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By danielle - 23/04/2009 07:16 - United States

Today, my friend and I wanted to get some alcohol (we're under 21). We went to a liquor store and asked a random guy to go in and buy us some vodka. After giving him $20, he said he had to go turn off his car, then he'd get us the drinks. He got in his car and drove off, with my $20. FML
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aego56 0

Today, my friend and I wanted to get some alcohol (we're under 21)...*YDI*

that's what you get!!!!


that's what you get!!!!

VampireKiller59 0

ur just lucky he wasn't a cop or didnt call the cops freakin junkie

spade1997 0

ya n 20 bucks is not a great loss

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Kebby8D 2

Did you seriously just say that she doesn't deserve it because she's breaking a "stupid" law? The age limit of 21 is not stupid...drinking alcohol in general is stupid. Of course, I'm not condemning people who do drink alcohol from time to time, but alcohol causes serious medical issues. The age limit of 21 prevents teenage kids from drinking before their brains are even fully developed.

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They're not saying that Americans' brains develop slower, simply that the age should probably be higher globally. Multiple studies have shown alcohol consumed even before 25 has a severe effect on the brain's development. But why do you need studies to tell you the obvious? I fail to see how ingesting that inhibits brain function, causes nausea, and creates a weak immune system among other things is a good idea.

Here in Canada its 18.

A law is a law. I confidently clicked YDI right after reading, "Today, my friend and I wanted to get some alcohol (we're under 21)" I didn't need to go any further.

No it's not you fucktard! It's 19 in the majority of provinces. 18 in Quebec and Alberta.

#349 - No, she's saying that our country is more developed than others and we know the effects alcohol has on the brain.

It's 18 here in Europe and we're fine (;

And Manitoba is 18

Their brains were already fully developed! XD

The legal age is perfect because we dont want stupid children getting drunk

Isn't the brain nearly completely developed at about 6 because it grows rapidly at early stages of life. That is why the tops of babies heads are soft because their brains have enough space when it is growing quickly so It doesn't hit the skull. It is maybe more of liver problems or other things.

Jaekoeb 7

What do you mean by "in Europe" as if it was one country.

#429 We don't want stupid drunk adults either.

im sorry you're just a dumb F***

aego56 0

Today, my friend and I wanted to get some alcohol (we're under 21)...*YDI*

Agreed. I bet he was trying to teach you a lesson. Kudos to Random Guy.

.... I'm a bit new to FML so... can you explain to me what YDI, OP, and all that means?

YDI means you deserved it, and OP is original poster.

GrapeJuice67 17

Immediate YDI

sodawater19 0

YDI for being an underage douche trying to buy alcohol.

naughty101 8


Everyone on this post acts like they were angles and saints when they were in high school.. Really, nobody partied or got drunk between the ages of 15-21, I find that hard to believe.. So you're all hypocrites when you say they deserved it, because most of you have all been in the same situation, and would have been pissed to if you got ripped off 20$.. Not saying they didn't deserve it , but I'm not saying they did

keven501 12

Where the fuck do you live where every does that

415- i never got drunk and i only went to one party where my sister and i stayed sober and didnt do drugs and left early because we were bored. Im in university now and i still dont party, drink, or anything like that. please dont generalize

StillUsesMyspace 22

415, I said YDI because they asked a stranger, not just because they're underage

cryssycakesx3 22

I want an acute angle:)

I was acute angle in high school. :)

you pussies must've had a shitty fuckin childhood if you never participated in underage drinking. besides, who the fuck are you to judge OP? are you perfect?

You realize it's possible to have fun without the help of alcohol right? I like to remember the good times I've had and not be embarrassed to tell people that I got drunk & passed out somewhere

I'm pretty sure not fucking up the rest of your life is a lot more fun of a childhood than being a douche that needs the help of drugs and alcohol, despite knowing the facts of how harmful they are, to have a good time with a bunch of other douches.

Haha:) seriously YDI for trusting a random stranger with $20 and for trying to drink under 21. If your going to do something illegal, can't you at least be smart about it?! Don't ask a random guy outside of a liquor store to buy you vodka! Oh well, at least you learned something:) maybe that sudden loss of cash took away some of your stupidity.

HAHAHA. South Africa's legal drinking age is 18...FTW!!!!!!

nategisawesome 0

that's really not that wierd... that is the case in Australia and alot of european counties man...

it's 16 in the u.k :P

It's no age in Australia :P

it's 18 in the UK, too

AND Canada :) Idiot

.. And sweden, norway, denmark, hungary, and so on

.. And sweden, norway, denmark, hungary, and so on

Yeah.. But you also live in South Africa. Not FTW.

That was dumb, ur lucky it was only $20. Take it as a lesson learned...but yea YDI

chanceuse_fml 0

Seriously? YDI, to the max.