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Today, I went to the Natural History Museum with my boyfriend. While we were standing in front of real dinosaur bones, he told me he didn't believe in dinosaurs. FML
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I'm religious and I believe in dinosaurs.

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No, religious zealots don't. The average religious person doesn't take the bible literally.

Actually, most Christians, including every Catholic that I've met, have no problem with dinosaurs. There are not very many people who take religious texts that literally. Edit: Beaten to the punch.

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#12, your an idiot for believing that most Christians dont believe in dinosaurs.

Or he's just a closed-minded, uneducated idiot. There is not ALWAYS a correlation between that and religion.

1- religiousness doesn't nessissarily indicate stupidity; Einstein was Jewish, Darwin was Christian, so was Newton, The list goes on and on, and on.

Actually, a lot of Creationists believe that dinosaurs coexisted with humans.

37 I feel as if you guys confuse the words "A lot" with the word "some". I'm not a creationist but give them a little slack. They're trying to adapt to the changing scientific climate.

36. Einstein was raised Jewish but was far from believing in it during his adult life. And Darwin died an Agnostic. As he wrote Origin of Species he began to question his beliefs and in his autobiography admitted to being an Agnostic. I agree with what you're saying but please state correct facts.

12- dinosaurs (or beasts that have the same characteristics as dinosaurs since the bible doesn't actually use the word 'dinosaur') are in the bible. know your facts.

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#49 yay, im not the only one who knew that

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It's just a matter of writhed or not you believe the bible to be a historical record or a guide on how to live a good life, if you think it's a history lesson than the world would only be around 20000 years old and in your opinion radiocarbon dating/ science in general is wrong and therefore dinosaurs could not have existed

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Don't thumb me down, with the exception of my autocorrected spelling error everything I've said is true you uneducated rubes

49 & 57: No, they aren't; that's just a BS story pushed by fundamentalists to try to explain dinosaurs. (Note: I believe fundamentalism is the problem, not religion.)

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Catholics who do not believe in dinosaurs are fundamentalists, who treat the bible as historic truth

85 the bible describes them as leviathans with a tail like an oak tree and so on ... 77 you are wrong if you look at the sciences like geochronology you can see that the earth isn't able to be billions of years old based of expansion and decay rates of the sun, the decaying orbit of the moon and its interaction with tidal influence... Go look up Dr. Kent Hovind and see what I am talking about creationists do not discount science after all the law of biogenesis contradicts the theory of evolution every time ... And foot prints have been found and excavated in limestone showing human footprints beside and even crossing back and forth with Dino prints ;)

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89 there are a lot of doctors with various claims as to why science is wrong, ironically most of them are medical doctors, the only semi legitimate claim for disputing carbon 14 dating is that if the earth is only 20000 years old than an equilibrium of carbon 14 would not have been reached yet although as far as I know the same does not apply to uranium lead dating or potassium argon dating which is used for dating rocks and minerals, so no unless you are willing to condemn science as a whole than you are wrong

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Alan,you should change your name to Thor,cause' you just brought the hammer down(avengers reference) don't mod me o.o

85, Read Job 40:15-24; 41:1-34. Not saying these animals are dinosaurs, because the Bible has a lot of fantastic creatures, but they are more like dinosaurs than anything else that is known to exist. Some say the Behomoth is an elephant or a hippo, but it can't be because elephants and hippos don't have a "tail like a cedar." Some also say that the Leviathan is a whale or a crocodile, but the animal described is far too big to be a crocodile, and also has scales, unlike a whale.

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89 - Take an astronomy class. The sun changes its rate of decay constantly with its rotation. And even when we did think it was constant, the rate was still within the BILLIONS of years. None of this happens quickly. And "quickly" within scientific means is in the MILLIONS. Did you really just say Kent Hovnid? *Facepalm* he's been proven wrong so many times its not even funny. Dino tracks along with human tracks?! *DOUBLE FACEPALM* those are FAKE! No credible paleontologist has EVER found human tracks along dinos. Ever. Seriously, where were you educated? Your school system has absolutely failed you.

Wow, the Bible mentions dinosaurs alot. It even Says they walked among Adam and eve in the garden of Eden

I am pretty sure religious people believe in dinosaurs. It is like saying that nobody went to the moon. Stupid people are stupid.

