By Kelly - 02/08/2012 08:11 - United States - Manteca

Today, my brother offered my boyfriend $50 to dump me. Guess who's single. FML
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I_Hug_Cats 26

you're obviously better off if he dumped you for money..

Hiimhaileypotter 52

If he'd dump you for $50, I wonder what else he'd do :/ I'm sorry, OP, but you're better off without him!


I_Hug_Cats 26

you're obviously better off if he dumped you for money..

jab7769 8

I would of took the money broke up with u waited an hour got back together and took you out on your brothers dime. The deal was to break up not to never get back together. Just because it would be fun to make him mad and prove a point at same time.

silbot 11

You're better off without an asshole of a boyfriend who would give you up for $50

yes you're better off without a money seeker, but at the same time I wonder what your brother had against you that caused him to go to that point...

Perhaps her brother already knew of the boyfriend's true nature and did this to avoid having his sister suffer even greater hurt when they do eventually break up later on. It's unfortunate that OP was dating a Judas, but it's much better that her illusions of him end now rather than later.

Maybe he was trying to prove that her boyfriend was a no good sack of shit?

missmurderx 8

plot twist: her brother is actually in love with her and chased her and her boyfriend to sydney, austrailia.

Your brother is just jealous because he can't have him.

Maybe the brother is in love with the boyfriend

This FML is a trick question. The answer is Tom Cruise,

Special_Psycho 8

That is just wrong on very many levels, dude.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

If he'd dump you for $50, I wonder what else he'd do :/ I'm sorry, OP, but you're better off without him!

reallytho3 11

He'd probably do some strange things for $50

MrBrightside21 20

If he would do that for $50, I wander what he would do for a Klondike Bar?

42- Probably shoot someone. Those types of shallow-footed morons are fairly common these days.

47- I doubt he would shoot someone, he's not that dimwitted.

2 is right. You dodged a bullet there. This isn't a FML and you owe your brother some thanks.

It seems sometimes that a pointless meaningless relationship can worth less than $50 at times.

Sounds like to me that if he was willing to dump you for $50, Op, your brother did you a favour getting rid of him for you. :p

dougiewhale 6
momolee 4

You are better off without him

Awww, that sucks, but still better than being sold for $50...

Really? and your boyfriend did it??... sorry about that OP you well find a new boyfriend soon.

challan 19

$50 is quite a few packs of Klondike bars...

kitkat2014 6

Both now they can sit together snore come and yell out "Winning"

Yes, yes I did but hey maybe he wanted him to dump her so they could be gay together. But either way that was an autocorrect fail.

tony1891 22

it's the recession people will do anything for dinero. But don't feel bad. there will be others.

Sinamoi 18

Give me the $50 and I'll take care of the issue. A ninja's services are not free.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

I don't think that's the only thing you'd do for $50 ;) if you know what I mean I'm tired. Forgive me for the stupid comment. Lol.

perdix 29

Ninjas carry out their duties for honor only. When you charge to beat people up, you are not a ninja, you are just a punk.

Sinamoi 18

Nonsense! The ninja community must recieve a modest form of income to ensure the continued success of our organization. Don't worry, we have our guidelines, no hits are to be preformed on children, no stealing from those in poverty, etc. We uphold our honor, but believe me throwing knives and the like are not cheap.

Actually perdix, that rule applied mostly to the samurai class. Ninja were extraordinarily useful to their masters because they were not bound by the bushido code of conduct, since they largely belonged to the peasant class. They were free to perform any acts of subterfuge or assassination ordered by their liege, regardless of honor.

Bushido code was actually a more romanticized idea of samurai Truthfully, they were not all that honor bound

Then again, the same could also be said for the medieval knights. "Chivalry is dead" isn't even a valid saying because it never really existed on a large scale to begin with.

mrnuleef 7

I always thought ninjas were muscle/skills for hire, not so much for honor unless it was their own personal values. But then again my knowledge is based on ninja scroll, naruto, and other fictional tales of that sort. Learned some new stuff about ninjas and samurai and medieval knights today! Thanks fml community for history and english lessons daily!

I believe 86 is right. They were peasants that basically became mercenaries to do dishonorable and dirty work.

You don't need him if 50 bucks is more important then you. In a way your bro did you a favor.

BunchieRules 31

I agree. But I'm thinking OP's boyfriend was just looking for an excuse to dump her. He shouldn't have given her up for any amount of money if he really wanted to stay with her. But even if that were the case, he should've been a man about it and told OP how he felt.

SecretMe00 5

Ya your brother just showed you how deep the love your ex boyfriend had for you. If $50 is all it took, then I don't think he really cared all that much and apparently your brother saw that.

Sounds like something my dad would try to do, I swear my family wants me single forever. Perhaps your brother had a reason? Maybe he didn't treat you right or something.

Actually, I think you're misinterpreting the gesture. OP's brother was testing her BF, and the bf obviously failed said test.