Dirty mind

By Anonymous - 11/12/2015 20:24 - United States - Porter

Today, I'm so sexually deprived that I got a raging hard-on from seeing and hearing my coworker yawn. FML
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to be fair though, Ops coworker is an incredibly sexy yawner.

palmala handerson always helps take the edge off.


Time to find a girlfriend or boyfriend whatever you prefer op

No sex before marriage! That's what grandma told me.

ndnpride88 25

Well wouldn't you be a big tease then #18

Why is it a bad thing to not have sex before marriage? Geez.

Aky0n 10

Maybe because there's no point? Maybe because then you might not know how your spouse is in bed and yet already made vows to stick with them until death? Sex is not just a tiny part of a relationship, but to each their own I suppose.

well it's not "bad" if both people are willing to wait. it can actually be an amazing thing but alot of people don't want to wait. i however jumped the gun at 14 and being that I haven't had sex in nearly 4 years i wish i had waited longer.

FryingPanHero 11

#45 said it right. Serious couples that are serious about their future should discuss and consider sex before marriage together. They may find out they aren't compatible with each other for one reason or another, and finding out may save them some trouble if they find out before they get married.

Burton_Forever 23

Go get yourself a 40 oz, and a hooker! don't forget the rubber!

There come the downvoters... All the while, the oh so prudent 'mericans like to adorn themselves with moral and philosophical superiority of the old societies of Greece and Rome any old opportunity they get. Completely forgetting that in those societies prostitution was as common and accepted as going out on a pub crawl.

Is that the most intellectual reply you could come up with?

SystemofaBlink41 27

Hey, have a view that might differ slightly from the norm? Prepare to get downvoted. Not saying I agree with it, just pointing it out.

It's basically middle school! But way more awkward because you're supposed to be an adult

really?? How did you come up with that assumption!? youre so smart. good job man for real youre a better detective than sherlock holmes man honestly!!

Well anyone is a better Detective than Sherlock Holmes as he was fictional. Must say you're witty reply really struck a cord with me...

to be fair though, Ops coworker is an incredibly sexy yawner.

Jachin357 28

He likes the way she opens her mouth and sucks in the air.

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Yeah, and then she could have poked him with a sexual harassment lawsuit, guaranteeing OP losing his job, and quite likely having to go through life as a registered sex offender. Yes, great plan indeed.

friedpwnadge 25

Y'all have no chill around here.

conman531 23

Nothing says 'I want you' like a sexual harassment lawsuit

OP, there are tons of ways to find someone nowadays. Download a couple apps and have fun! You might not find the love of your life, but you might have some fun :) Good luck! ;)

Right, maybe not the love of your life but maybe the love your night

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Someone get the tiny violin out! We've got a tragedy over here! -let's see how much ydi I can get onto this fml

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@10 How does he deserve it? And why are you trying to manipulate people into thinking that way?

idk why but i feel like he deserved it now

palmala handerson always helps take the edge off.