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Today, my girlfriend of 3 years who had taken a job in a new city last month came into town and told me that she had slept with a co-worker last Friday. Last Friday I was incredibly lonely but I turned down a very attractive woman because I didn't want to hurt my girlfriend. FML
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Those are probably the reasons why he didn't want to hurt her...

That should make you the better person then =]


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So really, you essentially feel bad for not cheating because she cheated? Wow...

My thoughts exactly. Sucks that she cheated, but the last sentence makes the OP seem like a bit of a douchebag. OP, it's not like you're anything special for NOT cheating.

I think he's just pissed at the irony.

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hes jsut saying the irony of it sucks, he doesnt regret not having sex. Im sorry. u shouldve bitchslapped ur girlfriend

Yeah, violence against women FTW. She cheats, you hit her. She flirts, you hit her. She gets looked at by a man, you hit her. She burns your toast, you hit her. Get the **** out of ye olden days, and learn that violence against women is not cool, you pathetic small-penised dickwad.

You sir, are late to the world. Beating them is the only way they will learn. Ironically, my girlfriend beats me :(

Violence should be given equally to men and women. Violence against women is bad? Please. We're all equals here and will be beaten as such.

(#23) Yes it does. There are far more people who cheat when given the oppourtunity than not. Good on you OP. (And no, I don't cheat)

No, it's more he is angry that he cared enough about her not give in to the other woman, but yet she couldn't do the same. I'd be pretty damn pissed about that as well if it happened.

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my dad would beat my mom bloody right in front of me. Please tell me what she had to learn, and now that they split he hits me to get his anger out. Beating people doesn't teach anyone anything. It just shows how weakminded and pathetic u really are.

Violence against women for something that's unjustified is not cool (yeah, if a man looks at her it means she's just pretty!). And flirting isn't necessarily bad, that's just your trust. Cheating... I'm sorry, but that deserves a slap to the face. Not a beating, not a pummeling, but slap is more than justified. A woman would do the same to a man any day.

#91 I agree just move on she doesn't deserve u :))) x

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Hey! My girlfriend hits me too! =D Wait...wrong face... As for the FML, he's not mad because he didn't get laid, he's mad because he decided to hold the relationship at a good level, when his girlfriend decided to screw it.

Cheating is a big ****** deal. I might even swing one at a girl if she cheated cuz I'd be pissed. And I bet you wouldn't object to a girl hitting a guy for the same reason.

To the person who says they don't cheat... your namy justifies it.

i know it's just noting an irony and all. but even THINKING about it (i.e. "man! I could have hit that while shes whoring around") is still a horrible thing to note. if the OP were really sincere about staying faithful, he wouldn't have thought about the opportunity he once had even now. that's not to say that what his (ex) gf did was not horrible. she's a big fat cheating bitch ***** ****. and props for you not cheating. but staying faithful in the relationship should just be a given, a required rule, and not a trade off, or personal choice.

im sorry to hear about your ex GF cheating on you

To #116, I was cheated on a few months ago. Yes, that guy took a nice beating from me. I was extremely pissed off - especially because we lived together AND when I noticed him always on the phone/texting this girl, I kept saying something was going to happen and she was threatening our relationship. He kept insisting that it was "just chit chat" and "non-threatening". I hope the douchebag learned his lesson at least. :)

that was twice and I was out of line!

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That's pretty ironic~ Did you at least work it out with her/break it off with her?

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not the kind of girl for u.

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Those are probably the reasons why he didn't want to hurt her...

And this is why women make ******* retarded decisions. At least this guy could control himself

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it sux... did you broke up with her? I hope you did!

That should make you the better person then =]

You're a better person than her, you will find someone who will appreciate that kind of honesty and integrity in a man. We're a rare breed now.

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Just because you have bad luck with women doesn't mean that all women are evil.

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No, all women are evil. That's just that. We suck (other guys dick).

Guys, he's got us. No point pretending anymore. Just admit it. We are all the anti-christ. Now that you know we're going to have to kill you...

The real FML here is that nobody can spell anything right in their comments. Good luck with that management job at Wendy's.

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I am with you, Ughsucks. The spelling of many posters here make me think that Idiocracy is actually the future of mankind. It's sad that these posters are native speakers, yet make more mistakes than me :(.

y dnt u like it just bcuz some1 spells thngs rong dsnt meen they r dum

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He's not saying he felt bad for not cheating. He's saying the irony that he had the same opportunity only to have it backfire is a painful "insult to injury" addition. For that, I feel you. Sorry man, and I hope you get back to that one chick and show her your pants bishop.

wow...the irony I hope you got that other chick's number ;)