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Today, I asked my boyfriend to give me a back rub. He claimed that he had a sore hand, so I retorted, "You have two hands, right?" Still bitter about not being able to have sex with me while I'm on my period, he shot back, "You have two holes, right?" I give up. FML
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gemmaiscoolguys 5

I for one wouldn't want anal sex on my period either.

It's not like you're entitled to back rubs... Don't be like that.


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I totally agree, if you're gonna dish it out, be able to take it back.

48- and according to you, where exactly did the egg come from?

And what did the chicken it came from come out of? The point of the question is that it keeps going on, so there is no real answer.

Phoebe_Buffay 14

The chicken. It's the only thing that could provide the protein which the egg is made of.

deathhill3 40

Technically the egg came first as dinosaurs laid eggs before chickens were on earth =P

tacopandaroo 12

Actually, when you have sex on your period, the blood flow usually slows down. Also, it helps with cramps c:

68- and you don't need lube or anything. Not to mention the it usually is realllly good for the girl.

The chicken came first. Chickens are notorious for premature ejaculation. Didn't you pay attention during biology?

Something that wasn't quite a chicken laid an egg. The egg then hatched and out popped the chicken. So the answer is the egg, because it's parents weren't chickens, but a chicken hatched out.

How do you define 'chicken egg'? If it's an egg that produces a chick (which later grows into a chicken) then you're right, but what if it's an egg laid by a chicken? In that case the chicken came first.

Wizzlbang 10

Actually, if we go by evolution and selective breeding that resulted in the domestic chicken, It was the Egg. What laid the egg would be the very last junglefowl in its lineage before it's children could be considered truly domesticated.

Here's a thought: Not all girls are alike and not all girls have the same amount of pain or cramping and are capable of enjoying sex while on their period. Get a brain.

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Actually 127 they proved it was. And google^ lmao


THANK YOU, 85. Damn. Saved me the trouble of pointing that out.

kishorekumar_a 10

85 - at least someone here understands the basics of evolution.

cooterpie 11

68- 'also, it helps with cramps.' Thats complete bullshit, for me at least. It may work some women but I'm certainly not one.

There is an answer. And it's indeed the egg. It came out of whatever step of evolution came before today's chicken. But today's chicken indeed started with an egg that made an evolutionary jump. Nothing rhetorical about it.

It helps with the cramps alright, but it definitely doesn't slow down the blood flow. Quite the opposite, really.

conqueror57 11

The average woman loses something like 2 oz of fluid over the 5-7 days of her period. The amount of blood is not an issue; the problem is so societal issues making people think a woman on her period is "icky." It's not that much different than any other time of the month.

squideth 18

Thank you 122. I'm sick of everyone thinking that period sex is amazing for every woman out there no matter what. It's not.

Hahahahahahahahaha get owned ;) nothings free anymore :P

If the guy gets something, I bet he'll be the one to come.

DeathPiggy8694 7

Actually there is an answer but even the answers debatable Look up which came first the chicken or the egg on YouTube you should find it

I feel bad for OP. I get the back rub thing cause when I'm on my period the pain gets to the point of making me puke. Plus why can't he wait a day or two to get laid. Periods only last 3-7 days and it sounds like OP is a few days in. But if the hand pain in true then OP needs to sympathize too. Sorry my comments so long :)

Mister_Grimm 10

Still gross as hell, tried it with the wife once, all I could see was the scene from the shining

raspberryboo 10

not really the blood is not really like a lubricant it actually feels kinda friction like and I seriously doubt it helps with cramps


#48 then please tell me where the egg came from?

Clearly the Rooster came first, otherwise the egg wouldn't have been fertilized. xD

HowAreYouToday 34

Dude, you're on your period and even you FML makes you sound like a bitch

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enormouselephant 15

I took the two hole thing to mean anal.

^ As did I. Then I realized a ******** would be the second hole. OP should expect to give back if her boyfriend is willing to give her a massage with his sore hands. Give and take are important in any relationship.

