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  quickit  |  24

I would say more than 9/10 cases it would be way too awkward dating a girl that slept with your dad. My advice to OP is to just move on. If he decided to stay with her I'm sure future complications relating to his dad would eventually arise.

  okokalright  |  15

She could've been into him before she had sex with his dad. I think employee and boss hook ups/ relationships can be risky, but that doesn't automatically make her a horrible person

  ChopSuey444  |  20

#14, lol, just no. She could be between their ages and it be perfectly reasonable for her to be attracted to both men. The fact that they're related really doesn't have anything to do with it. It makes it awkward for OP, but it doesn't make her a bad person. And sleeping with your boss doesn't always make you a bad person, she could have extremely genuine feelings for them both.

  Badkarma4u  |  17

He does deserve it. If youre going to crush on a girl for 6 months and not make a move, trust me somebode else will. She may have actually liked him but his lack of making a move made her feel otherwise. Dad just stepped up and made a move. How was she to know junior was crushing on her. I don't blame her because, its not her job to sit around for 6 months while junior gets his balls up. It's not dad's fault because he saw a hottie and jumped on it, its not his responsibility to check with his son first. The only one to blame is OP. This waiting around in silent admiration never works out. Unless youre the kind of guy who gets off watching the girl you like date others. Next time man up. Even if you get shot down, so what, at least you put it out there.

  kfchicken_fml  |  28

well if you're making the assumption that she also may have liked him before couldn't you also make your exact same argument towards her and just as easily blame her ? not blaming anyone but its an awkward situation to say the least

  zacadrien0899  |  23

sometimes people press YDI's by accident. it happens to me a lot when I'm lying in bed pissing myself from people's misfortunes that I don't even check what I'm pressing