and if it gets in it eye u got a prob. If he respected u that wouldn't of. Happened

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You guys have to stop over reacting. It's a little pee, he probably peed on her leg before in the shower and she never noticed. It was maybe not his brightest moment but not something to condemn him for.

Too me that is complete disrespect. I would not tolerate that.

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323 that's just messed up

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I guess that some people, *puts on glasses* , love golden showers.

Your picture ruins panty and stocking

No, no, no no no no NO NO NONONO IT IS NOT A PISSY ******* SITUATION

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61 - Don't get your panties in a twist.

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Notice that "naturally, 'i looked closer'" she's implying something there (;

Looks like urine a tough situation ;) hahaha

I love Americans! Good thing I'm from the Island of Nunya Business(read my profile).

sounds like he's into water sports. return the favor and piss in his face, I'm sure he'll love it.

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14: done be such a grammar nazi. People can mess up sometimes.

ss_20_xx 14

Calm down guys. I'm just really bored. Sorry?

It would be, except the examples you gave aren't correct either.

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I agree with 46. Saying "I punched him in the face" is much better than saying "I punched him in his facial area"... I mean, if you were trying to be completely "grammatically correct"...whatever that means nowadays...

You got a golden shower in the shower. Yeah but that it gross.

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That's like freaken stupid id pee on him

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**That is idiotic. I would urinate on him in return. Education is key!

perdix 29

You must have been pissed off! At least, you are now marked as his territory.

snnoell_18 1

or, in her case, pissed ON.

Perdix, leave this web site, you old wrinkly boo-sack.

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72, you're just jelly because he's cool ;)

natas_fml 13

Yeah, alphabetacool. In other words… no he's not! Whoever gets the reference wins a free Internet.

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Pissed off? More like....pissed on.

ss_20_xx 14

Climb on top of him naked while he's sleeping. On your second period day. The drops all over him should teach him a valuable lesson.

skyeyez9 24

That is disgusting, but awesome payback!

ss_20_xx 14

56, lol I know it's pretty disgusting but since this is about being immature in a relationship...the guy should be able to take it!

OhDearBetrayal 25

9- If he takes it as an invitation for a 'bodily fluids prank war,' it could end quite badly...

9, You realise of course that taking that route she's just setting herself up for shit like this to continue. By bringing herself to his level she's not actually setting any boundaries or resolving the situation. But hey, if you think the best idea is to tackle immaturity with more immaturity go for it, just don't expect the best outcome.

ss_20_xx 14

141, why so serious? He'll just know who he's dealing with.

Remind me not 2 make u mad. U really go 4 blood, lol.

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I would love to see an FML saying, "Today, I woke up to see my girlfriend's bloody birth cannon hovering/dripping over my face. I will never be able to get a boner from a ****** again. FML."

KiddNYC1O 20

Those who voted me down google water boarding.

angiebear1234 3

That's nasty :/ but smart !

Absolutely disgusting! Urine is way more sanitary than menstrual fluids.

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The maturity level is just unbelievable. But anyways, I'd be pissed and find something equally as immature and disgusting as that was to pay him back with. :)