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Today, I came out to my parents. They laughed in my face. FML
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iarefatal 9

It's bad when the people of the Internet will take you more seriously than your parents. Sorry op

You can laugh in their shocked faces when you bring home your new girlfriend.


iarefatal 9

It's bad when the people of the Internet will take you more seriously than your parents. Sorry op

friedpwnadge 25

Lelelelele Welcome to the Internet where we are your therapists/personal trolls

Osito2011 9

They are probably not taking her seriously, because they already new. In fact, they probably had a bet going one for when will she come out.

I think its just because they dont believe it, or think it's stupid. Could be wrong though.

Considering the number of friends I have had in the past who's parents disowned them a little laughter is a great improvement. Sucks that that is not the response you wanted, but...

When i came out as a bisexual my mom asked if "i was doing thus because i wanted more gay friends" i feel ya OP

Draxanoth 15

Ouch. I'm sorry that's so not cool. Maybe sit them down and talk? Or go the fancy way and bring home your new girlfriend Dillon.

At least they didn't disown OP like some parents do. But it still sucks for OP.

perdix 29

They probably have you pegged as asexual. Just because you fail as a heterosexual doesn't mean you'll do much better as a homosexual.

You can laugh in their shocked faces when you bring home your new girlfriend.

They were probably shocked. But congrats in taking the step I know a few gay people that haven't had the courage to do that.

On the bright side, lesbians are sexy as hell.

Not all lesbians look like the ones in **** videos.

xXxIracebethxXx 14
perdix 29

They probably had you pegged as asexual. Celibacy can be a choice, or it could just be foisted upon you.

91, yes my friend. You are an ass You're an ass They mean the same thing. Your an ass means something different.

U_GotitDude 18

I'm sorry OP... You're always welcome here :)

DaniCake_03 5

well. to be fair the only one ever surprised at someone coming out is the one coming out. thats the main reason I was not surprised by my friends laughing and saying no shit when I did.

no they dont. they think they do. but they dont. I dont think I have ever heard a story of people being surprised when someone comes out.

I had a similar case with not one, but TWO friends from high school. I wasn't homophobic, but I'd grown up in a rather conservative household and that was pretty well known - I didn't swear, got good grades, wasn't really allowed to date guys unless it was a group date, etc. One of the two guys I 'dated' for almost a year in 8th grade - we never went further than hugs, cheek kissing and holding hands, but he went on to have other girlfriends in high school and after, and only came out LAST YEAR - ten years after graduation. The other case was a good friend of mine. He didn't want it widely known in high school that he was gay - it was a suburban school and many of the guys who went there were pretty homophobic, if they thought a guy was 'gay' they'd torment him, stuff him in a locker, into a garbage can, all kinds of shit. He came out to our small circle of friends - we were pretty careful to protect his secret, one of us girls always went with him to any school event where one might be expected to bring a date (like the grad formal, dances, etc). He came out to his parents the year after they graduated - and they were flabbergasted. His father refused to see him for a while (I wrote to him a lot during this time, we went to different colleges), but he's come around now. He just got married last year - to the guy of his dreams. I'm really happy for him. But it really *is* possible that people don't know, especially if the person is desperate to hide it and as a result tries incessantly to 'act straight'.

jaredofmo 22

For me, it was varied. When I came out, my little brother, older brother, younger sister, oldest brother and his wife shrugged it off. My other siblings and my parents were a little more surprised.

18- My little brother's gay, and he always had girls hanging off of him, so I always assumed otherwise. Up until he told me, I had no idea. I didn't really care either, but I guess sometimes, you only see what you expect to see. :P

For me, when I came out to my parents for being trans they kind of just stared at me for a moment and had this "oh shit" look on their faces. They always thought I was a lesbian because I would dress as a guy; even though I told them repeatedly that I like guys. Who knows if they really believed me, but they were certainly shocked by it because I hid myself so well.

18 - I have a gay friend who shocked everyone when he came out. People often expect gay men to be effeminate but my friend is a butch rugby player who had hooked up with lots of girls (he tried to turn himself straight). It isn't always obvious when people are gay.

My family was pretty shocked all but my cousin who's good with computers... Nuff said

Suaria 38

Well personally I have never had someone surprise me when they came out. Of course I am only 16, and have a while before someone that I know comes out. My best friend from preschool though recently came out as being bisexual. Even before she came out, I had a feeling she was either bi or lesbian. So personally it did not surprise me when she came out. Even though before she came out, she never mentioned about liking girls and guys. I guess you could say I had a sixth sense about her.

Starcatch77 20

This is a legitimate question, I'm not trying to be rude at all. But since you like guys, if a guy likes you, does that make him straight or gay?

Starcatch77 20

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