By Anonymous - 23/08/2015 17:34

Today, I passed my driver's test. My instructor took the learner signs off his car and let me drive back to my place. I guess he didn't bet on me crashing the car just a few blocks from the test center. FML
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larrena2377 26

Well at least you crashed after your test and not during it.


Omfgitsmia 15

Those nerves will get you. Sorry OP. Better luck next time :-(. I was really nervous my first time too.

nonsensical 26

Wait are you talking about driving or...?

Pretty sure #4 means the 8 hours of supervised driving with the driving instructor. You have to do 24 hour besides that with a parent, 4? at night I think, and do a 24 hour drivers ed course. Then your test.

Omfgitsmia 15

I never did driver's ed with an instructor. My dad taught me and when he felt I was ready he took me to do the actual test. Well, he didn't teach me to parallel park because I got frustrated. Out of panic, I got it right the second try. After passing it all, I was so nervous that I started speeding back to the school which should have been an automatic fail, but my instructor knew I was nervous and told me it was okay and to slow down.

tantanpanda 26

Not to be an ass, but are y'all reading the FML correctly? He PASSED his driver's test and now has his license. The instructor took off the learner sign because he though OP would not need it anymore. Usually, you don't have the nerves after you pass; You usually feel relieved that you passed.

It's ok OP, as long as it wasn't a stupid accident, you should be okay. Hope you are ok and good luck dealing with that!

I start my 8 hours of driving tomorrow. This is not something I wanted to read. Lmao

larrena2377 26

8? I had to do 16 daytime, 8 night time hours with a parent, then 6 with a driver's ed teacher.

Theater_Chef_3 30

Really 7? Mine was only 8 hours day 4 hours night

I had to take 20 hours, including night, highway and mountain (I learned on a stick).

I needed 40 daytime and 10 night with parents and 6 with an instructor... I guess that's CA for ya

Only 8 hours? In my state we have to have our permit for 6 months minimum and at least 40 hours of driving with a legal guardian.

LiquidGoldRose 19

You're all cute. In NSW, Australia (not sure about the other states), we have to hold our license for a year and do at least 120 hours, 20 of which are at night. The driving instructor is optional though if you do drive with one, it offers triple hours - you do one hour of driving but they record three hours - up to ten times.

Schizomaniac 24

Ha! That's nothing. In my state we need 33,000 hours on one tank of gas and then we have to beat Vin Diesel in a street race blindfolded.

in the UK there isn't a set amount of hours. You learn and take the test when you're ready. you're also not allowed to drive the car home if you pass your test, if it's instructors car, you're not insured anymore

ShirtlessWonder 17

Why is everyone here disliking the people's comments who don't have to do as many hours? They aren't being wrong or stupid in any way.

Actually 35 you are still insured once you pass, but a majority of instructors don't let you drive home from a test because you are either sad from failing or flying high on adrenaline from passing! Neither is a good for safe driving :)

#35 pretty much the same in the Netherlands. You keep driving with a instructor until he thinks that you are good enough to get a exam.

addisonrose12 16

In my state I've never heard of anything about hours. Back when I was getting my permit, you could get your permit at 15 and then at 15 1/2 you could get your intermediate license. Now you have to wait till you're 16 so instead of just 6 months, it's a year. But once you turn 18 you get a regular license, and once you turn 21 it's faced a different way (before 21 up and down; after side to side).

ShannonBitt 29

You need 60 or 65 (with so many being in inclement weather and at night, but the don't actually check your hours) in my state and have your permit for six months, but there's no requirement for a driving instructor. Although you can take the test with an instructor and its apparently easier than going to the DMV. And you need to use your own car at least at the DMV.

larrena2377 26

Well at least you crashed after your test and not during it.

karbiee 15

it's one of your first times at the wheel. don't sweat it too hard. hopefully it wasn't too serious of a crash?

ShannonBitt 29

I hope it's not one of their first times at the wheel. I'm pretty sure you need a significant amount of experience before getting your licence.

danimal_crackerz 26

Did your parents ever love you?

don't worry bud, next time keep calm, relax, you'll do great

Do great at what? They already passed the test before the crash.