Give and take is necessary for a relationship. For me, I don't like sex on my period, so I give him a ******* or two every day I'm on it. So then the rest of the month he takes care of me ;) (when able of course)

if only my gf was like you...she is like "I'll repay you sometime later..." ... didn't get a ******* in like 2 months...last time it was after I complained about not getting any for months....

It's not like you're entitled to back rubs... Don't be like that.

I didn't say he was. But if I was asked to do something like that when my hands were hurting, I would probably retort similarly.

True, though many girls experience terrible back pain when they have their period, so perhaps she was a bit desperate for a massage to relieve the pain.

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Instead of depending on my husband for a massage, I joined a local massage spa. With chronic pain, it does help. And someone professionally trained dies a better job then someone who isn't.

You can't have one without the other...

111- that implies that sex is just something that she does for his benefit

MaydayParadexx 18

180- Who the hell is 111? No one on this thread has that number.

87- they die a better job, oh god, what have we done?

Huh, so you're right. I have no idea where I got 111 from, I meant #8

gemmaiscoolguys 5

I for one wouldn't want anal sex on my period either.

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A great man once said, "when the river runs red, take the dirt road"

meekthekit 6

32- have some class.

38@ 32: more like, "Wants some ass," don't ya think? ;)

32, I'm going to be using that line. I can't stop laughing.

Well first she is from France not Greece so her bf probably meant oral. Second OP b can't count since there are at least three holes to be used on the average female.

Well he didn't mean both or he would have said three holes

#32 that is one I've never heard before. lol!

merryhappy1887 20

don't expect a back rub without a ******** lol.

That guy wasn't great. That guy was a gross, insensitive prick.

conqueror57 11

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As a girl with a period, I wouldn't want to because its icky and gross. Just saying.

Because having sex while on the rag is messy and doesn't feel that great.

I don't see the problem. Seems like it'd produce more lubrication.

pheebs314 17

To be honest, I'm feeling bloated and uncomfortable on my period. I don't want to have sex when I feel fat, nauseous, and sore. It has very little to do with the blood.

Eh, I only feel that way for about the first two days. I guess each is different though. I'm riding the cotton pony right now too so... Woman power I guess?... Yeah.

Think of it as right after a guy cums, his dick is super sensitive, but not in the "oh yeah baby" way. When a girl is on her period everything is about 10x more sensitive but not in a good way.

conqueror57 11

For the record, I am a woman. I know what sex on my period is like for me, and honestly, if I pop a couple advil in the morning, a day with my period is no different than any other day. Throw down an old towel or bang against the wall.

dr_snow_bear 29

Have you ever rubbed blood between your fingers? It gets dry and crusty pretty quick.

rogerdodgeroz 4

Who asked if you'd like it ?

Shower sex is the answer for when the lady is on her period. Easy clean up and fun positions.

either people don't give a shit, or they think it's gross. one of those rare black and white issues in the world. ;P and as a regularly-bleeding woman, i like sex on my period (my sexytime hormones are in full swing that time of the month); husband doesn't, so shower sex is the best compromise. helps a ton with the cramps, tell ya what.

I guess... But I think once I was in the mood it would be a lot better than lying around in agony...

#33, period blood has more in it than normal blood, it doesn't dry up like normal blood would, if it did that would make periods even more uncomfortable.

tnf0920 9

People that think it's gross or horrible have obviously never tried it.

TrilliousDivine 9

Eeew I wouldnt even want Anal sex PERIOD!!!!

If you're having cramps AND bleeding all over the bed and your own legs...I would just rather not have sex. Besides, period blood has a distinct odor that can not be arousing to ANYONE.

When I have sex on my period, it dries up very fast and starts burning . So no a period does not keep you lubricated.

