By Joe - 04/08/2011 18:28 - United States

Today, I asked a guy if he could buy me a pack of cigarettes, since I'm still under 18. He took my money, went into the supermarket, and must have slipped out a side-entrance, because he never came back. FML
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christinez13 0

aww that sucks but you deserved it

bigbisawesome 0

Wow seriously you sir are an idiot


christinez13 0

aww that sucks but you deserved it

Well at least the other dude got free money!

Smoking is gross

>giving money to strangers i seriously hope you guys dont do this

icefshng8 9

Ewwww:/ why would you ever smoke cigarettes? Bleh... YDI

tybtab 5

thats wat you get for being a whore

flockz 19

are hookers considered strangers?

littlekitty1 4

looks like his money *puts on sunglasses* went up in smoke. YAAAAAAH

alexibabyxoxo 0

ha ha. that's what u get.

alexibabyxoxo 0

ha ha. that's what u get.

Smoking is one of the biggest turnoffs ever. Disgusting.

OP do you actually expect people to think that you don't deserve it?

it's ok he probably just went to take a dump behind a dumpster

Exactly! You pay them AFTER you get the product! Wait, you guys were talking about not smoking early? Oh.

Reminds me of something hilarious my friend did. Similar situation, but he bought a few bags of sweets, and went back to them saying "Here, this is more your age" before walking off with the change.

WellThatSucksMaj 0

That's what you get biaaaatch. Maybe thats a sign to quit smoking ?

He made money and helped a stranger look after their health for at least one day, good day to be that guy!

It's funny just how often "YDI for smoking" is the obvious answer. You also deserve it for asking someone to do something illegal.

Iknoweverything 29

136, I was thinking the same age. Even if smoking wasn't disgusting, I refuse to buy for underage kids. I waited until I was of age to buy age-restricted stuff, and they can wait too! It's MY i.d., why should I let anyone else use it?

Haha I gotta give that a YDI. haha

op u r a dumass.and in case ur that big of a dumass,no dumbass is actually spelt dumbass,not dumass if ur really that big a dumass

Fuck stoges all they do is give you headaches

hobbsicle805 0

smoking is sexy

Try someone else, eventually enough people will walk of with your money. But that's the same as smoking. A waste of money! At least you're staying healthy by people ripping you off

My_Name_Is_ 5

He saved you from buying cancer as my friend would say it.

alqahtmm 0

dude ur gf is HOT

*sings paramore - that's what you get*

YDI for smoking illegally. 188- you are a dumb-ass. See what I did there? Don't be a prick.

188- Are you fucking retarded?

ukrage 1

fuckin epic

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I never vote YDI because i'm a lazy piece of shit but this one? Dude, your pathetic.

At least you didn't give him a lot of money to buy booze with. Be glad you only lost like $10

A) your a smoker B) your underage smoking C) you gave money to a stranger. Therefore, you are tri-tarded (because retarded doesn't even begin to describe you)

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This is why I'm happy a gas station near me sells them to underaged kids. I'd have no other way of getting them. But really people, underaged kids who smoke know it's bad for them. Theres no need to keep saying it.

honestly that's like a win win situation.

This is a good thing, people like OP smoking and living a possibly diseased life thins out the gene pool

mr_inkredible 0

Can someone tell me what is good about smoking? cause I'm pretty sure there is nothing good

stress relief I guess but health-wise, nothing.

188- you're a fucking idiot.

322 - yeh it is abit of stress relief and smokers do realize that it's bad for you and eventually they will pay for it! That was a dumbass move! And maybe let your parents know what your up to OP and u may have a better chance of not having your money stolen! YDI, smoking is a dirty habit. Quit whilst your ahead :)

it gives you a buzz

Link5794 18

Cigarette smoke contains rat poison and hydrogen cyanide, which is human poison.

bfsd42 20

This is a true fml. The poor guy probably just needs a smoke. Worse still, the government says he isn't allowed to buy them. This results in him being robbed. If you say he deserves it cos he smokes, then you are a judgmental ass.

