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By justmyluck - 12/02/2010 19:34 - United States

Today, my mom picked me up from school due to me being sick. Afterwards, she took a detour to the DMV, and I waited in the car. I ended up vomiting everywhere, clothes included, and had to sit in the car for three hours while the taste and smells lingered. FML
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Next time, learn to step out of the car and puke on her seat while you wait on the bench out side. then she learn.

MadaZer0 8

The though of just opening the door didn't come to you... Why exactly?


That's a FYL to you & a YDI to your mum. Hope you feel better soon.

kenzie15 0

aw hope ya feel better.... I bet ur mom feels horrible!!


your mom is an inconsiderate bitch-I hope she catches what you have, only worse. hope you feel better! and remember, next time your mom is sick--revenge is sweeeeeet!!

bfrench95 0

you deserved it by puking all over yourself. you idiot. open the car door?

Sometimes a person doesn't have that much of a notice before they blow chunks. Or maybe she/he tried but they had the seatbelt on and couldn't lean out in time.

I agree with #7 although I'm sure your mum didn't realize you were that sick. I would also imagine that if you had told her immediately, she would've given up her place in line.

lol omg no I shouldn't laugh to late.. but I feel bad for u:(

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Teeth Always sweat before you throw up. at least for a few seconds, which is enough time to open the car door and throw up outside it. Or, you could have rolled down a window afterwards. Or stood outside of the car. You had multiple options there, OP. You chose to sit in the stink. But still, FYL. I had the stomach bug yesterday. No fun for us :(

just one question, if you kneww you were feeeling that sick, how come you didnt open the door and throw up? haha idk maybe it was unexpected but usually i know when im gonna be that sick so i would have opened the door. still fyl for having to sit in the car so long.

#57 teeth sweat? I have never heard of this before.

epoh_fml 0

ah it's a term my ex used to use. It's when one's mouth starts watering right before throwing up :) I always feel it a minute or so before I get sick

Understood. That sounds much better than saying you drool like a teething toddler right before you hurl (which happens to me too).

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YDI for sitting there. You had the power to leave dumbass. YDI 110 %

i always have a hard time breathing right before i hurl everywhere. i guess its my airway closing so i dont get stomach acid im my lungs. who knows.

#39 if the mom knew she/he was sick and decided to go to the DMV for a couple of hours anyways, than she didn't care enough to want to take her/him home no matter what they said. The Mom's obviously a selfish inconsiderate person.

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maybe he was locked in any1 thought of dat no you all clicked you deserved it without thinking

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when in doubt , blame it on the hobos.

MissCharlotte_fml 26

Well who knows if OP wasnt locked in the car and while trying to unlock the door, they threw up? Also, they probably did not want to go in the DMV covered in vomit. FYL, OP, because your mom is an inconsiderate bitch. And to all of you who said YDI, try to think before you speak.

mikeyboi19 5

it's his fault for stayin in the car for three hours after he threw up. it's not hard to just stand outside or at least go to the DMV restroom to clean up you sick freak

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Never been to a DMV obviously, have you? The rumors are true, the wait is horrible. FYL, OP :/

MXavierT 0

I think he means why the hell would you sit in it for 3 hours.

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aahhhhhhh zat sucks!!! sorry for you.

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grosssss :/ that made me feel sick just looking at it

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Next time, learn to step out of the car and puke on her seat while you wait on the bench out side. then she learn.

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next time tell you stupid ass mother to take you straight home....

agree. car doors can open you know.. sigh

She probably locked OP in the car. You know to keep OP safe. At least that's what my mom does...

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you can unlock a car door from the inside buddy

MadaZer0 8

The though of just opening the door didn't come to you... Why exactly?

The stomach flu is different for everyone. OP may not have felt it coming. Also, the door could've been locked, there could've been a vehicle parked to close to the door, making it impossible for her to open the door... There's a number of reasons as to why OP didn't open the door. Think before you typed