89: Kent Hovind is a renowned fraud. His doctorate is, 1) from a non-accredited institution, and 2) not in a subject that has anything to do with geology, astronomy, or biology. Also, he's a convicted tax evader. This is whom you want to support your argument?

I can understand why #1 would think his friend was religious. I read a news article a few weeks back that stated more then 40% of the us population believes the earth is only a fee thousand years old. I don't know how true the article was, but it surprised me that such a high percentage believed that. Also, I live in a town that is almost entirely Mormon. Every Mormon that I asked if they believed in dinosaurs said that they did not. .

37 is right, actually. We have reached a point where the existence of dinosaurs cannot be denied. That is why many creationists believe dinosaurs existed, but at the same time as humans, not before. They believe in dinosaurs, just not in the fact that the earth is much older than the bible says. This being said, believing that dinosaurs are contemporaries of the humans is already quite ridiculous. Outright denying their existence is an insult to human intelligence and science.

117: That's true, but I'll go one step further and say that denying evidence of an old Earth because I don't understand geology or astronomy is also an insult to human intelligence. Just because I can't solve an extra-difficult sudoku doesn't mean that the answer is a lie.

I also think it's stupid that some people think acknowledging the Earth as billions of years old somehow disproves God. Have you no imagination and good sense? I believe in God, and evolution is a demonstrable fact. There's no conflict here.

114: Since I'm not Mormon, I don't know what their "official" belief is regarding dinosaurs or the age or the earth. I am currently living in Idaho Falls which is around 80% Mormon. Maybe they have a more extreme view here, but I have been in numerous decisions here regarding these topics. In every case they quoted the bible and various other Mormon doctrines as to proof the the earth in only a few thousands years old. In one case the person I was talking with is a Stake President.

Lol Alan wasn't referring to his legal issues the simple and observable facts and processes he discussed and wrote about were my point, not tax evasion

Hmmm kent went and acted tax stupid huh lol outta date been a few years either way his legal issues weren't my point. Alright to be simple then second law of thermodynamics or law of entropy ... Order tends towards disorder not the opposite, now carbon dating ... Dear lord you can carbon date freshly slaughtered seals to several thousand years old the accuracy of this has always been suspect. But let's simplify where are the transitional species in the fossil record between completely different animals? None exist modern birds have been found far below the fossils of creatures like the archaeopteryx which some call a transitional the human transitionals have commonly been found as hoaxes like piltdown man or modern humans with degenerative issues like the australopithecus with rickets and degenerative joint and bone issues ... Or Lucy a skeleton of a Gibdon that has a leg bone found a significant distance away and in a different strata "proving" it walked upright.... Lol way off topic I know but neither side has anything concrete evolutionists and creationists alike take their theories based on faith and what they feel makes the most sense... Either way dinosaurs existed an were talked about in the bible which is the crux of this issue. Though to be fun they once used the coelacanth as a reference fossil citing it had been extinct for 65 million years ... Then they started catching them off the coast of Madagascar in 1973 and well shows how much we really know about fossil evidence and "extinct" prehistoric animals

NeIdiots all around it's not real dinosaur bones they are fossils means all the real bones were replaced with something else, now I'll wait as I'm called stupid for my spelling mistakes.

131: Evolution isn't taken on faith, and science is not a religion (although it does address SOME of the same questions as does religion). Evolution is an accepted theory because it best explains ALL biological phenomena that has been observed, but that doesn't mean it couldn't be disproved by new phenomena--articles of faith, by their nature, can't be disproven. Thus, evolution is not based on faith. Creationism offers alternative explanations to observed phenomena, but those explanations never hold upon testing them (or they are untestable). Evolution is open to critique, but there has not yet been any strong proof against it. Finally, Kent Hovind has a long, public history of lying: lying to the courts, lying to the IRS, lying about his education (he paid $200 for it and came from a "university"/degree mill based in a trailer in Colorado), and lying about the evidence in favour of evolution. Why do you trust this guy's opinion? What kind of example is he setting?

No more respecting beliefs. If you believe in a young earth and walking with dinosaurs. You are a ******* fool and are kidding yourself. There is a good ******* reason why you aren't a geologist or any other type of scientist. It's because you guys are the epitome of stupid.

In light of this thread, I'm gonna have to call the mod "Tyrannosaurus Alan."

Mods, can you please please PLEASE moderate all of potato2727's comments so we don't have to read his ignorant remarks? Pretty please with cherries? Wuv you?

