By No thanks - 11/12/2014 12:08 - United States

Today, I was sitting on a fence watching a friend play soccer. He accidentally kicked the ball at my face and made me fall off the fence into mud. I laughed it off and got back on the fence. Two seconds later he did the same exact thing. I fell wrong and slammed my face into the fence. Pain. FML
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Hopefully you didn't go back on the fence...

He must be bad at soccer.


Ouch. I guess once bitten, twice still not shy :/

He must be bad at soccer.

Or good at soccer, but aiming at the wrong target

Or just an asshole.

Hopefully you didn't go back on the fence...

Pete and Repeat setting on a fence. Pete gets a soccer ball to the face and falls off. Who's left?

maybe he tried to hit you?

He did it just for kicks.

Maybe he tried to hit a person next to the OP.

that's painful man sorry about that, switch places next time.

JMichael 25

This makes me think it wasn't accidental.

Sounds like you were target practice. FYL

so... did you go back and continue sitting on the fence waiting for a third time too?

well, 3rd times a charm..

Didn't the story of Humpty Dumpty teach you anything?

Sounds more like a best friend