Oniat 2

That's hilarious and awesome, I wish I could see the kid's face

Blueknite47 0

404 - I had to do a project on second hand smoke for Health. Theres like 6,000 chemicals. Now, I'm also a smoker, and I know the risks and all the harmful chemicals, but it doesnt stop me!

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tweetbaby14 18

So to relieve stress people just need to suck on something? I can think of many things that are more healthy to suck on than a cigarette....

Gruv3r14 1

-287, exactly! They know it's bad for them, it's their choice, their life. But if my kid ever started smoking, I'll punish him, but not MAKE him quit.

OP obviously hasn't read a lot of the FMLs on this site.

The fact that they know makes it even worse. Kids are idiots these days.

bigbisawesome 0

Wow seriously you sir are an idiot

bigbisawesome 0

For people that are thumbing me down you guys are stupid. I am serious in what i said if you are underage dont ask someone to buy you a pack of cigarettes. Cigarettes are bad for you i know what they do to you because my grandma smokes ALOT.

funnyfmlshaha 2


No one was thumbing you down tho..

+ is up - is down :D

bigbisawesome 0

Lol my badddd haha. There was a number right next to the thumb down haha. Whatevs but i was serious. Smoking kills

No shit, every yr we get the sane damn lecture in school. But thanks anyways...

Iknoweverything 29

62, I honestly thought your comment was mostly okay... except for the "you guys are stupid for thumbing me down part." (Which made me decide to thumb you down) Any time you start a comment with that phrase, you're going to get thumbed down!

Magic1 9

Not only is smoking gross, but you're also under aged!

MissFukMyLuck 0

oh god! drinking is gross, sex with a significant amount of people is gross, looking down on people is gross. so opinions are like assholes, everyones got one they all stink. SO op it's still illegal

playing "hey mister" never works...

kwchambers92 10

103 what are you a girl or something?

U look like a fucking qweer

people chastising the op for smoking need to realize that smoking is a personal choice, even if you're underage.

kwchambers92 10

agreed 332, they say pick your own poison right?

holygodthatshars 0

You're an awful person, OP

332 - yeah your right! :) 335 - it doesnt make them an awful person for smoking, it's just a choice they have made... Just like someone who chooses to drink drive has a risk of a crash and die (eventually if you keep doing it)

kwchambers92 10

335 you're a dick, don't call someone an awful person for smoking.

Other people breathe in the second hand smoke, thus it affects everyone, not just the smoker.

kwchambers92 10

true that. that's why I chew haha

a_nutritionist 10

a personal choice that affects millions of people. way go to with that argument. being a "personal choice" doesnt make it anything other than stupid, nor does it negate the right to comment on said stupidity. being underage only makes it even more pathetic.

spazzy910 0

Calm down, most people thumbed it up :) it's true and if people don't see that they just don't see it..... PS: I thumbed it up

gousafutbol 0

I second that notion

Sorry, but I find this comment incredibly sexist. What's wrong with girls huh? You know guys can be careful too. And not all girls are smart, quite the opposite some of them. It's a sexist stereotype.

TaylorTotsYumm 10

It's better for you this way.

OP's lungs are better this way

DeadxManxWalking 27

Cool picture Taylor. How'd you find it?

hiflier1012 3

Ya and OP will smell much better to

and for the other guy.

yeah, smoking is DISGUSTING. I'm glad he took your money; you were only going to waste it anyway.

Thats what happens when you give strangers money.

indeed wow OP your a dumbass

sxe_beast 11

That's what happens when you're addicted to cancer sticks.

No that's what happens when you smoke under aged.


Always have older friends buy for you

I'd never trust a complete stranger with my money.

Well that just proves how desperate he was doesn't it?

I just can't... Wow.

Sun_Kissed18 25

Maybe this will teach the OP a lesson

a_nutritionist 10

i guess youll never have an accountant or a bank...

seracy13 0

Wow dude just... Yeah

ugottaluvme 0

Yeah? ... Really?