We considered doing that, but ultimately decided that people deserve the chance to mock Potato's idiotic ramblings. We care like that.

146: Thanks guys! Leaving those comments out there for us to critique is a service to the fight against nonsense.

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The bible isn't factual, I wouldn't believe anything that comes from the book of nonsense.

151: There's no need to insult all Christians' beliefs just because of the stupidity of a few.

@151 Like how mixing fabrics is an abomination, but genocide is a-ok if they're infidels.

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Did you ever complete biology? Or school for that matter?

Your calling us uneducated yet you don't believe in dinosaurs? When the proof is right smack in the middle of your face? I'm guessing here's how your mind works. " I reject your reality, and substitute my own."

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Dude, thank you. Most of Athiests I know are smug dicks but you're downright awesome.

dinosaurs are mentioned in the bible not that anyone cares Job 40-41two large creatures are discibed. this of course would disprove at least part of the evolution thoery so it is swept under the rug. also on side note why would he Chinese Calender be represented by 11 real animals and one imaginary one aka dragon.

Haha Darwin was not a Christian.... He created the theory of evolution, Darwinism, that's no Christian

It actually mentions in the bible something that could similarly describe a dinosaur. When talking about Leviathan, for example: "He makes the depths boil like a pot; He makes the sea like a jar of ointment. v32 Behind him he makes a wake to shine; v34 He looks on everything that is high" (meaning it was a tall animal with a long neck). There is plenty of proof when you read what is written about Behemoth and Leviathan in the bible.

If you don't follow the text literally, then you aren't really a follower of the religion. Just some made-up *Giggle*, arbitrary version of it

Doesn't believe? That kid must not of paid attention in school. Maybe he should be your ex OP! I'm sure you can find someone a little smarter!

It seems the ancient dinosaurs still have more braincells left than he does...

The moment he said that, OP should've been like, 'Everybody stand clear! He's contaigious!'

Fun fact: To this day scientists still don't know the actual color of the T-Rex dinosaur. I have a theory that it was a lovely shade of pink :) just to **** with the others a little more

^ and a lot of other dinosaurs not just T-Rex. Also some might have fur and feathers etc. that the scientist are not sure of. Another fun fact - Museums don't usually showcase real skeletons. They are too precious to be hung in public and exposed to our everyday environment.

Jezane, your picture is AWESOME. I cannot stop laughing.

So, 68, you're saying that OP's boyfriend may be right??? IT'S A CONSPIRACY!!! The museums and paleontologists are collaborating to fool the public with their fake dinosaur bones!!! :O

Does he believe that the earth is 5000 years old? If so in his words "God bless him" ;) Thought the bay was more educated than that .. At least the area I live in is...

My sister-in-law thinks the exact same thing her words are "God put dinosaur bones on the earth to test people's faith." There is no arguing with her :(.

That's almost as outrageous as a New York couple I met who were touring Moab (and the general south eastern part of Utah) and believing the Anasazi's never existed and all the ruins and pottery was put there for tourists.

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The bay area is mostly a ghetto...just saying, do you think Mac dre was well educated?

76- every area has its bad neighborhoods and so does the bay. But Bay Area is mostly safe and well educated except for certain neighborhoods in say Oakland for instance.

Show him this,, it explains eeeeeverything...

Get him to hop in my time machine, we'll go to the Cretaceous era and see how much dinosaurs believe in him.

8- where does the positive terminal of the flux capacitor go on the circuit board. I have been stuck at that step since '83.... :(

19 - It goes right under the cold fusion chamber in my model.

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Small technicality: the Cretaceous is a period, not an era. The Cretaceous is in the Mesozoic era, which also includes the Triassic and Jurassic.

34 - It's been a few years since my dinosaur obsession, and I knew it was one of those words. 19 - I didn't build it. This contraption turned up in my back garden one day and inside it was a time machine. No-one turned up to claim it, so after a few weeks... *shrugs*

Pfffffffft, pop tarts. Toaster Strudels are better.

105: Truth, but Pop Tarts are more iconic.

Next he's going to say Santa isn't real.

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I bet he also thinks the Holocaust never happened.

71 too soon dude that just happened like 75 years ago smh

Anything's fair game that happened 100 years ago or more.

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17 - If he's religious to the point that he can convince himself to ignore dinosaurs, he's probably religious to the point that he believes sex is a necessary evil required to reproduce.