By madiison09 - 01/04/2013 17:46 - United States

Today, I got a letter from Yale law school saying I got a 4 year full scholarship. I called my dad crying and read the whole thing... even the bottom, which said, "April fools! Love mom and dad." FML
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miniluda12 12

That's crossing the line for an April Fool's joke.

NickaPLZ 26

Wow, it must've seemed legit enough to be a real document which tells me they put a lot of time into it... And for that, I'm not sure if they're awesome or assholes.


iShanny 13

Law school doesn't even last four years...

Surely that depends on the course? I'm doing a teaching degree and I've seen 1, 3 and 4 year courses. In any case, I think OP would've been too excited upon reading the words 'accepted' and 'scholarship' to think to scrutinise too much.

musicluvr2000 11

Thank you dear #25 for clearing up our confusion.

Just because it said a "full four year scholarship" doesn't mean that the entire program only lasts four years. It just means that the first four years are paid for in full. That is WAAAY different than saying that the entire program is only 4 years long.

Obey_StudBoii 23

You obviously don't know anything about University College or Community College. Do your research next time before you have the urge to say something that isn't true or will mislead other's.

law school lasts 3 years. that is the standard length of full time law school programs in America. a few schools do part time 4 year programs. Yale is not among them.

Community college has nothing to do with Yale Law, which by the way doesn't last four years.

Accredited law school (JD) programs like Yale's all have a normative time of three years. All of them. An accelerated two-year JD program has become trendy over the past few years. There are no four-year-plan JDs in major schools like Yale's.

miniluda12 12

That's crossing the line for an April Fool's joke.

Totally agree ! My tears of joy would have turned to tears of shock !

Some people just go way too far.

Law school is three years.

Or tears of anger.

2- I agree with you completely. I think some jokes are amazingly planned. (Like googles new 'smell' site. Or WoW's evil patch notes) But such a life changing thing would be absolutely crushing. I'm so sorry OP. I hope that you can get them back good around Christmas. Say.... A bunch of paperwork for the home you're putting them in?

118, my favorite Google pranks were the emailing with your hands into a camera using Google's made up sign language and the 3D only one eye patch. This FML prank went way too far. Shitty parents. OP, next year, imply that you're stripping or a hooker to get by because you didn't get any scholarships to a school. Let them believe it for days, if not weeks ;-).

Just tell them "pay backs are hell"

Chucklikesbacon 12

Oh my god! That sucks, I am so sorry OP! I can't believe your parents did that.

If OP wants, he or she can print out a fake paternity test under the name of his/her father, a random woman (preferably from college, or work) and give it to the mom to open saying "something came in the mail for dad" Actually, that could end badly. Depends how bad OP wants to get the parents back.

Chucklikesbacon 12

#121, That might seem rather hard at first, but comparing it, to what the parents did to him, they sort of deserve something like that. As long as its clear afterwards, that it was to get them back.

ash1rose 11

That's not cool at all. I'm so sorry OP :(

That's just crossing the line, to fool you like that. To be less hurtful your parents should've chosen a community college or something, so it's not such a humongous let down.

NickaPLZ 26

Wow, it must've seemed legit enough to be a real document which tells me they put a lot of time into it... And for that, I'm not sure if they're awesome or assholes.

^you typed too much. I got ADHD ain't nobody got time fo' dat!

well you certainly got time to write stupid comments

42, you wasted our time by posting your awful comment and the rest of us reading it.

Arokthis 21

Asshole. No "awesome" about it.

Hahahaha funny as helll

heinous966 15

I concede with number sixteen. This comment gives me the desire to rip off my jaw and feed it TI a skunk whilst slowly rubbing my forehead against a large tree.

#27 calm the hell down dick. I thought it was funny sorry if i offended anyone

Obey_StudBoii 23

#10 That's rude.

I really don't see what the fuss is all about. Yeah, it was cruel, but her life hasn't exactly been ruined. It was pretty funny too


*slaps everyone in this thread with a fish* STOP SHITPOSTING!!

jeez #36 calm down. why get all worked up because someone thinks it's funny. that's their problem, what's that too you. unless this happened to you I get it....

I'm just guessing 16's mommy never taught them it was just fine for somebody to have a different opinion than them. Throwing personal insults at someone just because you disagree is ridiculous.

thats when you tell them youre divorcing them as parents, sans the "april fools." start planning for next year!

Some pranks just go too far, even for it being April Fools Day. I'm sorry OP.