By thepigeonsfriend - 07/05/2012 14:08 - United Kingdom

Today, I accidentally kicked a can and it hit a man's shoe. He tried to kick it at me but his foot somehow failed to connect with the can. I could hear it rattling behind me as he failed again and again. So he decided to run up behind me and throw it at my head. FML
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Blood on ur face, You big disgrace, Kickin ur can all over the face

thekimberlypan 1

At least you're not a complete ass? Small victories.


GovernorGeneral 8

LOL. Its hard not to kick a can if its just lying there. You need to perfect that aim of yours so it does not hit civilians.

DontModMeDammit 10

I think the real FML here is that the guy has such bad eye-foot coordination it is amazing he was able to run and catch up with OP without falling flat on his face.

OhDearBetrayal 25

Is it odd that I was expecting this to rhyme?

I hate it when I'm kicking a rock with my friend and it he kicked in front of him and he doesn't kick it, but that's a lil far xD

#17 Translation please?

That was a handball which means you get a free kick. Not much of a football player is he?

14 the man with the plan kicked a can to Jackie chan who than ran to throw the can in OP's man(dible)

ripresno 10


smileypoop 2

14. Its funny what you say in your profile, cause anybody who had witnessed a man dying does not want to think about that let alone put that in a fml profile... Show some respect

rallets 22

^ and the bombing doesnt offend you?

Chief wigan - "3 kicks the same can is officially littering"

OhDearBetrayal 25

47- Oh I'm sorry, did you think I was kidding? I hardly think admitting to seeing a person dying is showing disrespect, if anything it shows how they'll never be forgotten. You need to stop acting like an over sensitive person and grow up. What I put on my profile shows what I have gone through, why are you acting like such a prick?

hahafylop 4

OhDearBetrayal, if you're location is Mankato, MN, look at my profile. I have fulfilled your dream.

missjennjones 0

lol xD

thekimberlypan 1

At least you're not a complete ass? Small victories.

Blood on ur face, You big disgrace, Kickin ur can all over the face

We will We will Rock You

Aaarrrgh I'll never get that out of my head! Actually that's a good thing, cheers :)

#3 - Made my ******* day. That is all.

Lol... Autocorrected... Last line was supposed to be "place"

34- face seems more appropriate anyway, as the can was launched at his head

#3 lol, that made my day (:

uJelly24 1

I sang that I didn't read it :D

Hahah, me too i sang it

I've heard of Kick the Can but this is ridiculous...

fishereric 1

That's a stupid comment.

maebelline12 12

Your comment about how stupid #4s comment was wasn't any better.

At least he didn't throw it at your balls

TwiztedYuri 9

OP is a female they're called ovaries

And it'd be a hell of a shot to hit her ovaries at that...

RedPillSucks 31

It would be an even better shot if it hit her balls.... :-/

Damn, I didn't even notice. I thumbed my comment down for that

Thought of all the Tosh.o things for this comment.

HeroOfHyrule 0

Pick it back up and throw it at him. He's a jerk, OP.

or pretend he knocked u out then piss all over the place

xxmckenzierae 5

He couldn't help it, he had to get the can back to you some how.

I honestly feel bad for the guy, poor man.

BossFML1996 1

He slapped her in the back of the head with a damn can and you feel bad for him?

Did you not notice the man had motor skills less than that of a rock? That's pitiful indeed.

Yah hes just mad cause he could never kick a ball

OhDearBetrayal 25

Yah bt u missd somthin, an thas GRAMMAR. I'm not a full- blown grammar nazi but sometimes I can't help but develop a twitch...

I feel bad for ya son, I got 99 problems but a hurt head ain't one! That guy should've just given up and put it in the bin, but I guess throwing it at you made him feel better about himself. You're life sucks.