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Today, I came home to visit my family for spring break, only to realize that I'd left my phone in my apartment. After a 2 hour drive back, I discovered my boyfriend with my neighbor. He panicked and pretended to be sleepwalking. FML
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Just don't let him "sleepwalk" back into your apartment.

Your boyfriend really is a dumbass if he thought that you would actually believe that he was sleepwalking. On the bright side, be happy that you found out about it. Now you can dump him and find someone new.


That's kinda moronic. "Oh, she's left her phone here, I'll sleep with the neighbour, she'll never find out"..."oh shit, we ended up sleepwalking into the same bed, sorry"

Your name fits perfectly with your comment.

You do realize that her boyfriend probably didn't notice her phone, right?

Shhh #26 let him stay in his own little world!

"Babe... It was an accident!" "What? Like she tripped and you fell?"

There's no REMedy for his cuntish behaviour. Tell him to wake up and smell the cof--...the smell of being single.

Just don't let him "sleepwalk" back into your apartment.

Your boyfriend really is a dumbass if he thought that you would actually believe that he was sleepwalking. On the bright side, be happy that you found out about it. Now you can dump him and find someone new.

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Technically, we only know that the boyfriend was found with the neighbor. Op didn't say they were doing anything that would make her think he'a cheating.

That is a good point. I just assumed he was doing something wrong since he panicked and she posted it on fml. If he wasn't doing anything wrong there is no need to panic.

Actually, the FML is posted in the Intimacy category, so I think they would have to be doing something FML worthy.

erockinthesuburb 17 bang your neighbor in your sleep? Dang, I need to get me some of that.

Please tell me you're not serious. But if you are, I'm selling this really nice Bridge. I'll give you a really good deal. ?

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At least to me, that is not funny anymore.:P

@24- you probably got a little less thumbs ups for your picture and just a little lesser for you name.

Hey, 27, you must be new here, so I'll fill you in. Lauren has been here for a while now, and you're probably the 100th person to tell her that she got thumbed down for her picture and/ or her name. It's gotten real old, so kindly quit picking on the girl.

People get 'picked' on here at FML all the time, who cares if the commenter is new? he/she can say what they like and I'm sure whoever Lauren is can stand up for herself too! Not saying they're right for saying what they did but you get my drift.

39, It wasn't so much that he was picking on Lauren, but that he said something that dozens, perhaps even hundreds, of other people have said before, practically word-for-word. It's just gotten old is all. And, while I'm sure Lauren is perfectly capable of standing up for herself, she never says anything in reply to the morons who use the same old insults on her and believe they are being original. She'd rather just let their stupidity speak for itself, I guess. So before other people, who are meaner than I, stepped in to rip the guy apart, I thought I'd give him a heads up.

I think this phrase still has some comedic value. But you people just use it at such terrible times.

I agree with 55, people have exhausted and abused the use of the phrase. Which really is a shame, it had potential

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Dump the filthy cheating dog and go have a good spring break, his loss

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Don't get me wrong, definitely not a YDI, but could you really not keep your phone off of you for a while while you visited your family? I understand that you may have needed it for a reason that you didn't mention, but to drive two hours to get it back?

Maybe work-related calls? Although yes, it would have been easier to phone her boyfriend and ask him to change the phone settings so that all calls would be forwarded to her parents' phones.

These days, a phone can also be someone's only access to email, phone numbers, etc.; without the data stored in her phone, she may not have even known her boyfriend's number to ask him to forward calls, let alone know the numbers of any friends she was going to visit over break (perhaps with plans to finalize via text or Facebook), or her calendar, or any homework assignments she needed to get done, or so on. And perhaps she forgot other things, too, and the phone was enough extra reason to go back for all of them. But regardless, if she hadn't gone back she wouldn't have found out why she should no longer call her boyfriend for anything.

On another note, did anyone else find it weird she drove a total of 4 hours just to get her phone?

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The funniest part would be if she used said phone to post this FML. It's like... She spent four hours to post an FML!

What an idiot. I hope you dumped him. I don't understand why so many people cheat.

perdix 29

#10, for males, it is to spread their seed as widely as possible. For some, the laws of natural selection override the social norms of fidelity. Plus, it feels good. Next question?

perdix 29

Is my answer incorrect, or do you just not like the truth?

I don't know why you're being thumb downed I thought it was funny!

Perdix's theory is a scientific theory, males had it in them to try to breed as much as possible back then to reproduce since there was a high death rate of new born babies & most people didn't live past their thirties, living grand parents & great grandparents are a relatively new thing that's existed for the last hundred years or so. It's historically proven that it was not uncommon for our male ancestors to have been with multiple women at once. But obviously, that is no longer necessary nowadays due to overpopulation & scientific advances. We should be more evolved by now & not resorting back to animal instincts. But seriously, it isn't a good excuse but it's a good explanation why men have a higher chance of cheating. Although there are many other reasons like falling out of love or not ready to commit & be serious. No excuse makes cheating right though.