By Anonymous - 18/03/2011 16:14 - Netherlands

Today, I was worried about passing an exam, so I hid a note under my skirt. When the guy next to me was finished, I had to get up so he could leave. With no time to hide the note, I stood in front of the entire class, hand over my crotch, looking as if I had to pee. FML
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sailorguy 2

YDI for being a cheating low life crooked lousy student who can't do well without breaking the rules that other people follow.

Aww, you poor thing! You looked silly because you were cheating. Well boo ******* hoo, you idiot scumbag. Maybe you'll learn something from this experience, but based on your story, you haven't got two brain cells to rub together. Repeat after me, "Is that for here or t? go?" Get used to saying that.


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he should have just been like "It's GONNA BLOW!!!" and ran out of the room. now seeing THAT would have made my day. lol

Takador 3

Considering she's in Netherlands, she might aswell flash the class

Um guys don't wear skirts. Atleast as far as I know.

JesseOhNine 0

I would've asked to see her notes

19fml18 0

if everyone was taking an exam, don't you think they would be looking at their test and not at you?

wikkedphuka 0

u do realize this is a girl that posted right?!!?

"Today, I finished taking my exam and when the girl beside me stood up to let me out, she held her crotch. I was moments away from being peed on. FML"

sailorguy 2

YDI for being a cheating low life crooked lousy student who can't do well without breaking the rules that other people follow.

mendozaale 0

Life is harsh. Deal with it or go live on Mars. There's no laws (or proper oxygen resources) there anyway.

Or maybe it was a note of encouragement. Way to be positive. haha

I agree. Just today someone was cheating on a simple ten point quiz and it disgusted me to think they couldn't handle failing that or just asking the teacher for help. If you were worried about it why didn't you get extra help and studied while you had the chance? YDI.

Patrick0294 0

typical american, rules are ment to be broken its not chating if u get away with it

42 OP isn't American, dumbass. Think before you post.

58 he was talking to 3. think before you post dumbass.

Who the **** cares who Patrick0294 was talking to? His comment is asinine and wrong, and he's a dumbass regardless of who he's talking to. It IS cheating if you don't get caught. If you murder someone and don't get caught, is it any less wrong? Grow the **** up.

"rawest", read the first sentence again. it says exam. derrrrr.

sorry "rawrzy", i'm half asleep and not reading straight.... I thought you were saying it was ok that the op was cheating on a quiz.

Because he cheated he's a low life lousy student? I think not. Even though cheating is against the rules, who gives a f***. Break rules at your own risk. One of my extremely smart teachers tells us how he used to cheat when he was in high school. I cheat myself from time to time, not on small things though. An argument could be to get help, but I'm just too lazy for that, and I figure it out later for the final, which I usually ace or get a B on. No harm done. It really annoys me how righteous some people are, thinking they are better because they don't cheat or break rules. Some rules are meant to be broken, not all, but a lot. People, watch Jon Lajoie's video on youtube called "Not giving a ****!", for some further help to get you started on not giving a **** today! :P

C6Racer 0

Just because your "super smart " teacher cheated doesn't make it right, nor does it mean you should. It's an awesome feeling when I succeed in something without cheating. Cheating of any form is immature.

75% to 98% of college students cheat. Leave the girl alone.

says the guy with the Dick Cheney pro pic

cooldukenukem 2

67% of all statistics are made up on the spot and 89% of the worlds population believe them whether they are accurate or not.

oooKiLLaHooo 0

okay?? just straight up dissed on statistics by using other statistics..that seem more made up than any other I have heard in my entire life..idiot..

thrAsHeRr9081 16

124- That was the point. Who is the idiot now?

Cheating in college is like having three women swimming in a pool filled with Jello while a fat man is running toward it; it's not going to end well. If I'm correct, most colleges can expel you for cheating.

Just because a lot of people do it, doesn't make it right. :|

Cheating means that you are a dumbass! some people have to study more than others some less but everyone should study and do their own work. Cheaters are those people who always look for shortcuts, handouts, and way outs. Personally I'd be a little worried if my teacher openly admits to cheating because I'd wonder if he is qualified to teach me.

I think I'd rather have a teacher that openly admitted to cheating in the past, than have one that says nothing and leaves me to wondering if they used to cheat or not. The sad fact is that just because they don't openly admit they have done it, doesn't mean that they haven't done it.

I disagree 131. Not all cheaters are lazy dumbfucks looking for the easy way out in everything.