Having sex on your period really isn't all that bad. Yeah, the smell and blood can be a turn-off factor, but if the girl is a light-bleeder it doesn't get as messy as people assume to believe. If the girl takes a bath prior to intercourse, most of the blood is cleaned off dependent upon which day of her period she is on. Prohibiting sex with a menstrating woman is a social taboo. Just like anal, of course it will have a certain 'gross' factor. Each time a man enters into any orifice of a woman there is always a possibility of fluids being exchanged: Saliva, feces, blood, mucus, snot, earwax, semen, urine. Don't bump it till you hump it.

not true. it's messy and gross. everyone e is entitled to their own opinions

Looks like someone needs to take Sex Ed again.

420Zombie 17

I don't think op's knowledge of sex is the issue here...

Why would either of them need to take Sex Ed again?

GSpotMach 8

Looks like someone needs some anal sex.

X_Codes 11

Even sans-girlfriend, I know that some girls just don't feel like having sex on their period.

pheebs314 17

I'm on my period, and I can't even sympathize with you... That's how rude you come off in your own version of events.

At least I'm not the only one who thought she was being a little bitchy about that back rub

I agree. Isn't being bitchy apparent while the lady has a cork in her or, at least, expected?

dontpanic_fml 32

Well, I'm with you guys. I am surprised at how much sympathy the OP is garnering from the commenters. She comes off as entitled and bitchy.

jem970 19

Yeah I mean I would never be that bad. I was bleeding for a month solid because of my first round on the depo shot and my boyfriend and I were fine. She needs to stop being so whiny.

92: I experience huge mood swings on my period which make me really angry, but even then I just grit my teeth and face it, as does every girl who has some sort of shred of manners.

Technically, 8, but I don't think any of us want to get that technical.

420Zombie 17

well if you're going to throw technicality into this then you need to include ears & nostrils

dr_snow_bear 29

Wait... what holes are you counting. Ears and nostrils =8

OhDearBetrayal 25

35- For a woman? To get to eight you include your two ear canals, two nostrils, mouth, your pee hole, vag hole, and of course your dirt road.

dr_snow_bear 29

I know, I'm wondering what the other guy was counting to get to 8 with out the ears and nose.

Eye sockets. Ah, ****, that is too disturbing.

dangerika93 11

Don't forget the belly button #37 :D

Men = 9, women = 10. 2 eyes, two ears, two nostrils, mouth, genitals, butt. Women have the extra hole down there since pee doesn't come out of the ****** obviously :) I'm not counting the belly button nor sweat glands.

challan 19

(sexually) she has three holes, hands, a tongue, an ass crack and for some...feet. I think if she gives, she'll receive.

conqueror57 11

Your first response was a little...unnecessarily short. I'm not advocating for anal sex, but maybe you could've been nicer when asking for something. Also, you have three holes - don't forget your mouth.

Just because she has three holes doesn't mean she would feel like sucking him off while throwing up from her ******. Not to mention, why is it about him the whole month when she has to have a period. Some women get terrible migraines, cramps, and nausea while on their cycle. So I can understand why she wouldn't want to give him what he wants when she might be feeling shitty.

hellobobismyname 24

44, I'm not sure if I understand you correctly. Are you saying a woman has her period for a month? Ô.o

It's possible to have a period for longer than a month, due to trying new birth control. Sadly, I'm speaking from personal experience. But it isn't common.

My mother used to, and still does, have her period for 3 weeks and has 1 week off. She's not on any birth control, it's just how her body works. What I'm trying to say is every woman's period is different.

44, I totally agree with you! I can't understand why most people seem to be advocating that the woman should find other ways to please the man with her other two holes, while the one is "out of service" if it's her obligation. How about this? How about the man try being a bit more understanding and not just think of his own pleasure before thinking about how she feels! If a woman wants to engage in sexual activities on her period, it should be because she actually wants to, not because she feels she has to in order to keep the man satisfied! Like seriously, it's only 7 days at most (for the average woman)!

Helldemon 32

@44 so wait, it's ok if she doesn't give him what he wants because she is feeling shitty but he should when his hand is hurting and going to hurt it more trying to give her a back rub?