By ohno - 14/09/2010 23:30 - United States

Today, I took my girlfriend of 3 years out to where we had our first date. I proposed to her. She breaks down in tears as she tells me she's been sleeping with her co-worker for the past year. FML
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At least you found out before you got married

What a dirty hoe bitch.


well that bites balls :( sorry op

man that sucks. at least she told you

Woah do you hear that? A word is being screamed in our minds... BIIIIIIITCH!! At least she was sorry I guess but still, FYL OP

"Waiter, please bring me the Tab and one of those big kitchen knifes, please".

damn dude that's gotta sting. At least she fessed up. make her give ya special sex then dump her sorry ass

ya it does! what a dirty little bitch!

well that bites balls :( sorry op

funny I thought u were a girl but now you are a guy?

Yes, unfortunately, it wasn't his balls in her mouth. Seriously, though, OP. That fucking sucks. Bitches like that are worth nothing. You'll bounce back. This isn't something to forgive, though.. After a year, it's obviously not something that "just happened" a couple times. Leave her a find a real woman =)

fuck that bitch ! find someone that really deserves you . i am sorry op fyl !

45 he did it many times and in vain...

OP I hope you made a typo and meant to write ex-girlfriend* because otherwise, you're pathetic.

108 I love your profile pic!

why do so many douches say he deserved it?

What a dirty hoe bitch.

haha nice choice of words but maybe you should add another word to it like fatass even if she isn't fat :D

*What a dirty fatass hoe bitch

At least you found out before you got married

yeah - she seemed to have genuine guilt about it aswell.

exactly, at least she was good enough to say it before they actually got married...

Yeah she did have guilt, but not enough. She's been sleeping with her coworker for over a year, so she must not have felt to bad about it the first time

break up with the hoe OP

agreed, I hate cheaters

pick a tense, past or present!

What about future?

they have no future

LOL! You took the words right out of my, fingers.

comment 63 . fuck the world

Whore bitch slut.

how did you not notice she was cheating for an entire year?

Because I'm pretty sure she didn't do it in the same room as him. Maybe work schedules or school made it possible.

lol at senseless, the funny part is that denvan is probably being cheated on his/herself

Lmao 40. Nice one!

at least she told you OP bisches and hoes

What do ya do when yo' bitch is untrue? You cut that hooker off and find someone new. I need another bitch (another bitch), in my life Sorry I was listening to Biggie today! ** R.I.P.**

If there was a "like" burton on this site I would like this comment^^