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  Aylla89  |  3

Maybe learn how small cats are and how you wouldn't be expecting something to go out in front or behind you in a blind spot. The owner should have put the cat up. Being loose, the cat could get curious or distracted near the car, or be startled and run out near the tire suddenly. Animals run on survival instincts.

We had a dog get run over late at night because my mom had opened the door for groceries, and in the time that i got up to check where the dog was and outside, she'd darted out to the road and was hit in the head/ jaw and gone instantly. I was young and blamed the driver and mom for killing her, but honestly i can't remember if the driver had been speeding or being reckless. He was very apologetic. No one expects or prepares for a dog to run out, and no vehicle can stop perfectly on a dime. One of us should have put the dog in a room before opening a door. So her friend deserves it for not being responsible of the cat. Let it be a lesson learned.

  species4872  |  19

Cat's will generally run to an open space, which usually is the road.

  ChristinePi  |  36

The cat could have died of natural causes though. Personally my cats are indoor only but I imagine once a cat has had a taste of the outdoors it's hard to keep them in 100%. They're excellent escape artists.

  rekijan  |  6

"No one expects or prepares for a dog to run out, and no vehicle can stop perfectly on a dime."

They should, could have easily be a kid as well.

By  Aylla89  |  3

.....survival of the smartest-who-get-out-of-the-way-of-large-moving-objects?

Then again maybe the cat got spooked by something, panicked, and ran in the wrong direction by mistake.

By  Catdragon  |  40

I don't find all these jokes funny. Someone just lost their kitty. I love cats and I lost mine to a car. After that, I stop letting my cats outside. But my whole world was torn apart when I lost him. Please try and respect the fact that some people consider pets family and you wouldn't make jokes to someone who just lost their kid to cancer would you?


While I agree with you that kitty death isn't something that should be joked about, this is fml. The sole purpose of this app is to laugh at horrible things. I'm sorry that you had such a tragic passing of a kitty cat though.


Your analogy is incorrect. No one is making jokes to the owner of the cat as they are not the one who posted it. Also, a child is not the same as a pet. Even the law views pets as property and not family members.