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  flockz  |  19

24 year olds mud wrestling isnt as dirty as fingering your sister and finding DocBastard's wedding ring, and seeing that it's inscribed "But my one and only love will always be every1luvsboners"

I'll take that one way ticket to hell now.

  koe4  |  0

op's boyfriend decides he wants to marry op, asks ops parents for permisson, ops mom gives ops boyfriend her ring to give to op... see where im going?

  Ugi  |  26

I read this in moderation before the ring value was edited out and it's a killer!

OP, I feel for you but you really did deserve it wearing a ring of that value to go mud-wrestling!

  emirie  |  21

My parents bought me a very nice, expensive ring for my 16th birthday. Only a few days after that, I asked my cheerleading coach to hold it for me during a game. She "lost" it.