By meganridner - 04/08/2011 16:05 - United States

Today, I went mud wrestling for the first time at a mud bog. After a day of fun and getting cleaned up, I realized that my mom's ring was no longer on my finger. FML
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TaylorTotsYumm 10

Why would you wear something so precious while mud wrestling? D:

Dude, gettin dirty always ends in guilt ;)


Dude, gettin dirty always ends in guilt ;)

flockz 19

this FML is dirtier than my google history. wait no it isnt. ;]

I love mud wrestling. It's always so much fun and satisfying. I also love to play in the rain and jump in puddles. Yes, I am 24. Fun is fun. :)

Why do wear that to mud wrestling. You deserved it

flockz 19

24 year olds mud wrestling isnt as dirty as fingering your sister and finding DocBastard's wedding ring, and seeing that it's inscribed "But my one and only love will always be every1luvsboners" I'll take that one way ticket to hell now.

31 yea i think youve deserved that ticket.

imthatguythatdid 0

And ur wearing ur moms ring, WHY?? OP?

op's boyfriend decides he wants to marry op, asks ops parents for permisson, ops mom gives ops boyfriend her ring to give to op... see where im going?

I read this in moderation before the ring value was edited out and it's a killer! OP, I feel for you but you really did deserve it wearing a ring of that value to go mud-wrestling!

CookieMonstr19 0

Why were you wearing ur moms ring in the first place?!??

I feel so bad for you rite now that real sucks

HelloNoora1 0

Cool! I found a ring at this mud bog today. I love my life

turkishjew 0

is that really how you spell write

That's a he? You guys need to creep on profiles more then.

christinez13 0

that really sucks but u should have taken it off before

TaylorTotsYumm 10

Why would you wear something so precious while mud wrestling? D:

"If you liked it then you should have put-" it somewhere safe while you were mud wrestling.

And you didn't think of taking it off BEFORE you went mud wrestling?..

That's what happens when you bring valuables to MUD WRESTLING!

awww that sux I'm not gonna say ydi but I guess u learned a lesson

This past Christmas morning I got a ring as a gift from my mom. Christmas afternoon it was gone. I feel your pain :/

musicluvrr 6

Same i was wearing a ring i got for christmas and i fell asleep with it on and i woke up and it was gone still is gone

emirie 21

My parents bought me a very nice, expensive ring for my 16th birthday. Only a few days after that, I asked my cheerleading coach to hold it for me during a game. She "lost" it.