By Stupid Drunk - 22/12/2012 05:01 - United States

Today, I was drunk at a party and confessed my love for my crush and told her how I felt. According to my friends, I made out with another girl not long after my confession. FML
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Alcohol giveth, and alcohol taketh away.

As soon as I saw "drunk at a party", I hit YDI. If you can't control yourself to the point where you let loose at the mouth and then make out with random people, you shouldn't be drinking. Who knows what your alcohol-saturated brain will allow you to do next.


Alcohol giveth, and alcohol taketh away.

I don't drink and I ever drink. Why do people feel the need to drink something that obviously is going to turn you stupid, more likely to say things that you may never say, and do things you may never do like cheat on someone who got pissed enough to invent fmylife? Also, I would rather drink a Sprite. Sprite is tastey. At least i can drink 2 liters. I'm not going to, but it is nice to know it doesn't turn you stupid.

LiterOfCola 16

Because most people aren't idiotic and can get a buzz without making regretful mistakes. That's fine for you, and yea sprite is "tastey," but you're quite judgmental to make such a broad statement.

Werken247 14

@37 Dude, you don't need alcohol to make you stupid, you're already there.

SW500 13

While it isn't for everyone, some people can responsibly enjoy alcohol. I am not one of those people, however, and tried killing myself. I'd say most people don't have that issue though.

At least this isn't one of those depressing fml where they confess and then the chick goes and gets with someone after!

37- you look like Walt jr. from breaking bad

37- does saying things you might never say and doing things you might never do really sound so bad..?

You deserve it. Even when completely smashed u still know what youre doing and could have controlled yourself.

MrBond007_fml 6

You have clearly never been drunk before...

You still "direct" your actions to an extent, you may not have >20% control which is usually reserved for serious things (e.g. Cheating/Really stupid things/etc); however, it could be tactics.... "Ill snog this bird, and get her jelly"

'Mrbond007' youre wrong, I actually have a number of times. I've been of legal drinking age for several years now. Your motor functioning is affected but you can still make decisions reasonably well enough to avoid a situation like OP's.

Tell that to the parents of my friend that was killed by a drunk driver.

Ness, have you ever heard of black out mode?

Driving requires motor skills, drinking impairs them. I'm sure the drunk driver wasn't actively trying to kill anyone, he/she just lost control of the car. So why would it be so bad to tell this to the parents? I'm sure they know already.

I think it might depend on the person. When I get drunk, I can still make decisions reasonably well, but I'm more excitable and clumsy. When some other people get drunk, they have no idea what they're doing.

LiterOfCola 16

Why is #19 thumbed up? #18 said it DOES affect your motor skills.

LiterOfCola 16

...I don't get it. Tell 19's friend's mother that alcohol affects motor skills? I think the parents are sadly quite aware of that. If anyone can actually let me know what that's supposed to mean and why it's thumbed up and my comment down, I'd be very glad. To me #19 seemed to misinterpret what 18 said. He's saying while people should obviously not drive, they should be aware and able to hold their liquor enough to not do stupid shit. Which is right. The thumb bandwagons are sad

xknightlightx 2

It probably depends on what your mind tends to like and. Not like... If it's the case where you dont know what you are doing...thats why i perfer to have a solid mind everyday, so when i lose control, the structure of how i think will takeover ..

59-don't assume it's a bandwagon, that is just sad. And it got thumbed up because the person made the choice to drive while drunk in the first place, making 18's point fall through. 19 meant to say how people have died just from bad choices drunks make. Some have lesser impairment than others, but some have severe lack of good decision making skills while intoxicate (and also while sober if its that severe). That is why 18 is thumbed down 19 up. You were thumbed down because you assumed something incorrectly. Happens to us all.

LiterOfCola 16

Okay. Thanks, I did not get that. I still believe that most people that drive drunk are people who already know they're going to when they're sober though. It doesn't matter how drunk I am, I'm not going to drive if I'm past my limit

Sounds like an hell of a night!!! Good going!

You can't be that in love at that crush of yours if you gonna kiss another girl so soon after. Anyways...YDI!

RvidxrKlvn 8

But who instantly loves a girl they have have no relationship with?

Love at first sight, you believe in it?

As soon as I saw "drunk at a party", I hit YDI. If you can't control yourself to the point where you let loose at the mouth and then make out with random people, you shouldn't be drinking. Who knows what your alcohol-saturated brain will allow you to do next.

Exactly, the key iqs to drink til you're about to get drunk and stop, and maybe continue once the effect wears off a bit, so that you keep a buzz and you also keep control of yourself. That's how I do it, at least. I don't like getting sloshed.

WrongRomance 11

It's so annoying to hear people complain about the mishaps they encounter when drunk. I'm Team YDI on this one.

I think saying OP should never drink again is a bit harsh. Pretty much everyone gets too drunk once in their life. Yes OP deserves it and probably won't get the girl he likes and feel really stupid for a long time, but it will be a good lesson learned an OP probably won't drink this much next time.

5/ It might cause him to have sex with a crazy girl that wouldn't let him pull out in time.

What if he was drunk at a party then he saw his dad doing Jell-O shots off a random girl at the party and that was the FML? Do they still deserve it? If I saw that I know I would start drinking more...and I don't even drink!

Well, if your crush reciprocates your feelings, hopefully she'll accept an apology and you can move on from there...

You need to learn the difference between amusing yourself with a beer and getting so shitwasted that you don't even remember kissing someone.

Yup, your username really defines you here, OP.

Did you know that if you light a candle under the moonlight and you say 3 times the name of the person you love, you will look really stupid doing that? This way you avoid a hangover while still being stupid. Win win OP!

transcedental 18

Wait, you remember the confession, but you don't remember making out with another girl, which was "not long after the confession"?

I don't think OP remembered, im guessing that OP's friends were filling him in on the information, and about what exactly happened at the party.

How'd you come to that conclusion? It's not as if the FML clearly states that his friends are the ones saying this happened. I think what 13 was wondering, is how he went from remembering his confession, to blackout drunk within such a short period of time.