You're a smart one, aintcha? :D

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youre a cute one, aintcha? c:

hotPinklipstick 24

I just love your username, at least you're honest :) lolz

32- Worst hook-up attempt ever.

7 - Your comments always make me smile. :) No creeper.

Glitterhinoceros 14

Agreed with 90 XD

32 someone your age shouldnt be using gradeschooler's pick up lines. its not fair to them. or to the people you use them on.

KiddNYC1O 20

For those of you who don't know, #7 is Sean. One of the nicest people you'd meet on here.

Idonebeenhad 17

90 - I feel like a weirdo for reading your profile... but there's a typo at the end. I think you meant to say 'Je parle francais aussie' not 'Jparle'

208 - No worries haha. 'Je parle' is the proper way so you're correct, but in slang, and spoken French, it's 'Jparle' or even just 'parle'. It's similar to 'I am' and 'I'm'. Cheers!

aFatFuck 0

Sean is the only honest person on here and the only person that I remember seeing on here before most

I don't see how this isn't a YDI.

For real? Aside from the fact that it is ridiculously stupid to trust a stranger with your money, it's also very irresponsible to be smoking, especially if you're under eighteen. Cue the onslaught of potheads and nicotine addicts pissing on my comment because "laws are gay" and "cancer is a lie".

Oh shit nevermind... I read your comment completely wrong...

Lmfao. It's all good

233, What did you think he said?

I thought it said "I don't see how this is a YDI"

Kind of like when I said, "Cue the faggots saying "smoking r bad for u" and "ydi it he saved ur lief".

I would do the same thing to you. Quit smoking - I don't want to pay for your drawn-out suicide.

as a smoker I'd like to know how you pay for my drawn-out suicide?

KiddNYC1O 20

I know this flight attendant who smokes about a whole pack in a span of like an hour and a half before she embarks on a 6 hour flight to CA. Quite disgusting. No offense to the smokers. I once smoked as well but never became addicted and completely stopped in 2008. Best decision.

aFatFuck 0

person1233 why the hell does obamacare (a made up, bullshit term) have to do with it. Taxes have always gone to hospitals, it doesn't matter who is president.....

Because Obama wants to socialize medicine dumbfuck, ie put everyone's medical insurance into one big pot and pick sticks to see who gets treatment.

I am a smoker, and I have my own insurance. So you can take your objection to 'paying for my suicide' and shove it in the darkest part of your pasty ass. You may not like smoking, but luckily for those of us that do, your opinion is worth less than the squirrel carcass I ran over this morning.

It's interesting that there are people out there who know they are killing themselves by smoking, but still do it. Do the tobacco companies pay you or sonething?

a_nutritionist 10

@351 first, theres the environmental impact. second, theres secondhand smoke. third, you cant comment on the value of someone elses opinion when youre stupid enough to pay people money to harm you, with zero benefit beyond alleviating the symptoms that only exist because of the previous transaction. its funny how smokers tell everyone else to shut up, as though their right to smoke is greater than our right to complain about it. then again, who expects intelligence from such a group of fuckwits...

Enviromental impact? If you're talking about litter from cigarette butts, some of us put them in the trash, not on the ground. Some of us also don't smoke around non-smokers, because it's rude to blow our habit in their faces. I don't even smoke in my own home, I go outside.

a_nutritionist 10

i dont give a shit what you personally do. if you were the only smoker on the planet then maybe this would be a valid point. you arent. you can make whatever stupid personal choices you like, but simply because you dont do particular things that does not negate everyones right to complain about the majority who do. besides which, simply moving outside doesnt mean you arent contributing to second hand smoking.

smoking is bad for you and gives you cancer, ydi for trying

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rusrsbrah 0

do you know how much other shit gives you cancer? quite a bit. He still deserves it for smoking underage or at least for not asking a friend instead. but if you're smoking, you obviously don't give a shit what other people think about it. me included. fuckstick.