By confsused - 16/12/2013 17:49 - Canada - Toronto

Today, I found out that my dad is actually my uncle, and vice-versa. FML
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Merry Christmas!

No, your dad is still your dad. Your uncle is your biological father. The man who raises you deserves the honorable title of "Dad" whereas any swinging dick can be a father. To clear things up further, your mom is a whore.


Merry Christmas!

Maury Christmas!!

What if OP is Jewish, hmmm???? *Sorry for the sass- it's Monday.*

Let's hope OP was not talking about her mother's brother...

#89, if OP was, then OPs original father would simply have been OPs mother's OTHER brother, since OPs farther and uncle are brothers.

Wait now I really want to know how OPs mom comes into this

Keep it up OP. People like tyra banks thrive off of your kind of problems.

Happy Heineken lol

It's going to be a very awkward Father's Day...

if they kmew and youdad raised you as his own and took care of you then he is your dad but your uncle father if he didn't do anything for you then he is nothing more than an uncle

@161 I think I speak for everyone when I say" What?"

This is messed up on so many levels.

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I love how the guy below you said like the same thing but you get down voted into oblivion.

People can be cruel

104, haha I know, it happens x) oh well.

So that means either your mom is an incest and slept with her brother or she is a cheater and slept with your aunt's husband Either way.... It's fucked up sorry op :/

@174: What about sleeping with her husband's brother?

Funny family reunions!


Uncle Daddy !

121, trying to find ways to combine those words... duncle? ... ahh that's it, I got nothin'!

I'm curious of why they kept it as a secret. Was it because your mother loved your father's brother and not your father?

You got me buddy ;D!

What a family reunion you'll have this year!

Well at least you are still related...

Yeah, but the person OP's known their whole life as their dad, is really their uncle.

If he's acted and been there like a parent then he is the "dad". There is a difference between being someone's "father" and being a "dad".

Yep, thats why Vader never said, "Luke I am your dad."

he didn't even say, "luke, I am your father."

Correct, he said "No, I am your father"

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More like Canada...

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Because it clearly shows he's in Canada.

@36 I think the fact that OP is from Canada is a reason, and maybe the fact that #6' comment is not only extremely stereotypical, it's also extremely overused.

Ya' know, the reason they thunk he/she is from the south, could be that we's are all inbreed! They clearly made a funny!

This is idiotic

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I would expect double presents.

Say what now?

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Not necessarily, unfortunately.

No, the mom is still the mom, she just slept with her husband's brother.

Or her own brother...

That would make the same person dad and uncle unless the mum has more than one brother (but that is so much worse to imagine).

Has no one thought of the possibility that OP's dad is infertile, and his brother was a sperm donor?

I like this possibility a lot.

Or maybe the biological dad slept with some random chick who didn't want a child, so the dad let his brother and wife (if there is one) adopt OP. Then, technically "mom" would actually be the aunt.

I'd like to know how you found out.. Sorry OP :(

And this makes your mom.... a slut?

No, a sister

No a grandma

There's always the possibility that the mother was originally married to/in a relationship with the "uncle", and when they discovered they weren't right for each other, she met/married the OP 's "dad"