113- you are an idoit! Don't leave the girl own, she has to learn the hard way. Watch, I bet some kids worked there ass of just so they can get a B! On the other hand, there's a bitch who cheated and got an A.

Yes, #105, cheating makes OP a low-life, lousy student just like you.

god damn you people are dicks...people cheat all the time, it's life...and I bet most of you have cheated before...stop griping about the way things are and deal with it. And people who cheat often end up not learning the material and fail in college anyway

I didn't say it was right, I was trying to explain how anyone can cheat, not just low lifes. It's not "immature", immature is using the word gay to try to offend someone. People cheat in life all the time. Anyways, time to back to being a lazy low life. Also, notes OP? notes are too unoriginal, YDI for using a too risky method :/

105/161 OP is probably a chick; she's wearing a skirt. Reading comprehension....

starryxeyes 2

While I agree, cheating isn't the worst thing in the world. It would be rather annoying to the students who've actually studied for the exam and only ended up with a B or C. Especially, if the person cheating does it often and is the type of person that skates through life, never having to work for anything.

what's hilarious is that these scumbags have a chance at success

pandaRanda 0

Kids wouldn't cheat if there wasn't this much pressure on them to get high grades. It's not always their fault, I've had teachers who don't teach everything on the test or straight up skip lessons. Maybe if we paid them more...

Not really though, if you pay attention in class and do your homework you literally do not need to study a lot before a test, looking through notes to solidify what you have learnt is enough. Call me a nerd, I don't care since I can actually do well in my classes without cheating.

Well we know you cheated on the spelling tests

mendozaale 0

At least u didn't get in trouble

she (I'm assuming "she" because of the skirt) should have gotten caught. cheaters never prosper.

Good cheaters can easily prosper, true fact.

^^^ Prime example of an idiot. {scenario: ^^this cheater cheats his way through medical school... now he is diagnosing you. how dangerous is he? right.}

132, a lot of doctors now have computer programs where you just put in the signs/symptoms and it tells you what it could be.. sure, BEFORE now, cheaters didn't get anywhere, but with technology now, half the things you take so long studying for are done by machines anyways. A GOOD cheater can make it through med school, learning the things he has to do hands on, and cheating through the rest and still be just as efficient as the guy that devotes 98% of his time to studying.

Wow. Judging by this comment you are one of those cheaters I was talking about. My advise... Spend more time studying and maybe you wouldn't have written this foolish comment.

Advice*. Spend more time learning proper grammar and maybe you won't make such a foolish mistake.

haha buuuurn high five to you sir!!!| :D

Haha! Touche... Typing on an iphone does suck. However you are a bit rude... I study plenty, being number 1 in my class proves that. And I did it without cheating. Which I think is the point, hun... =)

132 - Some people simply don't have say, 2 hours to devote to studying. There are students that take many subjects at a time and including a job. Some resort to cheating to save time for studying for another exam that is more important than the previous one. I will have to agree with 106 because good cheaters (if you meant the responsible ones) will take their time to learn/correct whatever they are bad at and improve on it on their own time after the exam.

Cmliedtke - please explain how, at 16 years old, you know so much about how the medical field works. I'm fascinated by these computer programs that doctors use. Please elaborate. Or you can just admit that you're making shit up and talking out of your ass and don't know jack shit.

niquii 0

^^no offence but that is a lame excuse to cheat...I have absolutely no time to study for this test! looks like I'm going to have to

#147 - It's true what #135 says, I've actually been spending the last 4 years of medical school learning how to type things into a computer. It's amazing how everyone with a certain disease/disorder presents with exactly the same symptoms and signs so there's no thinking required on my part at all. My finals will basically test me on how well I spell and how quickly I type.

Just because I said that I'm an idiot? Seriously, try to think about it for a second. I get all A's without cheating, and I easily learn things. I'm going to be an engineer just like my dad because I'm really good at math. I also cheat from time to time, no harm done. And there ARE people who cheat through life all the time to get super high paying jobs, which really annoys me because idiots can't point out the people who have no clue about their job. That's life, and if you don't like it.. well all I know is I don't give a ****.

@#151 What are you going to do when someone presents with unusual symptoms? Will you just continue to type those symptoms into the computer and just hope the right thing comes up? Will you be able to use your brain and figure out what's wrong with them? If all your med school studying has been simply learning how to input information into a computer than I'm not sure I would want you as a doctor. I'd stick with the sixty year old person who actually had to learn to think about the problem.

TayonaC 10

I'm sure that made some guys day o_O did you get away with it?

mendozaale 0

it would have made my day :)

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well thats what u get for cheating